Grateful Dead

City Hall - April 11, 1972

City Hall

April 11, 1972

Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

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Set List:

Greatest Story Ever Told
Mr Charlie
Black Throated Wind
Tennessee Jed
Big Boss Man
Beat it on Down the Line
Jack Straw
Chinatown Shuffle
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Playing in the Band
Next Time You See Me
Brown Eyed Women
Looks Like Rain
Big Railroad Blues
Casey Jones

Good Lovin'
Ramble On Rose
The Other One
Comes A Time
Sugar Magnolia

Brokedown Palace

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April 11 1972

The day that changed my life seeing the Dead play at my own home city

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my thoughts after listening to the Europe 72 box

Set 1: Greatest Story opener, very hot solo; short Deal but 2 nice solos; Mr Charlie: another very good solo; Big Boss Man: extended harmonica solo followed by JG solo, nothing special; Sugaree is pretty and well-done but nothing much to the solos; Jack Straw-different lyrics at the beginning, Jerry doesn’t take any verses, not much of a jam; China Cat: nice 25 sec 1st solo, incredible 1:10 2d solo, good segue jam (excellent version of China Cat); Rider: smile-inducing 30 sec solo, same for “headlight” verse, another really good 35 sec jam leading into chorus reprise. Playing: 10 mins, jam starts at 3 min mark, Jerry plays some long spooky notes, riffs on the main theme, then blasts off fast & furiously, not straying too far from the theme but getting out there nonetheless, return to the main theme at 7:15 mark (excellent version); excellent harmonica solo in Next Time You See Me; BE Women: just 1 (nice) 20 sec run in the solo, as on the first night; LL Rain is slow and Jerry's steel pedal creates a different sound, like the second night, languid, enjoyable; Big RR Blues: high-energy, solid; set ends with a solid Casey

Highlights: GSET, Mr. Charlie, CC > Rider, Playing

1st set overall: starts off pretty hot then the band marks time in the middle with solid, professional versions until China > Rider and Playing, before ending the set with more solid, professional music. Overall, 8.5, 9/10

Set 2: opens with 15 min+ Good Lovin’, very good 1:30 min 1st jam, down & dirty but spacey 4:00 min 2d jam, excellent version. Ramble on Rose is next, lots of power and energy, nice 35 sec solo. The second set proper begins with Truckin’, first jam from the 5:00-8:00 mark, riffing on the main theme, very nice, then the chorus and the second jam, which gets spacey quickly, becomes increasingly jazzy, both Phil & Keith are strong presences, overall a very mellow but exquisite jam, excellent version. Hints at The Other One but goes into drums, which leads into Other. The Other One: 25+, good opening jam, 7:00 mins, building back to main theme and first vocals, great jam afterwards, certainly touches on the Mind Left Body Jam, quite beautiful; jam then moves into deep space, discordant notes, this eventually turns back into a short jam on the main riff and the second vocals, bit of a cryptical reprise after the vocals to end the song. Awesome version of The Other One. Landing at Comes a Time is a bit clumsy, very heavy bass line throughout, nice jam from 5:45 mark to 6:45 mark, good but not great version overall. It looks great on paper (Comes a Time out of Other) but something wasn’t right, possibly the tempo (not that it is a bad version, and maybe I was expecting too much from a favorite song). On to Sugar Mag, hot exuberant jam leads to Sunshine Daydream. Brokedown Palace: opening has the vibe that Comes a Time should have had, Bobby’s rhythm sounds great here, perfect tempo, very short but heartfelt solo. Show ends with a rocking Saturday Night.

Highlights: Good Lovin’, Truckin’, Other One

Overall, this is a hot show. VG show, 9/10, the best of the tour so far.


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City Hall - April 11, 1972