Grateful Dead

Roosevelt Stadium - August 1, 1973

Roosevelt Stadium

August 01, 1973

Jersey City, NJ US

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Jerry Garcia's 31st birthday - also: The Band

Set List:

Promised Land
The Race Is On
You Ain't Woman Enough
Bird Song
Mexicali Blues
They Love Each Other
Jack Straw
Stella Blue
Big River
Casey Jones

Around and Around
Mississippi Half-Step
Me and My Uncle
Row Jimmy
Dark Star
El Paso
Eyes of the World
Morning Dew
Sugar Magnolia
Goin' Down the Road Feeling Bad
One More Saturday Night

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Attendees of this show

Ed A from Linden NJ, dubai-escorts-bunnies, deadhead-dif, dbdartman, khorton725, JD54, johnzias, newyawka, mattro55, treibish, Mgross1356, deaddog31218, Bozoonabus, EA20713, chefano007, lonesomeagle1, DUKEPHOTO, butchndad, BOPCHIRICO, morloquehamhoquewarloque,, sunsurfer, eboy, JosephGull, bklyndead, Raider_4, R. Johnson, birdman, snosbig, astone, uptownww, blake wood, wilburbudz, Stupru, madmanny1954, CuthbertJTwilly, dough4boy, tashwolf, honestbob, noreaster, lav, rocknreel, xerces, drc456, Jethro_101, Greydad1, zigmeisterxiv, gdmcw, ddam, Mark Harvey, Ihopedonnajeanshowsup, Big Al Bradshaw, JackStrawfromMaine, zombie_wolf, lstapes, da roach, yippie70, MrSelfDestruct, neilwine, J Mully, bejosh, Deadathoner, deadheadii, DireWolfStudios, KeithP, taper-dave, too electric, redeft, 1wharf-rat, DeadheadDave8153, nassau73, r.e.b., festival0122, desertgirl, jdubbs, Beautyanddabeast, daruka, kwingler, 1ezlife, bronx b.d., PHIBETADEAD, dupree49, bklynpolar, MIKIO_56, chipgar, Mayor of Bay Terrace, windsor, pnazz, astone516, Freddie, carlaplattwatercolors, Boxcar, raftingfool, Manhattancenter, Tito714, Rocco55, jzias, e2chawki, perr8581, wolf, docflywheel, reesdeag, gregp123, beak, JonJll, beertrain54, rwij, VitoBad, lonestar, 1DEDHED, Mind Bender, kenco, gondolinx, bonz713, bobsdead, Ramblinldy, raven0618, Bookah, PTRS, MartyWeinberg, garseeya53, suzy creamcheese, stevejna, chefg, ronzoid, ChakraDocMyles, Queer Deadhead, ItsADryHeat, catch_the_calico, Protender, The Whale, bkind-fg2all, chemist04, paisley, Bear549, gr8fldude, dmhdead, RZ12-4-71, rowjim60, ronbow, sluggobeast, ingie123, mitchell, radar, Jack O. Hartz, JerseySchwartz, dabeard1, snoone, sixstringsmoreorLesh, Chuck, MAXROD, dreamtime, almanac, Jack Straw, aud


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Joined: Jun 11 2007
My first show

My first show, just a month after I graduated from college. I remember it so well.

paisley's picture
Joined: Jun 9 2007
Happy Birthday!

I turned 19 at this show. Next time I got to go on Jerry's and my birthday was 8/1/82 Oklahoma Zoo Ampitheater.

garseeya53's picture
Joined: Jun 13 2007
I just couldn't believe......

That is was the same group I was used to hearing on American Beauty and Working Man's Dead.
Unbelievable, I believe that I'll just hop on this bus.
This was my third show.
All I could figure out was to stay on this bus because "something this wonderful can't last forever.'

But it did/does.

Joined: Jun 4 2007
Happy Birthday Jerry

33 years ago... one of the best of the best years, the magical 73 shows of 73... today Jerry would be 64 years old. So in a way, one more elemental cycle is complete.
It's really wonderful to see the Dead's legacy continuing with this website and the great bands out there. Looking forward to Phil & Friends back in NYC again!!!

Joined: Jun 4 2007
lost in this dark star...

yeah, i meant to say that last year

Joined: Dec 8 2007
Back on the bus

Yeah, that bus is still going. The second night in Jersey City was a good one, too. I loved going to a few shows in a row - the old compare and contrast thing - actually just enjoying the amazing gifts of the Dead. This all just lives on forever.

Joined: Oct 7 2007
First Timer as well

Unless I went the night before. I know we went on Jerry's birthday
It was only the 2nd time I took LSD....but that's another story.
I just graduated HS! Hard to believe it was 35 yrs ago!
I remember the Morning Dew like it was yesterday..well, better because I don't remember yesterday all that well.

Joined: Jul 3 2007
Busted cherrie

This was my first Dead show and I will never forget it. We were atop the third base dugout trippin' and with two tanks of gas and lovin' the tunes. Thanks to Flipper, Chris Cook, and Kenny Viola

See ya down the road,

Joined: Oct 28 2008
First Show

If I remember correctly One of these two shows were a rainout. This was my first show and they opened with US Blues with lightning streaking across the skies. Show Stopped. Had to leave totally spaced for an interesting ride back to Brooklyn.

Joined: Jun 7 2007
first show

First Dead show of many - was only 13 years old but went with a friends older sister (who tuned me on to alot of great music !) The rest is history.


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Roosevelt Stadium - August 1, 1973