Grateful Dead

Winterland Arena - December 31, 1978

Winterland Arena

December 31, 1978

San Francisco, CA US

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FM broadcast KSAN-San Francisco - TV broadcast KQED-San Francisco - Bill Graham flies in on a joint - Blues Brothers, then NRPS opened - "Breakfast served at dawn" - last "Sunshine Daydream": 07-13-76 [160] - "Other One" is first verse only - "Dark Star" is first verse only - last "Dark Star": 10-18-74 [187] - last "We Bid You Goodnight": 12-31-76 [140]

Set List:

Sugar Magnolia
Scarlet Begonias
Fire on the Mountain
Me and My Uncle
Big River
Friend of the Devil
It's All Over Now
Stagger Lee
From the Heart of Me
Sunshine Daydream

Samson and Delilah
Ramble on Rose
I Need a Miracle
Terrapin Station
Playin' in the Band
Not Fade Away
Around and Around

Dark Star
The Other One
Dark Star
Wharf Rat
St. Stephen
Good Lovin'

Casey Jones
Johnny B. Goode

We Bid You Goodnight

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Joined: Mar 20 2013
What memories!

I do not remember how I got my ticket (don't remember any kind of a lottery) since I lived in LA, but took a flight to SF that morning after the Pauley show the night before with my friend Jack who was on crutches. Grabbed seats in the first row of the balcony left side. A memorable evening indeed. Animal House, Blues Brothers, NRPS, and of course three sets by "the boys" (and girl) and breakfast. I do remember it being pretty harsh on the eyes waking out to the morning sun at 7:00 am.

Joined: Nov 20 2014
One Amazing Trip

I am looking for a copy of a photo taken of Bill G. trying to get his motorcycle started at midnight. I saw it in a calendar long ago with a caption like " 12:03 a.m." , or similar. Anyway photo shows top of my blonde head and my friend Curt's arm reaching up to touch a tire on Bill's bike. Would love a copy of this for my memory box.

Joined: Nov 1 2010
This was my Second Dead Show

The show was amazing as everyone has said. Getting a ticket was the crazy part. Matt G and I got in his Couger and drove from SF State's Verducci Hall to the Wherehouse Record store in Stonestown Galleria. At each store that sold tickets you could get a numbered ticket and after a while they would draw winners how could get two concert tickets. We each got lottery tickets at the Stonestown and Market st Wherehouse. When we got back to Stonestown there was a line of kids hoping to get an unclaimed winners ticket. Matt checked for his number and said no luck. My number was not on the list but I noticed the number before me was and it was Matt's number. We hugged with excitement and relief, but I never forget the look on the first kid in lines face for unclaimed winners tickets. Sorry dude it was a great show.


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Winterland Arena - December 31, 1978