Grateful Dead

Red Rocks Amphitheatre - August 12, 1979

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Red Rocks Amphitheatre

August 12, 1979

Morrison, CO US

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Set List:

Promised Land
They Love Each Other
Mama Tried
Mexicali Blues
Lazy Lightnin'
Brown Eyed Women
Looks Like Rain

China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Lost Sailor
Don't Ease Me In
Estimated Prophet
Eyes of the World
Not Fade Away
Black Peter
Around and Around

U.S. Blues

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Attendees of this show

jamessoai, Mgross1356, B O, 7thWalker, JesterJSNWMF, ccklone, nitecat, stevespit, geododge, buffalo woman, GripWeed, Joe Cat, miltonmutant,, loveumore, CB603, Garybegd, quick68, grateful hawaiian, azforker, ktronan, PeggyO65, Balloonatic Austinweird, J-Lu, chicosez, scotts, downtownbear, ksj, stu magoo, pokologist, ddam, dangerousdave911, Guardian, picasso_moon420, scotty m, jonser, dustyeagle, digitunes, gjs56, docmark, hashburysp, nicklas59, bmiracles, snowboardpete, oldeadhead, TAGRTFUL, okeedeaddave, cool colo. rain, SCDeadhead, refugee3, DireWolfStudios, smithmm, skibumbo, New York Guy, RIPJERRY, gr8fldanielle, bucks yellow-van, jimbro57, kimbo, free idea, aikox2, lamarred664, CindyLou, DeadPhotog, kusinit, MichaelCR, aliceDmillionair, bucks-yellow van, pather, AlanSheckter, Johnny_A, friskotatt2, pieface, strangetrip, drkeith, Peachy, wharftrat, spaceck, terrapination, glicks, Dr Feelgood, goverlid, Brownie, West.August, Dice, Ted S, HowardH, Gr8fulTed, Freddie, Valerie Stevenson, aligator, phoenixburke, driddels, Tito714, Mikey, smallwarfrat, slidebrain, deshafe, jed759, reesdeag, Walstib, westsiderider, Cindyfromdenver, Terry Tolkin, Bearzchoice, Bob Minkin, micgram1999, gratefuldeadinmyhead, slipknot, granfallooon, fishman, buscameby, bobsdead, gleng1, Live Life in Real Time, suzy creamcheese, hot2na, tony23d, MattMan, Dave Matlick, Queer Deadhead, StLMSOSea, Tony_S, Hawilo, gcs, bigsky, Sinc6, paisley, Chief, ikofun, EDupree, hiker, alta, NYLifer, DrkStr, d0ti5, marlo, kennyony, Golden Road, AnDe, snoone, spam, Post N. Steiner, GRTUD, kuu, Jonckel


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loveumore's picture
Joined: Nov 20 2011
these were the concert years

Youngun and in mad love with the whole Dead Scene, Get out of Jail free, had to graduate from high school and college shoved down my throat, but I wanted more. I was a prankster at heart so we toured the dead shows for several years and this was definitely one of those years.
We hid in the rocks cause we didn't have a ticket for the second night, and the guy that worked there was like ok I can help here is what you should do. He said you just hide in these rocks and when you hear the band start come out. I was like ok. Then we hear this frantic calling out hey I know you are in there please come out. Crap we think we are busted for hiding out with no tickets. I just loved Red Rocks, the people there were top notch, down to earth and crazy bout the dead.
Leave it to the dead to be right in tune and say heck we don't want you to be standin outside the party, so we be da ones who gonna take this show to a bigger venue, even though the dead loved the rocks escpecially Phil, they saw a greater good their lovin fans who at that time, well I mean we were all ape ship over the dead. So although dissappointing that we had suffered so much to get in, so happy that once again the dead knew what was best.
Happiness, knowing your tribe. being a loving giving soul, well is something money can;t buy.

Joined: Nov 1 2013
My very first Dead show

Having taken about a week and a mixture of greyhounds and hitching, me and my buds converged on Red Rocks a few days prior to the start of what was supposed to be a 3-day never-ending party. Eyes wide open!
Lots of stories here, but, to cut it short, after making a solemn vow with my best of buds months earlier we were there. Red Rocks - our personal Terrapin! I'm kinda glad I never made it to the Springfield, MA show in January, or the UMASS show in May. These were closer to home. But making it to Red Rocks for my first Dead concert was the right way to do it in retrospect. Just barely 16 years old, I witnessed one of the best Estimated Prophets I would probably ever see, and China Cat/Rider's return after a long hiatus at my first show. And even though were confused by Althea and Lost Sailor (known as 'Driftin' and Dreamin' for some months to come), we felt like this was where we belonged. The night was surreal. The whole trip was nearly beyond explanation. Perhaps I will get it all out, one day...Good start for Jester!


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Red Rocks Amphitheatre - August 12, 1979