Grateful Dead

Sam Boyd Silver Bowl - April 28, 1991

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Sam Boyd Silver Bowl

April 28, 1991

Las Vegas, NV US

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"Casino Space" during "Drumz" - last "Sunshine Daydream": 07-16-90 [61] - Carlos Santana opened

Set List:

Jack Straw
Wang Dang Doodle
Me and My Uncle
Big River
Bird Song

Foolish Heart
Saint of Circumstance
Crazy Fingers
The Other One
Wharf Rat
Around and Around
Sunshine Daydream

Box Of Rain

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Joined: Jun 13 2007
great show. Bill Graham

great show. Bill Graham came out and talked to the crowd before the show. I was as excited about seeing the legendary Bill Graham in person as I was about seeing the boys. Carlos came out and jammed through Birdsong, but it wasn't very pretty. I remember it seemed a bit forced.

We drove up from Phoenix and were so stoked to here an Althea that we all wrote 'Althea' on the filth on our cars for the road trip. As you can see by the set list, we were rewarded.

In the end, I think of music as the saving grace of all humanity
- Henry Miller

KJ7XJ's picture
Joined: Jun 16 2007
fun day

We started up front but by the middle of the 1st set it got too hot and we drifted back to the water mist. We found a spot in the bleachers for the rest of the show. Good to hear Candyman and Uncle for Vegas and Carlos on birdsong was nice but he could have opened it up a little more. Still always good to see him smile with Jer!!!

kim's picture
Joined: Jun 25 2007
weren't there two shows?

I thought this was a saturday and a sunday show with Santana in las vegas.... or is my mind playing tricks on me

Joined: Jun 14 2007
Definitely Two

yes there were 2 shows!

Saukkomies's picture
Joined: Jul 3 2007
105 Degrees on the Concrete

This show was great, but the venue was brutal! Before they opened the gates the crowd in the parking lot/merchants venues was assaulted by a huge wind storm blowing in from the desert, which blew enormous quantities of dust from the unpaved parking area all over the crowd, making anyone with contact lenses absolutely miserable. It was so strong that it felt like my bare legs were having the hair sandblasted from the skin.

Once inside the stadium we were protected from the worst of the wind storm, but then we got to be exposed to a blistering scorching 105 degree sun baking down on the bare concrete floor of the stadium. They had removed the Astroturf that is there for the football games, leaving just bare grey concrete to sit/stand on, which absorbed the heat of the sun and radiated it back up. It got so bad that a number of critical heat victims had to be evac-ed out of the stadium on stretchers during the performance, causing large disruptions in the show to people around them. I was next to a girl who passed out and stopped breathing for a while right in the middle of "Bird Song".

Someone released a giant inflatable green "Gumby" balloon (about 20 feet high) into the crowd, which was quite the entertaining thing to watch as it danced on the heads of the crowd. This was great to see from a distance, but to have a huge Gumby come smashing down on your head while tranced out to Jerry's guitar was a bit of a bother...

There was a gigantic marshmallow fight between the first and second sets as someone brought in bags full of marshmallows, and people in the bleachers threw them down onto the people on the floor of the stadium, and visa versa. The heat made them melt, which really must have been a bear to have cleaned up afterwards! But it was pretty fun to watch while it was going on.

During this weekend the Deadheads took over Vegas. There was a drum session going pretty much non-stop on the sidewalk in front of Circus Circus. In the casinos about one in three people had tie-dyed t-shirts on. Lake Mead nearby was turned into a huge nude beach scene. It was funny to see how much of an impact we had on the city.

Joined: Aug 1 2007
Saturday Show????

I know (and have on disc) there WAS a Saturday show also. Unfortunately this was my last show with Jerry (saw some Other Ones and The Dead few yrs ago) and many shows in early-mid 80's. DID SANTANA PLAY WITH the dead on the Saturday show for a song or 2 at the open??? I know someone said he played on Birdsong on Sunday but I would have sworn I went only to the Sat show unfortunately, but if Santana didn't play WITH the boys on Sat., I guess I went Sunday. One of the few shows I DON'T remember hardly at all (other than crashing in a hotel room w/ about 15 pple I just met. I wish I wasn't so messed up for my last real show but somehow thought/knew it would be the last w/ Jerry for me.

Joined: Jul 27 2007
Crazy Vegas Shows

I remember driving out to those shows. My cousin and I came down from the Bay Area to meet up with my sister in LA. We all went down together in my truck. It was our first adventure to Las Vegas. What a fun trip. We drove into the first show.....many Deadheads roaming around. The cops were all over the place, not knowing what to expect with this being the first time the Dead played there....I think. Anyway, they were just kicking back and watching all the "freaks" rolling in. Pretty much leaving everyone alone, which was cool. I remember the dust bowl talked about before. Lots of Dead flags flying in the wind. It was WAY hot! My sister was feeling the heat stroke coming on at the second show. Anyway, had a great time at both shows. Had fun crusin' around the strip at night between shows. Deadheads everywhere! ALL THE PRETTY LIGHTS! Was so fun. Went into the Excalibar casino...which was the NEW thing back then. "DISNEYLAND!!!!" Trippers everywhere. So fun. I have some great memories from that 2 day event. Checkout my "puzzle" picture from the first show. I have more. Gotta scam them in and upload them.
HAIL JERRY!!!!!!!!!!

Chief Book Dog's picture
Joined: Aug 28 2007

I recall 2 shows and that during one Bill Walton came high up to the west side of the bowl bleachers and checked out the scene from right next to me. During "Deal" of the second show someone from the crowd leaped up onto the stage and eluded security for about a minute or 90 seconds and the band of course just roared along. Casino sounds w/ snippets of Frank Sinatra vocals were nice during "Space".

Most likely if you fall into a lake
you may remember to breathe
and for a moment
fully appreciate your life and your breath.

Joined: Sep 2 2007
Vegas shows 91

These shows were especially important to me! I was gifted tx to one night by the kindest human I'd ever met/ not met :-)

Just a kind soul who trusted me via post.

Although Hugz wasn't there with me yet on my journey, he was there in spirit.....(and in case you are reading this made your presence known to all by the off hours call to our room :-)

I forget which night I had tickets to, but was fortunate enough to get into both shows....

As I remember the drum circle was incredible, and the magic of the Carlos Santana blending with Jerry's in the beginning....

Only bad memory (of what I remember) someone tried to tip over the port-o-john while I was in there (way overhydrated :-)...

All was well though, I got out unscathed and just in time to hear Truckin as I hadn't before or since....

Overall though, my most important and loving memory was more ethereal and personal...

all relating to one of the kindest souls I've been honored to know.

Wandering Soul's picture
Joined: Oct 1 2007
Kim said two shows?

I don't know if your mind is playing tricks on you or not girl; however I do know this for certain, either there were a few thousand heads out in the blistering heat of the vegas desert all in some mass hypnotic state or there were in fact two shows, now considering that were talking about Vegas I'll lay my wager down on there having been two shows.


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Sam Boyd Silver Bowl - April 28, 1991