Grateful Dead

Carousel Ballroom - February 14, 1968

February 14, 1968

San Francisco, CA US

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Second set dedicated to the memory of Neal Cassidy - FM broadcast KMPX-San Francisco - Official Opening - "St. Valentine's Day, Be Mine" poster - also: Country Joe & The Fish

Set List:

Dark Star> China Cat> The Eleven> Lovelight

Cryptical> Other One> Cryptical> New Potato Caboose
> Born Cross-Eyed> Spanish Jam
Alligator> Caution> Feedback

Midnight Hour

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neddles's picture
Joined: Jun 8 2007
wrong date for an excellent show...

This is an epic show and took place on Feb. 14th, not the 13th.
The boys were on fire on this Valentine's Day so many years ago...

bigteddy's picture
Joined: Jun 23 2007
bigteddy i am a noobie. can

i am a noobie. can we listen to any shows on this site?

cream-puff's picture
Joined: Jul 17 2007
Could be a contender for the hottest New Potato Caboose

to be sure, the (Two from the Vault) 8-24-1968 New Potato Caboose is in a class by itself, a highlight of that well-played and equally well recorded for the time show.

Yet others have staked this 2-14-1968 Caboose as the finest their pointy ears have heard.

Certainly this Valentine's has a zap yer mind China Cat Sunflower.

And dig the roots of the Anthem of the Sun Alligator.

Which reminds me of the lost to the ethers hair-raising Alligator I saw them perform at the Carousel Ballroom (Fillmore West) some 2 years+ later in mid-1970.

Don't worry, it's extant in the akashic records just about a mile or two beyond the Sirens of Titan, and can be retrieved by focusing on the ripples originally beamed from our former whereabouts kindly hosted by Billy Graham on a particularly memorable, if non-archived, evening with the Grateful Dead.

I do remember they played it (Alligator) at the 1970 date in quest -shn much like the Anthem version, (and thus this VD '68 version) - if anyone else could perhaps tell me they too saw the band perform the intro on kazoos?

Garcia's solo at the jam was volcanic...
I noticed him turning the volume knob on his axe up seconds prior... and as one song or another reached even higher db levels, finally the amp appeared to blow a fuse...

(an effect perhaps enhanced with the loud pop of a cherry bomb and well-timed flash paper ignition),
...and our minds...

Sunshine-daydream1951's picture
Joined: Jun 5 2007
Back in the old days

before downloads, i had this on cassette it was one of the most played shows a had. This is still one of my all time fav GD show. I love the Anthem period Dead

mind blowing

Bob W

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Spanish Jam

Joined: Sep 12 2007
Morning Dew?

I have an alleged copy of this show that opens with a sick Morning Dew . . . Anyone know if that actually happened?

Joined: May 31 2008
My first Carousel Dead Show

Light Sound Dimension, another act on the show (Lights by LSD) is something that Dead "space/drums" fans should investigate. This group of free-form jazz musicians were influntial on the Dead. they has their own theater In SF and did freeform jazz shows with their own light shows.

Joined: Aug 17 2007
My first Dead Show

I was already a Country Joe fan and went with some friends to see them at this Carousel Ballroom show. But seeing and hearing the Grateful Dead that night was an experience I will never forget. Now forty years later and I still listen to the Dead or one of their member's groups every day.

Gr8fulTed's picture
Joined: Jul 9 2007
Tough night for Phil

Basis for Anthem of the Sun...

After the show, Jerry pushed Phil down the stairs!! He survived okay and played at San Quentin the next day.

Budleyak's picture
Joined: Feb 11 2008
Between living on Turk St.

Between living on Turk St. at Van Ness and showing up at every
Dead show in the bay area at this time period. I remember taking
this chick (who use to hang out with the Tubes) to this show and
we really tripped out. This show totally blew everyone away....
After the show about 20 of us ended up at my Flat on Turk St.,
which was pretty much the standard procedure after the good
shows. Some times we'd be tripping and drive up to Mt. Tam for
the sunrise.

pomo1's picture
Joined: Jun 5 2007
Morning Dew

My copy also has Morning Dew as the opening song. Can anybody confirm or refute?


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Carousel Ballroom - February 14, 1968