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Andy M
Music, Drums, Jam Bands, Peace, Fantasy, comedy, Kind People, The strange Trip, The oneness, Long Hair, A friendly smile, Wind on my Face, Grass under my feet, A cold beverage, Friends, The Magic Set, Gas in the car, Some money in my pocket, Something to keep the rain off, Somewhere to take a shower, Someone to Jam With, Sun set, Sun Rise, Laughter, Laughter, Laughter, A safe ride home, Sleep, When can I do it AGAIN!!!!!


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Just Taking it one day at a time. I love music listening and playing. Love shows, festivals a good Jam. Laid back guy. I have been to a lot of shows, most great a few bad. I love to travel. I love to see new places. Could we all just get along. Because War is not the answer, only love can conquer hate!! You may say i'm a dreamer but i'm not the only one.....

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Happy friendly kind people. Try and check the drama at the door...Some good conversation, A laught or ten , Some good Music, My soul mate(Ha Ha) Kindred Spirits... A good piece of Pie... A machine that goes Ping.


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