Grateful Dead

Oakland Coliseum Arena - December 18, 1993

Oakland Coliseum Arena

December 18, 1993

Oakland, CA US

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Set List:

Jack Straw
They Love Each Other
Friend of the Devil
Tennessee Jed
Easy Answers

Long Way Home
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Playin' in the Band
Uncle John's Band
I Need a Miracle
Stella Blue
One More Saturday Night

Box of Rain

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Attendees of this show

dubai-escorts-bunnies, seastones79, angelachayce, garciafan, ever grateful, CaptJ8k, spaciestacie1970, rpdugoni, ShiningStar, nitecat, EugeneEvon, dhaivyd, BoxOfRainMan, surfdude67, RayDad, Brewrow, peetstr50, gardenhead, alaskaconstant, EBDead66, Smiley53, chaseutley, dedhed1963, ptown phool, radtek, hippiechick308, chad.e.buck, mrsmallard, snafu, mbunn789, Phinnegan, Sugarmagkauai, shrinkrap50, blake wood, mountain-sf-haight, silicia, shannonsapitbull, revelation bus, coveralls, FatherTime, scarletfire5877, topherblunt, JohnCesano, Sustainabill, djangology, smarcus, magicchef, dredileogirl, tie-dye steve, drshakedown, zoticogrillo, eyeswerethere, staceys man, jimpeckham,, jeromethompson, MrCheeze, kindsmiles, hopperdave, michaeljscott, debhead830, SpentthenightinUtah, mojoman, rodiebluez1, terrapin_nw, Kblair, kingsfishers, eep-hour, GDrew, cruz, dolbeared, tatman, photogeek423, ebb, TomBanjo1969, phreeang, bwh134, bluefairee, olin preston grant, Judah Isreal, ellis d, Andy the Hippie, Grateful_HERSH, lostdeadhead, achughes33, wickedsmilee, Blysergic, EasyWind73, dport, cdmcclain, dovemab, Boulder Creek Mama, Heynow from The Well, Sir-Mix-Alot, ChantalAndGeorge, The one and only Bean, getconnor, AndIgoton, Moschelle, dv8derek, ratterd, Oldneumanntapr, MooseARow, gaia247, goodlivin, spizrink, alpine84, supplicationjam, Loocie, MagicPEZ, weav, paw_dawg, KarenLE67, Mr.SanJose, lookyloo, dandrscll, Susie Q, dylan from canada, Mick Flaire, ellisdee420, Squirrel95, mary meet, Reya Sunshine, Kindbus, hoffmnj, DoDa Man, Missi Lynn, UNCCandyman, dfong74, grtfuldad, aina mama, spikedriver, jaykuhles, Matthew in Salt Lake, Jazzmaze88, beebrat, Starlitdaze, gammalyte, muffin, josh e bear, winterboy70, WaywardBill, 710 Ashbury, quinnever, donophonic, jimpjimp, mikewantsabeer, BlackBongThePirate, dave h, Lady of the River, Dashoesoff, whitebird, rio de la mar, veetaval, darthvader, Cableguy, Tenner, truckineric, Mr.Skjellyfetti, Monkey1991, jakestraw, NickPannozzo, drgnwmtchs, JP Driessen, paintedmandolin71, Duude, pyrorite, jdascout, musickatman, jstange, jdarr, hamal, dead_red, Ghost, kdead, Mister_Benson, Dave.S, intruder, highvibe, hugz420, Lawrence66, AndieIsAlthea, Skjellyfetti, hippomon, birdleson, FrankB777, Violaleeblue, UncleBruce1971, jolie, mrgreg, runonguinness, PrecisionTieDye, cactus420, Olalla Girl, kojazz, carlaplattwatercolors, Valerie Stevenson, hammertime, Bob_Who, Foreverdead, justice, windidawn, deadheadjohnny, buz_73, craig maceachern 2 dustyrose, badtpyist, IRSampson, tonyrabbit, queenjane, misngfingr, codejd, Stephen S Sharkey, edgeman, Good Foote, jblotter, Mr Charly, orcasgordy, drumzspace72, ALA, kindveggiebagel, Barbara, KoHoSo, richthephotog, setbreak, devore85, Ozhead, skinheadwilli, Ouizzzl, hezgone, OleBear420, weatherdownheresofine, holland, scarletbegonia, ibewbro, DrDarkStar, Terrapin_Tommy, dead4days, ecmitch, budculbertson, Trader X, csattert, juicediva, shane420SF, wolff, jimmyrowed, ghfg, rapolitano, tinydncrcm, Deadhead_DMT, OtherOne, knockinon, kiote, murphthesurf, heidiaintnoho, mapfreak, dogfish30, drkstr001, Tampa Red, Sunnydrop, stickyfingers, theoneandonlycorky, JayLif, rminas, drchampagne, Zomby D Wulf, waynes werld II, jayburg, Dan R., jft, Chief, manacatsunflower, gankmore, robsjca76, Anomalator, geostrong, CaLiFoRnIa LoVe, insect_fear, stallion13, rippleiris, TriciaPaLynn, BlackandWhite.Peter, Trueski, deadahead, playdead, eelpie62, crazyfingers, pgdempsey, DansinMatt, Ski_Nose, Lucab12, spam, mandala, Post N. Steiner, dreamtime, tec-man, ratskrad, OthrOne, benja73, freeform, unkljohn


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AndieIsAlthea's picture
Joined: Jul 26 2007
First Time I caught a show on my birthday!

In all the years, this was the first show I could catch on my birthday! There was just something magical about seeing the same people come together over the years. Many of us became as close as family even though we only saw each other once or twice a year. I MISS IT!!!

~Honest to the point of recklessness~
~~~ Andie is Althea~~~

Joined: Jun 4 2007

I woke up that morning with a 100 degree fever. Should have stayed home but felt better in the afternoon. Got all kinds of sideways in the cold parking lot with hot mulled wine and the stickiest greasiest tastiest brownie ever. All night I kept taking nibbles out of it and shivering in a blanket up in the stands. My first TLEO! The 'Box of Rain' encore was so sweet though I managed to get up and dance . Sold my ticket for the following night, or did I trade it? Slept for days afterwards. Sick as a dog.

truckineric's picture
Joined: Oct 24 2007
St. Stephen tease

If i'm not mistaken the boys sound checked st stephen before the show that night. One of my favorite shows. After Box encore Phil said thanks and god bless you.


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Oakland Coliseum Arena - December 18, 1993