Grateful Dead

Cincinnati Gardens - December 4, 1973

Cincinnati Gardens

December 04, 1973

Cincinnati, OH US

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Set List:

Johnny B. Goode
Me and My Uncle
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
El Paso
Big River
Tennessee Jed
Stella Blue
Around and Around

Eyes of the World
Sugar Magnolia
Goin' Down the Road Feeling Bad
Casey Jones

One More Saturday Night

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Gr8fulTed's picture
Joined: Jul 9 2007
short show

The band was late coming into town from Boston, playing a condensed concert. Bobby told the crowd to talk to the promoters if we weren't happy!

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Joined: Jun 7 2007

Cinci Gardens 73 was my first show! Being a novice to the Dead, I could not understand why my buddy who brought me was so upset at the length of the show. He was used to the way the Dead used to play for 3+ hours. I was awestruck during the concert. As it began, the music poured out of the speakers and was VISIBLE....a river of colorful notes. Phil's bass was whooomp, whooopin' on my chest. It pushed me into that river and swept me away. At one point, during Eyes, I thought i was listening to Mahavishnu McGlauglin!!, because prior to seeing them, I thought the Dead were just another country rock band-heheheh. When it ended, i was unable to move. Security had to ask us to leave twice. On the way home, the interstate signs were in Russian for some reason and I was thankful i wasn't driving!
Many shows later, I still vividly remembered my first show and give thanks that i will finally have a recording of it.

Joined: Mar 23 2008
Short but Sweet

This short setlist does'nt take away from the quality playin the boys put out that night. Though I was'nt personally at the show I've heard it at least 200 times and it never gets old. Absolutely one of the best china/riders I've heard, along with phenominal versions of Tenn Jed, Deal and Truckin.' I hope everyone that gets to listen to this enjoys it. It's just sad that you have to pay $100 to get this show, as in my opion would hold its own against any of the winterland shows you have to buy to get it, as I've heard them all in a high quality audio format. I love the Grateful Dead, and have spent thousand's on all the DP's and other GDP live release's, but will no longer purchase anything from the suits at Rhino who are systematically destroying the thing that made the dead unique, the right for fans to trade shows, including via the internet. The true dead community is saddened by the recent shut down of various high quality post and trade sites, all for the financial gain of a record company. If any one of the band members were in personal financial trouble many heads would come to their aid, it's just sad they had to sell the rights to the vault for financial gain. Now when we buy these new releases, which Road Trips suck by the way, we are no longer supporting the band, just the record company that now owns the rights to the live material. It used to be all about the music man, now its about the money. One sad Deadhead!!!

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Joined: Jun 16 2007
can I get an AMEN on that one!?!?

Mailtrain man You COuld not be more right on!
I agree w/ u 100% it is sad that suits are in control and profiting from the grateful deads music and many deadheads don't even get the fact we are all now supporting some huge company that is a SUBDIVISION of a LARGER PARENT COMPANY, Which AGAIN in turn is itself owned by yet ANOTHER even LARGER MULTI BILLION DOLLAR HUGE PARENT COMPANY W/ HUGE GOVERMENT CONTRACTS (LIKE ALL OTHER HUIGE COMPANIES so in the end we are paying the goverment and huge corps....... AND OF COURSE ONE DAY THAT COMAPNY WILL GET BOUGHT OUT BY AN EVEN BIGGER ONE.. LOL WHAT HAPPENED TO IT BEING BOUT THE MUSIC!??? I understand that the recored industry has ALWAYS been bout MONEY.... But the Dead WHERE different adn that should be preseved 100%.. EVERY DEAD HEAD that has made it well of or turned out LOADED RICH should ALL band togethar and buy this BACK for OURSELFS abnd for our future and our children to be able to have this all preserved for them as well!!! IF EVERY TRUE DEADHEAD even gave 20.00 EACH and if some of the RICH MILLIONARE DEADHEADS (THERE ARE A LOT!!!) could easily afford to donate $100,000 EACH if they TRULY were TRUE DEADHEDS THEY WOULD! I'm totally serious too. we should all band together somehow and do thius before it gets WAY TOO LATE!!! I'd donate $500 Myself!!! and I AM NOT RICH BY ANY MEANS, I GET BY- AM NOT POOR, NOT RICH THOUGH....I should start a website to do this objective.. at least try... peace
Cosmic Travelers - Gypsy Blue
Tshirts, Glass, something 4 U!

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Joined: Jun 5 2007

The Grateful Dead have always dug their money. They continually went first class and state of the art. They protected their history and their legacy since the beginning. They sold everything from t shirts to neckties, posters to movie tickets.
Shows are still available for download and/or trade at a myriad of sites and from thousands of collectors.

The GD signed with Warner Bros in 1967.
Some freaks in the Haight bitched about them selling out.
The more things change
The more they stay the same

Joined: Jul 11 2008

Im just glad to be able to get them,cant wait to hear winterland

Joined: Jun 22 2007
Not Silly

I think Olompali, above, is a bit wrong. The Dead didn't exactly "protect their hsitory and their legacy" when they allowed free soundboard trading. They did become more guarded after finding that some shows were being sold by opportunistic bootleggers, but I think what the other comments above are expressing is that we, the fans, were always willing to buy the official releases even if we had the 'boards already; it was a given, especially at reasonable prices. But now, Weir decided that it would be a crime for his great-great-great grandchildren to have to get a job (or whatever happened; I'm just poking fun at Bobby), and now Rhino has gotten into the act and is inflating prices. Three shows for $100? You've gotta be kidding. No way.


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Cincinnati Gardens - December 4, 1973