Grateful Dead

Manhattan Center - April 5, 1971

Manhattan Center

April 05, 1971

New York, NY US

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"Dance Marathon" - also: NRPS - General Admission $5.00 - final/last "Hog For You Baby": 03-25-66 [634] - first "Oh Boy"

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First show

My first show and a great one. I don't recall much. I remember they had a bubble machine and a ballroom globe. I went with a friend who was screaming out "Lovelight" the whole show. Finally, they broke into in and he's still screaming for it. I said, "Hey man, they're playing it". Drugs may have been involved. :)

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My second show

And if I had another 5 bucks at that time I would have gone a third night!!!

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Fantastic music. The venue was a real dump. A place for union rallies ect. Near Times Square as I remember. Glen Conley and I went that night. The crush in front of the stage and all the way back to to doors was unreal. Second set I made up to the balcony where I had room to dance. Dance Marathon, I dont think so. They were in the 1920s. Amazing music, big time. And that brings me to the subject of favorite year of the Dead. I've been saying 1971 as it went from Mickeys last show for a few years to the original line-up for a few months(quintessential quintet) to Keith coming aboard. The sound is different from before or after. Was that a Les Paul Jerry played starting 2-19-71. 2-18-71 was the last sighting of Jerry's Gibson SG. Now 1970 did have acoustic Dead and 72 did have Veneta. "well I was 17 in 71" Only a value judgement and as Mr Natural said to Flakey Foonte when Flakey asked 'What does it all mean?' Mr Natural replied;"It dont mean shit.' If a kid was 12 or 14 in 1995 at one of the last Dead shows and he only saw them once, and he or she had a satori experience then he got it. Maybee satori is the wrong term, but let's say ecstatic, then they got it. When I meet people who tell me they got to see the Dead only once I tell them they were very lucky. So none the less I think I love 1971 the best for many reasons. And I was bummed when Mickey dropped out. On hindsite I realize I got to see the original five for a while.

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Set 1 Cold Rain And Snow Me

Set 1

Cold Rain And Snow
Me And Bobby McGee
The Rub
Playing In The Band
Big Railroad Blues
Me And My Uncle
Big Boss Man
China Cat Sunflower ->
I Know You Rider
Casey Jones

Set 2

Truckin' ->
Drums ->
The Other One ->
Wharf Rat
Sugar Magnolia
I'm A King Bee
Sing Me Back Home
Not Fade Away ->
Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad ->
Jam ->
Turn On Your Lovelight


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Manhattan Center - April 5, 1971