Grateful Dead

The Palace - August 1, 1994

The Palace

August 01, 1994

Auburn Hills, MI US

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final/last "Satisfaction": 06-18-92 [148] - Jerry Garcia's 52nd birthday

Set List:

Picasso Moon
Same Thing
Stagger Lee
Childhood's End

Stella Blue


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schwaz's picture
Joined: Mar 10 2008

When the band took the stage for the second set, when the crowd was singing Happy b-day - there were people in the openings all around the arena - where the hallways lead in, in the ledge between upper and lower levels - with sparklers - kinda turned the whole Palace into a cake for a few moments.

Joined: Jun 7 2007
A fun show, but sloppy at times

Of course this show is mostly notable as it was Jerry's birthday and I'll always treasure it for that reason. Like the previous night this show had it's good points and bad points. Over all it was better than the previous night, probably because it was Jerry's birthday. The band was in a playful mood and the 2nd set Fire>Scarlet and Stella were hot.
This was the only time that I attended both nights of their two nights in town and I'm glad I did considering that it was close to the end.

Saintofcircumstance1's picture
Joined: Mar 17 2009
Loved the Palace

This venue was my first trip to the Palace. The traffic getting into the show was horrible and it was so hot and sticky. I also experienced the being attacked by the state bird. The Stella Blue brought was very sobering and made the hairs on my body stand up, Jerry always had a way of doing that; his B-Day was no exception. The Scarlet/Fire had the house rockin and made the second set. Thanks for the memories!!!!

Joined: Aug 30 2008
my last jerry show

this was my last jerry show...and what a show it was!!! c'mon jerry's birthday!!! candles, singing happy birthday, HOT scarlet/fire, and that stella blue changed my life...but, then again, didn't every show change all our lives in some little way?

Joined: May 1 2010
Stella Blue

Just wanted to bring this to everyone's attention. The Stella Blue from this night was very good- in case no one had mentioned this...just kidding it is the best (there is one from March I heard a SBD of- Richfield maybe that is the #1 Contender)

The Stagger Lee is also great and somewhat extended. Best show I ever saw. If I have to stick up for 7/23/1994 Soldier Field I can be sure that this fine effort has legions of fans.

Joined: Jan 16 2015
What a memory

The trip was too strong. We had 3rd row tickets right in front of Phil. Had to hand them off after the 1st set. It was way too intense of an experience to fully put into words. Let's just say I was pretty convinced Phil was mimicking me and my cement feeling shoes.


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The Palace - August 1, 1994