Grateful Dead

Compton Terrace Amphitheatre - December 5, 1992

Compton Terrace Amphitheatre

December 05, 1992

Tempe, AZ US

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Set List:

Let the Good Times Roll
Hell in a Bucket
New Minglewood Blues
Tennessee Jed
Tom Thumb's Blues
Music Never Stopped

Scarlet Begonias
Fire on the Mountain
Estimated Prophet
The Wheel
All Along the Watchtower
Black Peter
One More Saturday Night

The Weight

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DaffyDuff's picture
Joined: Jun 6 2007
Afternoon Shows

These shows were very well played. Great, classic Dead song selections. Seeing a show at 1 p.m. was fun as well. Did the show start earlier the next day?? 12 noon?? Getting out of a show, feeling good at 3, 4p.m. What ta do, what ta do????

birdleson's picture
Joined: Jul 24 2007
Horrible traffic management.

I arrived in the city and hour before show time, but they had one exit open off of the highway for the show and it was not adequate. I finally got into the venue in the middle of Music Never Stopped, the final tune of the first set. Next time I was in the Phoenix area, traffic management was an issue as well.

Joined: Jul 4 2007
Yeah, I remember being in

Yeah, I remember being in the traffic jams and we were listening to an interview with Vince Welnick on the radio. He said when he joined the band, it was necessary for him to learn how to play 145 different songs. Or some outrageous number like that. lol.

josh e bear's picture
Joined: Feb 29 2008



Josh E Bear !!

KJ7XJ's picture
Joined: Jun 16 2007
Agree about traffic...

I think we missed the first set because of the traffic issues.... I remember sitting on the freeway waiting to get in forever!! Living in Tucson at the time, someone video taped it and showed it later on a local channel.... Its around somewhere... I think I have a great Charlie Miller SBD of both days too....

kuu's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
good ol grateful dead

Flew in on Friday during a rainstorm that turned into the snowstorm that the heads that drove from Denver had to deal with. Nice day on the 5th. Glad to see the band after the absence. Jerry looked good. Show was OK. I thought at the time they sounded flat and hoped a renewed positive regiment for Jerry could turn into future suprises. Saturdays show felt like a warm security blanket. As I think back today I wish I could feel that type of warmth again.

JackstrawfromColorado's picture
Joined: Jan 2 2009
Crazy time

kuu - we were some of those people who drove through the blizzard. I thought we would never make it!

Then we lost the keys to the car inside the show. The car got towed out of the parking lot. We had to hitch hike from Compton Terrace to Phoenix (tweaked out and pretty much broke mind you). Got a ride with some heads we all pitched in on a hotel room - like 10 of us. Next day we spend the last of our cash getting the car out of the impound (and found out the tow truck driver stole all our cassettes). But we still had no keys. We hitch hike back to Compton Terrace, pretty much freaking out that we were going to be stuck in Arizona forever. Totally broke, no car, etc. We go to the lost and found and they had the car keys! Someone found them and turned them in. I just remember hugging the lady!! Thank you to the kind people who turned in those keys!!

As for the show - I'll never forget the Here Comes Sunshine opener on day 2...

"I've stayed in every blue-light cheap hotel. Can't win for tryin. Dust off those rusty strings just one more time. Gonna make em shine."

marye's picture
Joined: May 26 2007

that is a serious bad tour experience! so glad you got through it okay!

Joined: Nov 3 2010
Jack straw, thgat was me and my friends!!!!

Holy crap I totally remember this!!!( something to be said given all of our conditions after the show). Me and my buddies are the ones that chipped in on a the room!!!. So crazy, do you remember the guy with the huge beard and the wide brim hat with all the buttons around it? He basically still looks the same. Good times.

Joined: Aug 3 2011
Weird things in the desert...

Hiking back to the car from the Terrace, on the first night, which was a haul, took a shortcut through the desert. There, under some scrub, the carcass of a headless lamb.

On a piece of cardboard.

No lie.


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Compton Terrace Amphitheatre - December 5, 1992