Grateful Dead

Gaelic Park - August 26, 1971

Gaelic Park

August 26, 1971

Bronx, NY US

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Pigpen's last show until 12-01-71 - final "Empty Pages"

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End of the Psychedelic Era (1965-71)

This show can be seen, more or less, as the last show of the Dead's early psychedelic era.

The first departure of Pigpen and the arrival of Keith & Donna Godchaux occurred after this show. So when the next gigs occurred in October 1971 there was a noticeable change in style. Plus a whole batch of new songs.

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My First

This was my first Dead show and the first time I dropped acid. It all came together that night. We didn't have tickets but talked a security guard into letting us in. Jerry was playing by himself on stage until the others joined him. Though it was my first show, I loved the tune ups between songs trying to figure out what the next song would be.

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Set 1:d1t01 - Berthad1t02 -

Set 1:
Playing In The Band
Mr. Charlie
El Paso
Big Boss Man
Big Railroad Blues
Hard To Handle
Beat It On Down The Line
Sugar Magnolia
Empty Pages
Good Lovin'
Casey Jones

Set 2:
Me And My Uncle
China Cat Sunflower ->
I Know You Rider
Cumberland Blues
Truckin' ->
Drums ->
The Other One
Next Time You See Me
Me And Bobby McGee
Uncle John's Band
Saint Stephen ->Not Fade Away ->Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad ->
Not Fade Away

Johnny B. Goode

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other bands

Ten Years After
Gaelic Park Bronx NYC
August 26 1971

Alvin Lee - guitar/vox/harp
Leo Lyons - bass
Chick Churchill - keyboards
Ric Lee - drums


01. one of these days 7:16
02. no title 13:08
03. once there was a time 3:46
04. here they come 5:10
05. hobbit 8:20
06. slow blues in C// 7:17
07. i can't keep from crying sometimes 19:51
08. i'm going home 11:16

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My First Show - a Real Life Changer!

You never forget your first time! I also got the "In the land of the night the ship of the sun is drawn by the Grateful Dead" handbill - still have it... Show started about 20 minutes early - Bobby said that it was to get going before it started to rain. We got really close to the stage, so I never heard the subway during the show. I was an experienced tripper by then and we dropped what we thought was some acid. I was really flying during the show - turns out that the "acid" was saccharine, but the atmosphere was so charged that I was seriously tripping on the placebo until we left the show. We had parked in someone's place so they tore out our plug wires - fortunately we had some auto mechanics in our group. I fell asleep in the car for the ride home and awoke when we hit the guardrail during a spin in a horrendous rain storm along the New Jersey Turnpike back to Cherry Hill.


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The venue ...

... is still there. It was and still is a playing field for Manhattan College sports teams -- soccer, lacrosse. It's artificial turf now, though. As far as I know, there were only a few summers where some promoter placed concerts there. I saw ELP there once; not sure if it was 1971. On the weekends, the field was also used by a Gaelic Football league in the city; if they're still playing, I think they have a different venue. I don't recall noticing the trains, which still get parked there at the end of the No. 1 subway line. I wish I could locate more information about that particular show and which songs which Allman Bros. personnel played on. I imagine if the trains bummed out a lot of fans the feeling was shared by the production team. I hope they didn't destroy the tapes; maybe they're just at the bottom of some "bad-sound" stack. One of these Gaelic Park shows was the first time I had ever heard anyone start to "Moo" as a wide mass of people slowly headed toward one narrow exit gate.

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took the train up got a ride home

a good time in the bronx

wish I was 17 again

hot muggy night
good music
good friends - too many gone now from one thing or another

started seeing shows in 1970
listen to the boys all the time

going to see a gd movie on thursday night down the block from the old academy of music / palladium

god bless the grateful dead

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Gaelic Park

Somehow early in onto the grounds of Gaelic Park on August 26, 1971, hearing screams and a roar, I turn to look and there's Bobby and Pig Pen in a Jeep coming straight at me, screaming and whooping, I jump out of the way, as do a few others. They turn the Jeep around and head in on us again, and again. Like matadors, we gracefully jump away at the very last minute, astounded we are in this particular relationship with these folks. Then, suddenly, they turn and drive away. No fanfare. We look at each other. Of course.

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Gaelic Park 71 Lovelight

I was there and they did indeed close with a Lovelight encore after that rocking JBG, which I may add had NYCs Finest boogying hard up there on the El platform! I just finished listening to it, all 24:48 of it, which I downloaded years ago from, and it is epic. Empty Pages, a rare one by Pig, was performed too. That, Uncle John's Band and Big Boss Man are on You Tube in fact:


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Gaelic Park - August 26, 1971