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Music. Either by going to a show or playing my guitar. The great outdoors. Painting, drawing and taking pictures. I don't have many of my 'works' left. I've given most away to family and friends along the way.
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Joey K


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Hi. A little bit about me. I enjoy many diverse tastes. I love hiking deep in the mountains to an out of the way campsite. I am comfortable in a black tie while at the philharmonic but prefer jeans in a blues bar. I can be described as playful at heart and love I to laugh. And I do have a great laugh. I grew up near where Woodstock was held, so a little bit of that rubbed off on me. My first love was to be an artist but made a career out of fixing things. I fiddle around on guitar and can cook a fantastic meal. I appreciate a good book, live shows and, of course, playing on the beach. I still have a few scars from my years of playing rugby. Although I still like to play a match or two my body thinks otherwise. I have been separated for several years now and headed for divorce. It's been a bumpy ride but some how through it all we've at least remained friends. I'm a play it by ear kinda guy. That feeling of the unknown and anticipation of what might happen next when you "just wing it" is just more appealing to me.

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I'm looking for someone who likes to travel. One who doesn't mind getting silly every once in a while. Who makes me laugh, is intelligent, easygoing and kind. And if she's into the Grateful Dead...well then I've more than likely just met my dream girl.


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