Grateful Dead

Oakland Coliseum Arena - December 28, 1988

Oakland Coliseum Arena

December 28, 1988

Oakland, CA US

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Set List:

Iko Iko
Walkin' Blues
It's All Over Now
When Push Comes to Shove
Stuck Inside of Mobile
Bird Song
Jack Straw

China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Estimated Prophet
He's Gone
Uncle John's Band
I Need a Miracle
Foolish Heart
Turn on Your Love Light

Baby Blue

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Joined: Jul 16 2007
My first show

College roomate introduced me to the Dead. Had only heard one song(on MTV) before starting my freshman year. Had no idea of what I was getting my self into at the time, funny thing is I never got back out. If your looking at this, thanks Pete.

Mama, mama, many roads I've come sinc I first left home.

Joined: Jul 20 2007
Her last show

My second try at interesting my partner in the Dead to no avail. Like good microbrew, an acquired taste.

alpine84's picture
Joined: Jan 4 2009
Onstage for Aiko

O.K. here's what happened...the story starts at the previous shows in Long beach.After the show on December 10, I headed to "shakedown" and as I was walking around, I happened to look down. I saw what looked like a laminate. Sure as shit it was! It was a laminate for the Fall/Winter 1988 tour. I didn't know what to think or do, so i pocketed it to sort it out. I come to find out that it's real. I took it home and planned how i'd use it. The next shows were the New Years run in Oakland. The first night of Oakland I used the pass to walk in for free! A smarter person may have left well enough alone and used this laminate to get into all the shows for free...but not me. As the lights dimmed for that 1st night in Oakland, Bobby, Phil, Brent,Mickey and Bill walk by me, headed up the stairs to get on stage. The sign on the wall read, Only persons with laminates allowed onstage.I followed the boys onstage! They started rockin' an Iko. Wholly shit, i'm onstage with the Dead. What energy! Robbie Taylor, the stage manager walked up to me and aked who i was. I told him my name, he backed away. a few moments later he came back and asked...who? He grabbed the pass from around my neck and said with a little anger, "How'd you get this"? I told him how, then he took the pass. Bummer. He seemed pretty pissed of as I begged him to let me keep the pass. "No f$#kin' way. Get off the Stage". Anyway, at least I got to be onstage for Iko. A time i'll never forget.

marye's picture
Joined: May 26 2007
great story!

fun while it lasted...

jimmy_row's picture
Joined: Dec 30 2007
I Know You Rider

Jerry smiled broadly for a lot of this show, culminating in an arm raised fist to the ceiling while singing "wish I was a headlight on a northbound train" during Rider. A very favorite Jerry moment, one which I will not forget.

WikiGuida's picture
Joined: May 23 2015
Oakland Coliseum Arena - le

Oakland Coliseum Arena - le 28 D├ęcembre, 1988
Bell & Ross

Grateful Ed 711's picture
Joined: Aug 5 2015
Amazing Jack Straw

The energy during this Jack Straw is spectacular, its one of my favorite versions. Jerry and Brent's back and forth solo at the end gives me chills every time. After they sing "Jack Straw from Wichita cut his buddy down!" you can here the energy in the crowd explode. I wish I could have been there, anyone remember this moment?

Joined: Oct 16 2015
I Know You Rider

Jerry smiled broadly for a lot of this show, culminating in an arm raised fist to the ceiling while singing "wish I was a headlight on a northbound train" during Rider

Joined: Oct 13 2015
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Oakland Coliseum Arena - December 28, 1988