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Skiing, snowboarding, mtn. biking, running, hiking hanging out or working with my gf "Nachi" and my boarder/aussie mix "Tuko" at our mountain home outside of Park City, Utah. I traveled to dead shows when I could from 1980- 1991, My first show was Jerry band at Asbury Park, summer 1980. I was seventeen and had a blond lab puppy named "surfer". I was with my buddy Witney Meyers from Summit, NJ. We lived in Beach Haven, What fun. I am a life long ski bum. My claim to fame was a photo in ski mag. It was unique in that it was a snowboard photo in "Ski" Oct. 1990 issue. You do not see that very often. I have lived in Harriburg PA (born and raised), Beach Haven, NJ, Stowe, VT981-82, Boulder, CO('84), Park City"(80's)( Executive Chef at Park West 1988-1992) and Salt lake, UT, Portland, OR, ('87-88) Culinary Intern at Timberline Lodge, Mt. Hood, Koloa Town, Kuaii, '88( Executive Chef "Coutside" Resturant, and the NV "Napali Queen" cruise ship. As well I was galley and crew on three fishing vessels in the Berring Sea, Alaska, '92 ( " FV Pacific Producer", "FV Karma", and "FV Crew Cut". That was hao I paid back student loans from the University of Utah ( class of '91, BS Geography, and Western Culinary class of may '88(Portland). I now own and operate High Desert Landscape est 1993. Xeriscape design build is what we do. Trying to force Utahns to conseve water. Quite a task!
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