Grateful Dead

Park West Ski Resort - August 20, 1987

Park West Ski Resort

August 20, 1987

Park West, UT US

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Set List:

Big Boss Man
Promised Land
Dire Wolf
New Minglewood Blues
Row Jimmy
It's All Over Now
When Push Comes to Shove

China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Man Smart/Woman Smarter
Ship of Fools
Smokestack Lightnin'
The Wheel
Gimme Some Lovin'
All Along the Watchtower
Stella Blue
Sugar Magnolia

Quinn the Eskimo

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Joined: Jul 3 2007
Unlimited Tickets

Because the seating for this concert was the entire ski hill rising up from the ski lodge at the bottom of the hill, there were no restrictions placed on how many tickets were sold for admittance. As a result, there was an enormous crowd at this concert as people hiked up the hill and spread out to perch above the stage. It presaged a lot of the very huge concerts that started happening after "In The Dark" was released just two weeks later.

A significant number of the songs seemed to fit in with the "Wild West" theme of the location of the concert being held in Park West. This is the closest venue to where some of the members of the band had their hobby ranches and hung out in Jackson Hole and Pinedale, Wyoming, and eastern Nevada, so they were playing to their friends and neighbors. This made for a very "Western" feel to the concert.

Joined: Mar 18 2008
My friend Phil and I drove

My friend Phil and I drove up in a rag top from Los Angeles, through miles of barren desert, to see this great show, in that magnificent outdoor venue, replete with a rainbow as a backdrop to the stage, just before show time. wandered around and met up with a young kid named Mario who seemed very innocent until we later saw him selling doses by the dozen. ahhh, so it goes.

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Joined: May 26 2007
wait, was this Mario

from L.A. and given to handing out color-xerox GD dollar bills? He was part of a crowd that stayed at my house after the Greek shows in '81.

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Joined: May 26 2007
I'm definitely in the minority...

but I HATED this show. Hated the dust, hated the crowd, hated losing my car in the lot for just ever, and most especially hated the fact that as the crowd left the venue the ground was absolutely covered in empty single-serving liquor bottles. Setlist wasn't to my taste. I didn't like it one bit.

The fact was, I was utterly burned out from touring after Red Rocks and Telluride. I was staying in this ski condo with a bunch of folks I knew who were very wrapped up in annoying Harmonic Convergence stuff. I woke up the morning after this show and said, enough of this, I'm going HOME. I had tix to the Calaveras show a few days later, but I bailed on my plans and drove straight through from Park City to Oakland just to get HOME.

About the only thing I remember about that long drive was that as I got to the Bonneville Salt Flats the most spectacular thunder and lightning storm I'd ever seen kicked in. To this day I wish I'd had my camera, but I stopped the car and got out and walked on the flats and soaked it all up.

I will say they had very good coffee in Park City, however.

Joined: Jan 5 2011
Does anyone else remember... guys on horseback trying to intercept the people who were sneaking in over the ridge from the back side of the ski resort?

Joined: Apr 23 2011
Park City, 1987

We were at Park City and loved the show. We were going to Utah State at the time. I remember law enforcement trying to keep the Dead from coming to Utah saying that there would be all sorts of problems. As I recall, the show came and went without much ado. I do remember the guys on horseback. But there are guys on horseback all over Utah so that wasn't anything new.

Joined: Nov 15 2010
from NH...

i drove with 4 friends in a VW bus across the country. Saw the previous show in tempe and headed to Utah for this. I was 18 and first time out in the country. remember the salt flats with messages written in black stones on the sides of the road, and then the mountains. got to the parking lot, bought a crystal necklace. We got into the venue and sat literally dead center about 10 rows back. Noticed a pot plant growing up from the bark much beneath us. Met a friendly girl from CT named Madeline.

I have some photos of the view from the parking lot. incredible mt air. Once the show started i dont remember much. I was a newbie to the dead at the time, and looking back this was a killer show i was treated to. I do distinctly remember Women, watchtower, truckin, all over now, and Quinn and of course that sweet china rider. Enough familiar songs to keep me tuned in to the show. I memory i will never forget.

Somewhere along the way we met a girl named "STAR" and one of our party continued her travels with her (back to new mexico i think)

WE later then drove on to Calavaras CA to see the two nights there.

Joined: Mar 4 2016
Strange Trip

My best friend and I had seen the Dead a couple of times before, but indoors, so we were pretty stoked for an outdoor show. The night started weird and got weirder. We had gotten, er, shall we say, a sensory enhancing substance from a friend who did not tell us that the black plastic pyramid was just a vehicle for the stuff, not PART of it (we were so clueless). We wanted to make sure we each got an equal dose, so we stopped at the McDonalds near the entrance to Park West for a bite and then went back to the Century Luxus and dropped the said pyramids in a cup of orange soda. After about 5 minutes they had not dissolved, so we thought okay, maybe the soda is too cold. We cranked the heater in the Buick up to high and put it on "vent" and held the cup in the stream of hot air for what seemed like forever. No we said screw it, shared the soda and drove to the parking lot feeling a bit miffed. It was already kind of a mess because it had rained that evening. I remember some brutish looking cops on horses chasing down Deadheads who were trying to sprint past and scale the fences to get in for free with a pretty good rate of success! Other 'heads were selling cans of beer for a buck, so we downed a few and then went in. The first part of the show was somewhat subdued, probably because it was still light out. We stood off to the side and a bit above the bootleg recording area until the Dead broke out "When Push Comes to Shove", then started to feel restless because the orange soda was kicking in. As we looked below us, we could see lines of people moving through the massive crowd like little streams, so we sidled our way down until we jumped into one and just got swept along by folks dancing their way along until we popped out on the edge of the crowd. That was great! So we jumped in one further down and went all the way across to the other side. We eventually jostled and squeezed and elbowed our way down down down into the maw of the crowd about 20 feet from the stage. The ski slope and gravity ensured we were packed in like sardines down there, it was hot, sweaty and surreal. There were hardcore deadheads down there and they glowered at us wondering who these strangers were who had infiltrated their domain. (Afterwards, my buddy and I both agreed that we had never felt such a sinister atmosphere at a concert - there was a dark presence down there - or was it just the effects of the orange soda?) We stood there penned in as Jerry and Bob (and maybe Phil Lesh - who knows) jammed to some sort of chest they had brought on stage and opened up. Light and energy seemed to emanate up from it only to be absorbed by the now starry sky. I remember having the feeling that they were playing to someone or something out there somewhere - perhaps trying to summon an alien mother ship to come take us all up with a tractor beam and head out into the galaxy. After four or five tunes we started to feel more and more freaked and claustrophobic, so we turned and started working our way back up through the crowd like a couple of salmon on a spawning run. We just kept climbing and climbing until we emerged at the very top of the crowd, took some huge soothing breaths of the cool night air, and plunked down on the grass. Eventually we spotted a couple of friends who we had lost earlier and started to make our way toward them. But every time I would get within hailing distance, they would all laugh gleefully and scatter like a bunch of elves or faeries and then reassemble on the other side of the hill where I had just been. This happened several times until eventually they slowed down and I caught up to them. They then denied all of my claims that they had been messing with me. Whoa. We watched the rest of the show from up there. I vaguely recall the crowd erupting when they heard the first strains of Gimme Some Lovin' and then All along the Watchtower.
By the last song we were completely spent. We slowly moved through the chaos toward the parking lot as deadheads hawked tee shirts, beers, paraphernalia, posters, whatever they could to get some pocket money. We stopped and helped push a car that was stuck in a mud hole. We sat on the trunk of the Buick and had a J and more beers. It seemed like an eternity before we finally got out onto the highway and headed back down the canyon to Salt Lake. As we negotiated the curvy descent, an amazing electrical storm appeared over the valley right at our altitude. Huge jags of lightning rent the sky over and over. It was pretty crazy, being able to look directly into it instead of up at it. By the time we hit the city and headed for Bill & Nada's for some sustenance, it was pouring again (Google "Whatever happened to ... Bill and Nada's Cafe" for a great article in the strib). It was the perfect way to end a very strange adventure, having chili burgers and hanging with a bunch of misfits and miscreants who couldn't care less if we had consumed a very potent dose of orange soda earlier that night.

Joined: Apr 24 2017
Park West Show

My wife, Juli, and I attended this show. We were lucky enough to get some of the fixed seating at the base of the slope, and we were right at eye level with Jerry. It seemed that he was performing just for us through the whole show. It has been almost thirty years since the show, but it was a great one. I believe they were having a wonderful experience in the very rare circumstance of lovely weather at a mountain venue. The sound system was perfect at our location, and it filled the canyon with the magic of the Grateful Dead.

The music was transcendent for us, as a good Dead show should be. We were totally wrapped up in the music and let it carry us away to the special place that an engaging musical opens up for exploration.

This was the last Dead show we got to experience, and we cherish the memory.


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Park West Ski Resort - August 20, 1987