Grateful Dead

Crisler Arena - April 5, 1989

Crisler Arena

April 05, 1989

Ann Arbor, MI US

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Set List:

Feel Like a Stranger
Franklin's Tower
New Minglewood Blues
Stuck Inside of Mobile
Far From Me
Dupree's Diamond Blues
Let it Grow
U.S. Blues

Samson and Delilah
Cumberland Blues
Man Smart/Woman Smarter
Terrapin Station
China Doll
Throwin' Stones
Not Fade Away

Quinn the Eskimo

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Attendees of this show

Alter Cgo, dubai-escorts-bunnies, Melissaaaaa, BlackThroatedMind, Doug Lago, WhoWhatWendy, CampgroundBob, NB_Dude, AADave, curieye, 4cramer, Clarence5876, Wyngman1984, scottjindra, Dog Star, jbm1969, mattwise99, jodisalmonson, kevlar_heart, Capt Chowdah, FOCOLONG, Cinrockhntr,, Norwood, StillBill, John Kovacs, dedhed1963, popeye the squirm, heheavyd, skbrown97068, kanadakev, JJakes, jaybird48230, Phinnegan, 330jeff, ChinaRider77, luvhubridge1, emmalee02, althea67, brummett68, hdcsp3, cherylg, CarrionCrow, hkdave, daedlufetarg, farmer john, PaulDante, gordy, gr8ful dave, Experiencereunited, ebendog, jackstraw72, Davey Blue, dogs in a pile, darkstarcrashes, DetroitJon, rodiebluez1, downtownbear, Rolokid, micah68, ahpook23, zebadya, Bayedog, sugarmag68, hillndale, olin preston grant, edge 2009, Disco Stu, notbadatall, ganjagirl, Blysergic, nothing_comes_for_free, John Galt, Wild Bill, geary47, lemond, vanmanmove, alpine84, plogan, DoooDah, deadsince79, deadinmadtown, Alemaker, TommyHolland, danceswithbears, Hellena_Bucket, rogerkdet, thehagg01, grtfuldad, gratefuldave11, adamr, gdtrfb65, PalfHead, tattoohippy, Picasso, air_garcia_416, ColoradoDeadRainbow, WaywardBill, oTHr1, GoldenBear, how_many_shows, funkygoodpants, sunflowerboy, gusfromcbus, 835 Schroeder, Sleepy Monkey, Mr.Skjellyfetti, uncle lefty, javafrk, estimatedprofits, romp711, JGonlygirlie, goldgreek, Pha_Q, Deadfitz, potterfield11, daytripper420, big dave, Musky_Ranger, Brownie, mom2tnt, VTMTNRider, Sluys Guys, rabbit69, doobiesdaddy, mollydevine69, Bear, geoff89, BlondeJim, picone90, JP92, Josef, mary-sunshine, tonyrabbit, chunn, Canadian Deadhead, shkdwn, Jeffervonjefferson, Big Bad Bill, mackinacman, lilhippiesmurf, crippledbutfree, SoulChange, AikoBearzly, fritzy718, barongsong, LarryG, WackaloonQ, EstellaBlue, JOEG, chefjim, cpr, Fillmore Midwest, Friend of the Devil, Cosmiccharlie, Cookbitch, Jodester, amzeyboop, tommytomato, dedhed714, dogari, Papadoc, FootBear, pdb, Gonzopolis, jaybird, riggamortis, paisley,, DonBasai, PsillyJim, mightzwell, gpoulos, Gr8ful Greg, PHINETUNE, Zippatron, nbeversluis, Duggles, srumble, spam, Teedawg, Gravy, SPACEBROTHER, rodger allinson


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Joined: Jun 4 2007
Ann Arbor MI

I remember this show falling during the same week that U of M won the basketball championship and the Hash Bash. I also remember having a great time. The vending and camping was in full swing on the premises as well as being much more peaceful than Pittsburg. I also remember watching police with video cameras going out of their way to entrap as many people as possoble.

The show itself was splendid. Nice long first set with lots of classics and an extremely well played second set. The matrix boards and AUDs I've heard confirm this.

jaybird's picture
Joined: Jun 11 2007
2 set Cumberland

What else is there to say ...Dupree's Diamond Blues ...I only saw a few of those in my time..A great spring tour show from my Favorite year 1989 Grateful Dead...Its like a fine wine and 89 is one of the best for the G.D.

the China Doll is also Perfect....A+

tommytomato's picture
Joined: Jun 13 2007
Ann Arbor '89

I would stack these 2 shows up against any shows played in '89 from any venue....that is how strong these performances were

Joined: May 1 2010
My second show and boy what

My second show and boy what a show. Still sounds hot on the tapes too. In the parking lot Clapton never sounded so hot either. I remember at least 20 people dancing around together to some Clapton after the show. Spent all night walking around in Ann Arbor with my friend Daisy.

Joined: Nov 14 2010
My 1st of the year and ...

What A Show!!!

The 1st Set was a thing that dreams are made of!!!

Joined: Apr 17 2008
It was a couple of GREAT SHOWS!!

As a local So many miss out on Michigan shows.
Skipping them the band had fun so did i since 77.
Many killer venues and great shows.
Freakin great spring run..
Especially when they dont collect tickets was a great scene.
Do For Other's You Will Feel Better.

Joined: Nov 17 2011

Just saw this and it brought back great memories...I couldn't get a ticket for the first night, but when a friend of mine asked if I wanted to volunteer at the show, I jumped. I worked the gate before the show and let in tons of people without tickets. (And yes, it did feel good!) Then I was assigned to the floor to check tickets for floor seats and was pretty liberal about letting people down. Had a blast, saw a great show and made lots of new friends that night! The next night was pretty good, too.

As a freshman at UM, you couldn't ask for a better week: bball team went to the Final Four and won the Championship, the Dead played Crisler and then Hash Bash. It was a perfect trifecta.


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Crisler Arena - April 5, 1989