Grateful Dead

The Spectrum - December 6, 1968

The Spectrum

December 06, 1968

Philadelphia, PA US

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Quaker City Rock Festival

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From an interview with Al Kooper:

Geo: Do you have any memories of playing at the Quaker City Rock Festival in Philadelphia at the Spectrum Dec. 6, 1968 w/ Sly & Family Stone, Grateful Dead, & Iron Butterfly? (this show was put on by the Electric Factory, Creedence
Clearwater cancelled)

Al: I'm pretty sure I MC'ed that concert and did NOT perform. Larry Magid, the promoter paid me with a coffee table I had admired on a previous visit.

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this philly show

This show was my first big concert ever.there was a round stage in the middle of the floor of the spectrum that rotated slowly.However the Dead did'nt dig the rotating thing so they set up there own sound and I was directly behind the ban but up in the regular seated area.One thing I do remember is Al Kooper being the mc but also sitting with a local band and jamming blues to fill in for creedence who did not show up.My next concert was Jimi hendrix at the same place ,that was amazingly special.Peace and check out to learn about your real heart.Take Care

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2nd quaker city rock festival

this was my third rock concert ever and was a good one. re. the above comments: al kooper was the MC and he covered donovan's Season of the Witch with the philly band American Dream who replaced CCR.

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The Dead?Iron Butterfly and Sly

My Sister, Brother and I went to this show at the ages of 11, 13 and 10 respectively. Our neighbor Scott (15) was our Chaperone. We really had gone to see InDaGaddaDaVida by Ironbutterfly but I personally was awed by Sly and the Family Stone. Unfortunately those two groups suffered great losses soon thereafter. The Dead played at a different stage while the other bands played "In The Round". This diminished our first Dead experience. Fortunately though, by 1974, My Sister and I were Officially "On the Bus" and we haven't gotten off since. The Last show we've seen was 5/2/09 at the Spectrum (last ever show there by the Dead with a Recoed 55 Sold Out shows, more than any other Band in Philadelphia Spectrum History and the Old Building comes down this year). What Memories. Dino

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quaker city rock concert dec 6th

yes I was there I remember al kooper playing with american dream as CCR did'nt make it. bus broke down or something like that.

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that philly show

I was there as well and remember al kooper playing with american dream that was the band that filled in. they played some good blues. I also saw hendrix which I still remember much of today.That was a special show, he was a special being. Peace to All. Take Care!


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The Spectrum - December 6, 1968