Grateful Dead

Rosemont Horizon - April 11, 1989

Rosemont Horizon

April 11, 1989

Rosemont, IL US

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Set List:

Shakedown Street
Little Red Rooster
Friend of the Devil
Victim or the Crime
Built to Last
We Can Run But We Can't Hide
Stuck Inside of Mobile

Samson and Delilah
Crazy Fingers
Playin' in the Band
Terrapin Station
Gimme Some Lovin'
Standing on the Moon
Throwin' Stones
Not Fade Away

U.S. Blues

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Attendees of this show

WhatsbecomeofRosemarysBaby, BlackThroatedMind, jzillmer, LorenSR, scarletfire2297, GratefulDad70, KristynSt.Vincent, WhoWhatWendy, jayclark, KristineD, zoyd1962, kurt009, dagonz59, texasdeadhead71, Kimock7, walshmj, curieye, Apline89, kjhdancer, mvlasich, KindJester, pukegrub, Frontrow Joe, scottjindra, Drmzspc, spydyr, Hoopsie, normk58, jodisalmonson, PERL.DiamonDve65, davegordon, hornsby, jeffr-DoseMePlease, Capt Chowdah, cooper3737, zman1, EBDead66, Norwood, StillBill, Lorenr, John Kovacs, dedhed1963, cosmicsushi714, ptown phool, gdharlow, MightandGlory13, Paul Dirks, Perfunct, The_Wheel, Phinnegan, juddh1, Andy D in KC, DAKOTA4X4, uptownww, busyb67, blacksharpie, Rottenclam, deepsouthgent, hippydiver, rootbeer2000, Flow3r, ChinaRider77, scarletdeal, emmalee02, althea67, bmason, hdcsp3, jpruitt53, Brendoe88, iowabeekeeper, Estimated Funk, Dolabella, valeriejoy, BataviaSparky, 3D, Petronius Jablonski, gordy, nipsyhustle, lotsofgreensmiles, boombloom, jerfest, Playacita, dpw1982, terrapinT, thrinworks, Petal, pman12, jeromethompson, darkstarcrashes, spacewalker, Barrtenderr, picc, purple75, 1BigLove, rodiebluez1, GDrew, Rolokid, saintstephen19, AlaskaDeadHead1, illicoug, Bogey D, Desolation Bro, walstib70, Truckee420, radio_mogul, chcculle, zebadya, jcjoesammax, jstrawks, misterAYed, arterps, sugarmag68, deaddan1969, Fillmore40, tommcgee1, eyes-of-the-world, gr8fulhead, Grateful_HERSH, notbadatall,, kevdaddy, nothing_comes_for_free, angela chayce, jhop321, Mornduvt, Mguzziridr, deenaww, eFreak, savefenway, Wild Bill, jack-straw-SF, nvrsaynvr, lemond, 2 x 2, Moobs, alpine84, AlpineMike, RTJ, ladnarc, DoooDah, It Keeps Growing, jordanj420, fostever, pflugs, guitar_john24, gratefuljeff, Tennessee Tip, ch1narider, greendad, Peppermint Patty, thecrowtoldme, snobtaper, DoDa Man, mcdougbugs, TommyHolland, JAH, hgregs, pyy, harryz, azlumpy, thehagg01, BarefeetBob, gdtrfb65, sum, PalfHead, BigBuffalo, Wharf Rat 12-28-82, jamie60, 1wharf-rat, JK Straw, kambyman, unclejohnsgirl, jenren216, WaywardBill, forcestream, oTHr1, quinnever, jimpjimp, ripple1, GoldenBear, huey, WI Deadhead, Hey Tom Banjo, darkstar stu, luv Brent70, funkygoodpants, Mitrananda, another jerry, BabylonDon, Bradbury, tmorgspa, At the wheel, Sleepy Monkey, rlkaminsky, Mr.Skjellyfetti, Brother cricket, javafrk, estimatedprofits, Fungi Finder, romp711, kkeyser27, non-marital property, goldgreek, Pha_Q, potterfield11, GR8FLPT, daytripper420, suite_d, capntrips, Mythical Ethical Icicle Tricycle, Jerryskid89, brewster boy, tutubeckman, dhmikeo, sleepgeek, Sluys Guys, IrishHubby, lisainpotown, mtutts, TenJed_77, rabbit69, doobiesdaddy, mollydevine69, cmnaround, Bear, deadheaddave1982, BlondeJim, troynpam, shnaholic, davidg528, Handgathered, tapertim, Josef, jbdrums, mary-sunshine, mtnref4, Saintoc, badtpyist, August_West97, chunn, wandering_wizard, firemanmike, weirdo0521, gratefldiver, goffchile, Ratdog, drumzspace72, tiedyebob, colorado jed, coachdeadhead, CaptainCaveman, cubs1209, bbgrunt, Jeffervonjefferson, Gr8fulDon, Big Bad Bill, SmokeyG, UnklRuss, crippledbutfree, AikoBearzly, LocoBrian, hezgone, barongsong, gratefuldeadinmyhead, johnoreno, EstellaBlue, That Treb Guy, JOEG, chasrapin, chefjim, papajohnny, thump66, Fillmore Midwest, seve allday, Cosmiccharlie, Les Gibson, Cookbitch, Jodester, goodkarma, Heat, hatayama, naataanii, ssc5160, grplasa, kelster, skrletbegonia, ray, darkstar218, gcs, garystar, philsurf, peterpollay, riggamortis, paisley, dazebtween, scarletttouchfire, DocLnghair,, PsillyJim, shack, rainbow-trout, mightzwell, Gr8ful Greg, bodhi, wlknblu, OnTheRoadAgain, ws1995, taperchef, Trueski, triplane23, Clincher, crazyfingers, thecaptaintrips, Zippatron, Duggles, Ski_Nose, boxorain62, Teedawg, Alpine7784, augustwest, rodger allinson, Zapman, kaiser soda, Alsflorida, Sunshine-Daydream


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wlknblu's picture
Joined: Jun 5 2007
My first show

i was walking with a few friends in the hallway charlie and finny before the show started as we were just walking along one of my friends says the show is going to start in an blink of an eye he was off running to his seat i'll see you both at our seats.. i say to finny shouldnt we go to.. he say's relax we will get there... all of a sudden the music starts and in my amazement everyone around me and i mean everyone stopped DEAD in there tracks droppped what they were holding and started dancin there HEADS off as i look at finny he has the biggest smile on his face im like oh my god this is it im home and he laughs and says to me i could not wait to see the look on your face when the music started... lets dance

darkstar218's picture
Joined: Jun 11 2007
Mine also

Too funny. My first show as well and I also had the very same reaction when Shakedown started. First NFA -- never expected that kind of audience participation at a Dead show.

Joined: Dec 19 2009
terrapinT- I was still new

terrapinT- I was still new and fell in love after this show. I spun around like a fool learning how to hippy dance. I'll always remember the terrapin station.


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Rosemont Horizon - April 11, 1989