Grateful Dead

Oakland Auditorium Arena - December 17, 1992

Oakland Auditorium Arena

December 17, 1992

Oakland, CA US

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Set List:

Touch of Grey
Walkin' Blues
Queen Jane Approximately
So Many Roads
Music Never Stopped

Scarlet Begonias
Fire on the Mountain
Long Way to Go Home
Uncle John's Band
Playin' Reprise
This Could Be the Last Time
Here Comes Sunshine
Throwin' Stones
Not Fade Away

Baba O'Riley
Tomorrow Never Knowsa

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Attendees of this show

SDhead, dubai-escorts-bunnies, garciafan, crazyfingers88, ever grateful, CaptJ8k, SPAC84, Hippiechick3868, nitecat, HexxtheHead, EZinTN, Lazylightning16, dhaivyd, CarrionCrow, RayDad, Brewrow, MDB52, alaskaconstant, Oxford 88, EBDead66, kking, Smiley53, Mosfed, hippiechick308, chad.e.buck, EugeneEvon, mrsmallard, hitmeister, snafu, Phinnegan, herbalista, Sugarmagkauai, shrinkrap50, DelilahJones 999, shannonsapitbull, revelation bus, jpreece83, FatherTime, bubu13, Sustainabill, -Althea-Told-Me-, william_O, djangology, smarcus, magicchef, Iriecycle, dredileogirl, tie-dye steve, zoticogrillo, diamond dudeegs, meggyo58, rustyherb, CaptTheo, jimpeckham, Doctorpat, jeromethompson, darkstarcrashes, hopperdave, michaeljscott, debhead830, corrinaandmarin, morning_drew, SpentthenightinUtah, rodiebluez1, eep-hour, sweetangel91369, GDrew, Napa Al, dolbeared, TomBanjo1969, phreeang, Missing Jerry, Sampson1966, zebadya, jersey style, bluefairee, delylah24, deadgrrl, Snapperhead, evac171, olin preston grant, ellis d, Andy the Hippie, Grateful_HERSH, lostdeadhead, wickedsmilee, EasyWind73, angela chayce, Boulder Creek Mama, Heynow from The Well, ChantalAndGeorge, Moschelle, kimdance, dv8derek, pennsylvaniapete, JimmyD, m23, Black Bird, gaia247, goodlivin, BurntDawg, toni rachelle, lagnaf, supplicationjam, Migo, Loocie, MagicPEZ, weav, KarenLE67, Mr.SanJose, lookyloo, Kosher-Pigpen, djanders, It Keeps Growing, Susie Q, dylan from canada, Mick Flaire, ellisdee420, chefdannnyc, fleetwing, Kindbus, Jimmy Earley, hoffmnj, UNCCandyman, pyy, grtfuldad, spikedriver, jaykuhles, reggie, byrdgirl_01,, schwaz, gammalyte, muffin, Rainbowjohn, sunshinedaydream9, mandy, WaywardBill, quinnever, mikewantsabeer, jimmy_row, johnman, TJD, dave h, Hey Tom Banjo, Dashoesoff, whitebird, dave36, rio de la mar, jgminerals, darthvader, CameronB, Tenner, travelinlight, Mr.Skjellyfetti, jakestraw, Cafe de Mars, NickPannozzo, drgnwmtchs, JP Driessen, paintedmandolin71, Duude, Guerdon, snappyshot, deadheadland, jdarr, hamal, darkstarjedi, dead_red, Ghost, kdead, Rico, Dave.S, Lawrence66, AndieIsAlthea, Skjellyfetti, hippomon, spacekat, FrankB777, eastbaydoug, Rum Jungle, mrgreg, SoulshineDeadream, cactus420, Valerie Stevenson, hammertime, Foreverdead, naturalborneasy, justice, buz_73, Jerry Roskin, tonyrabbit, queenjane, misngfingr, codejd, musicneverstopped, edgeman, Good Foote, wj_kookmeyer, Mr Charly, slpatgun, greenagain, eminor7thfunk, spacface, Dire Wolff, ALA, devore85, Terrapin66, Ozhead, skinheadwilli, Ouizzzl, Joshadelic, Bob Minkin, schleif, holland, scarletbegonia, Terrapin_Tommy, dead4days, john_j, crazycatpeakin, Bubbiesdad, Wino, shane420SF, wolff, tommytomato, knockinon, kiote, misujry, jemusser, chrish, murphthesurf, gra8phil, Sunnydrop, stickyfingers, Gr8ful, theoneandonlycorky, JayLif, drchampagne, Zomby D Wulf, waynes werld II, Chief, manacatsunflower, gankmore, relentlesslier, geostrong, natas2210, rainbow_trout, ddodd, dannyclark1966, BlackandWhite.Peter, VooDoo_Child, playdead, crazyfingers, DansinMatt, Ski_Nose, bradleyg, mandala, dreamtime, deanopper, Charlie Miller, freeform


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Ken Kesey

Is it possible that at midnight (or just before midnight) Ken Kesey was lowered down through the ceiling and led everyone in an ancient Tibetan breathing exercise?
Or was that New Years 1982 (with Bill Graham flying in on a joint and Aiko Aiko)?
Thanks for any and all answers

May the four winds blow you safely home

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Oakland Auditorium Arena - le

Oakland Auditorium Arena - le 17 Décembre, 1992
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Oakland Auditorium Arena - December 17, 1992