Grateful Dead

Manor Downs - August 31, 1985

Manor Downs

August 31, 1985

Austin, TX US

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Set List:

Mississippi Half-Step
El Paso
Dupree's Diamond Blues
Mexicali Blues
Big River
My Brother Esau
Let it Grow

Terrapin Station
Estimated Prophet
Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad
Stella Blue
Throwin' Stones
Not Fade Away

She Belongs to Me
One More Saturday Night

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Joined: Feb 4 2011
70 shows and not slowin down

by this time were ever jerry picked up a guitar to play i was there and was not going to stop i was truly engulfed in to the dead scene and lovin ever second of it. thanks mk

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Joined: Jan 21 2009
Night Two

This was the second leg of our journey from Dallas. Houston the night before. Slept on top of the car about 10 miles east of Manor Downs in some farmers loooooong driveway until he chased us off with buckshot! Gobbled some fresh shrooms and sat in the back of a pickup with a keg the whole show. The traffic line leaving was unforgiving considering I had to take a dump on a rumbling shroom stomach. I pity that gas station restroom I found relief at! Anyway it was not a bad show and we tubed the Guadalupe the next day and wound up on tabltops dancing on 6th Street the following night. Man I'm glad I got older and quit those undesireable ways. However I would not change a thing if I could do it again.

Joined: Sep 18 2012
Only time I saw them in Austin

Recently transplanted from IL. Skipped Willie's picnic the summer before because I had decided I was not yet acclimatized enough to endure it. This was hot, and dusty. But it wasn't an all day and night affair like the "Picnic" at Southpark Meadows was this year. And then the day of the "Picnic" it rained all night and half the day and was cool and really muddy. Then, 2 mos. later, this.

Rode my motorcycle and met two friends in the parking lot; one a dead head (same one who was late to the '81 show at the Assy. Hall in Champaign), one not. They were amazed at the community in the parking lot ;-).

Enjoyed the show. "El Paso" and "Not Fade Away" are nice in TX. Agree about "She Belongs to Me"; nice.

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Joined: Jun 22 2014
dead and sf

left this comment on another page-the venue
was there for the sf convention -- northamericancon
took my two little daughters -- 2&3 so they don't really remember it
but they like the dead still -- their favorite is knocking on heavens door

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Joined: Aug 25 2012
Listening to this now.

I have only listened to this maybe 3 or 4 times in entirety. Not sure why that is? Maybe cause the 1982 show was so much better to me. That said though one thing I remember from both years was the way the locals and us heads were allowed to buy so much beer at the concession stands. Still blows my mind. Another funny thing that happened to me was late after the show I was walking threw the cornfields and found A 20 dollar bill it was so out of place my friend and I both thought wow this is crazy...
Happy Labor day all

Joined: Oct 1 2016
I totally remember this

So I know it's been nine years since the post about the airplane jumper, but funny I was just telling someone about this a week ago. There were parachuters nearby, and the last jumper I saw, well, the chute NEVER OPENED! So what happened? It's been a question in my mind for over 30 years.
Maybe it was a dummy tossed out of the plane to mess with our minds! I don't recall any emergency vehicles, and it remains a mystery.
Anyhow, what a great tour this was. Always grateful!


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Manor Downs - August 31, 1985