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chris mcmillen
collecting old vinyl, turner classic films, cooking, internet, career, antiques, collecting old concert posters and rabbits.


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i own two companies that remanufacture and refill laser and ink cartridges. besides that it's all about the music!

update 03/20/08:
i have been silent for quite some time. well, for starters--->welcome to the first day of spring! this site became a dear friend to me during the summer of '07. the outreach was enormous and the positive feelings were comforting. i thank mary for making the room possible! there are a lot of us that have hit rock-bottom, and to deal with that with a loved one is hard. my extended family never let me down. we all come from different backgrounds, but share the same interest. as an adoptee i consider everyone my family. there are still souls out there that don't mind being the "nice guy", and it is wonderful - even though we seem to becoming a rarity *L*

even though nobody here knew carol, she would have loved the community. she would have looked at it from the spiritual side, and i thank everyone that was on my summer's ride. it was tough, but you got me through it! i'm coming back because of your support! take care - chris


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