Grateful Dead

Pauley Pavilion - December 30, 1978

Pauley Pavilion

December 30, 1978

Los Angeles, CA US

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last "St. Stephen": 01-22-78 [68]

Set List:

Jack Straw They Love Each Other Mama Tried Mexicali Blues Loser Looks Like Rain Stagger Lee Passenger Tennessee Jed New Minglewood Blues Sugaree Promised Land I Need a Miracle Bertha Good Lovin' Scarlet Begonias Fire on the Mountain Playin' in the Band Shakedown Street drums Ollin Arrageed St. Stephen Not Fade Away Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad Around and Around One More Saturday Night

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Joined: Nov 18 2010

Hamza El Din and his entourage were the percussions

Joined: May 28 2012
My first show (sort of)

I had previously seen both JGB and Kingfish. But "having gone to Pauley Pavilion many times to watch UCLA basketball games, this was the first time I had gone to see the Dead." I'd been to a Joan Baez concert here many years before, but it was very special to finally see the WHOLE BAND in such a familiar spot.

I certainly remember the Egyptian drummers, and my friends and I "never had such a good time." Now it's fun to find someone was having a very parallel experience!

Joined: Feb 15 2008
Pauley Pavilion 78-79

I believe this was my first show. Of course pegging it for sure is a challenge. Pauley Pavilion is assured, the year is vague.
Without a doubt, I was in California and drove from the SF area to the LA area. Had a real basic map and got to the UCLA neighborhood near Pauley Pavilion. Midnight or so had us classified as Lost Sailors. We camped in a big parking lot for the night in our 1964 van, woke up to discover the pavilion about 100 feet from where we were parked; cool.
Being in LA for the first time, we took some hesitant steps. The first thing we saw was a stack of University tabloids with the Steal your Face logo on the front detailing the band and the show. Nice welcome, We might be alright, Tree Top Flyers.
Thanks to Jerry, Bob, Phil, Bill, Mickey, Donna and Keith, Brent, Bruce, and the rest.
Now the most important thanks is to Robert Hunter, whom played at Off the Wall Hall in Lawrence Kansas in 1980. Met my wife at that show.
That ceramic skull on the table, somehow offered and accepted by a great friend JK was what I would guess as one of his most happy times. The show was damn sure one of mine. Later.

Joined: Apr 20 2013
Pauley Pavillion Dec 30 1978

My first Grateful Dead Show while in college at USC. I remember the slide show of the Egypt show and really enjoyed the show. My friends and I had ingested some fungi so it was a very fun experience.

Joined: Dec 26 2008
Legendary New Year's

Attended the great show at Pauley and grabbed a 1 am commercial flight (strangely smoky and full of Deadheads) to San Francisco for the Closing of Winterland, the epic show of my life. The next day, we met Jerry Garcia at our hotel and spent 20 quality minutes with hime in his room.

Joined: Jan 13 2010
Potent stuff.

I am forever grateful for this band being recorded for us to enjoy for the rest of our lives. and beyond.

Joined: Apr 17 2016
Recording available?

New here, I have the Winterland set but have heard this show was much better. Are there any recordings of it available for download or commercial purchase?


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Pauley Pavilion - December 30, 1978