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bob bryan
music, art, animal rights, loving eachother, mind expansion, spiritual searching, ecology.......did I mention mind expansion?


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I lived at the Grateful Bed & Breakfast in Puerto Rico for a few years until about 1992....fare ye well Marty! Went to my share of Dead shows begining with Woodstock and ending with the last one at was indeed a long strange trip! Just reciently drove my 72 VW bus from California (where I lived for 5 yrs) back to Indiana where it still takes me camping.... but alas, not to Dead shows any longer.....I MISS YOU JERRY!!! I once had a cop ask me..."you still doing this at your age?" as he took my tank of N02 from my bus. My answer was...."yeah, and if you would leave me be I will be doing it for years to come"

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peace, kind folks, kind bud and maybe a little dose to expand my awareness and enlightenment.


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