Grateful Dead

Max Yasgur's Farm - August 16, 1969

Max Yasgur's Farm

August 16, 1969

Bethel, NY US

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Woodstock Music and Art Fair - also: Canned Heat; Creedence Clearwater Revival; Keef Hartley Band; Janis Joplin; Jefferson Airplane; Mountain; Quill; Santana; The Who

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Joined: Aug 25 2007
Forty years of being a DEAD HEAD

As you already know, This was a fantastic weekend. My Mom grounded me for a week after I got back home to the Bronx. I was 16 yrs. young. I remember waking up to Jimmy Hendrix guitar shacking the ground with the Star Spangle Banner. The DEADS set was really great.

Joined: Sep 10 2007
My memories of Woodstock

My memories of Woodstock include:
Parking the car just off the highway many miles away and catching a ride on a big (water?) truck that took us almost to the gate.
Wondering what we were going to do without a ticket, only to watch it become a free concert after awhile.
Sharing all our food and drinks the first day.
Waking up to Grace Slick saying '"Good morning people!"
Getting rained on and watching the dead almost get electrocuted.
Sliding in the mud in an improvised 'slip-n-slide'
Swimming in the pond.
Lots of great music and great people.

Together, more or less in line
Tom Clark

Joined: Nov 12 2007
Dead's set has its moments

Although they got off to a rough start, there is some good stuff within the GD set. I really like the DARK STAR. It has some great stinging leads from Jerry and swirling organ psychedelics from TC. LOVELIGHT is 30 minutes of energy and power!! No, that's not Ken Babbs ranting about the "greatest freshwater resevoir in the world" but some younger stoned out freak. The Lovelight finale is terrific and comes to an amazing conclusion...

Joined: May 20 2008

Lived about 20 minutes away from the site. (still have the summer house).
Dead's set was an eye opener for me. My 1st Dead experience! Lovelight SHINED!!!!!!!!

Best memory is of Hendrix playing on Monday morning to a crowd of about 3,000.

Joined: Dec 1 2008
First Dead Experience

They Turned in my LOVELIGHT and left it on!!!!

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Joined: Jan 9 2009
Woodstock 1969

It was 1969 , the war was still goin on ,and I ended up in Hokido Japan doing a 4 year tour with the USASA "(security agency)" when I recieved a letter from my Dead Head friends telling me about this festival that is going to happen in Bethel NY, Woodstock...So being who I am !!!!!!!....somehow scamed a way to get back to the states to make the show....Me and my nikon camera made the trip ...spent 6 days at the festival, took over 100 pictures but never got one of the Dead.....Must have been the attitude ajustments......So now 40 years later...
It's time to share the you who were there ( its a small world you could be in one of theese photos ! and then those of you who wish you were there ....Enjoy...anyway....Love , Peace , Rock N Roll.....The Children Of Morning ..still live

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Joined: Jun 4 2007
missed this one

tj crowley

had/have a ticket for only this day.
unable to get a ride up from nyc
ride cancelled...possibly only person that admits NOT
being at woodstock

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Joined: Oct 20 2008
Primus, Jason Newstead, and

Primus, Jason Newstead, and friends!
Will you come with me? Once in awhile you can get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right!

Joined: Aug 27 2008
A possible Road Trip release?

I think this show would make a nice Road Trip release someday. For those who love this show, give 'em the WHOLE show, for those who do not think too highly of this show, just highlights, i.e., Dark Star, Lovelight. In my opinion, it's good, but not outstanding.

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Joined: Jul 27 2012
Second Show - 1 st one tripping

This was my second Grateful Dead Show - I thought they were great but we had taken some purple owsley and were flying - there is a whole other story about how we got to Woodstock / our car broke down on the NY Thruway and we split up. My friend Steve and I were hitch hiking and were picked up by some cool dudes from Kansas who sold us a pound of home grown dirt weed for 50 bux
Nevertheless we did one hit on Friday two on Saturday and I recall that The Dead were the best band there- we must have been plugged in on some cosmic level
More to this effect some time in the near future


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Max Yasgur's Farm - August 16, 1969