Grateful Dead

Oakland Coliseum Arena - February 17, 1979

Oakland Coliseum Arena

February 17, 1979

Oakland, CA US

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Keith and Donna's last concert - "Rock for Life" benefit to end environmental cancer - house lights stayed on during "Greatest" - last "Big RxR Blues": 10-19-74 [206] - last "Greatest": 10-18-74 [207] - final "Heart Of Me" - last "High Time": 05-26-77 [130] - last "Wheel": 02-03-78 [85]

Set List:

Greatest Story Ever Told
Don't Ease Me In
Mama Tried
Mexicali Blues
Friend of the Devil
High Time
Looks Like Rain
Lazy Lightnin'

Might As Well
I Need a Miracle
Good Lovin'
From the Heart of Me
Big Railroad Blues
Terrapin Station
Playin' in the Band
The Wheel
Shakedown Street
Playin' in the Band
Sugar Magnolia

One More Saturday Night

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Attendees of this show

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Joined: Jun 30 2007
Great show

Didn't know at the time it was Keith and Donna's last show. This was a benefit for the Campaign for Economic Democracy, led by Tom Hayden. His lovely bride, Jane Fonda was in attendance. I was thoroughly dosed. A lovely evening.

Joined: Jul 20 2007
My first show

As a curious Canadian , I gave the Dead a try at the Copps in Hamilton , Ontario in ( I think ) 91 . Even though it was a warmup show(musically) in comparison the the 2nd night , I was taken in by the atmosphere and unity of crowd. Only got to see 5 or so more Dead shows and one Jerry show but feel lucky I did. Still waving my freak- flag high

Grateful Dave

Joined: Jul 31 2007
Jane Fonda & Tom Hayden

Before the introduction of the band, the crowd was antsy about Jane's movie "Fun w/ Dick & Jane" and voiced displeasure. Maybe this is why the houselights were on during tuning and greatest story.

Donna Jean version of sugar/sunshine was great.
Very Fine rock and roll show and 70's right of passage for a 16 y.o.

friskotatt2's picture
Joined: Sep 26 2007
might as well

might as well boot k n d and bring on brent. although it was k n d last show iremember it as a definet fav smokin 4 sho agood time for all i was sitting in back of the boys w- a bunch of n. y.ers i was living with at the time on asby n wheeler in berkeley.

Joined: Nov 12 2007
Colonel Skillet

This one's been a favourite over the years.
It all started with that Deadhead mail flyer invite for a weeknight gig in Oakland, so I bus/BARTED up from LA and used the gig as an excuse to proceed on to friends in the Redwoods.Tickets, dots, and 3D glasses in the parking lot resulted in a few folks with different sized pupils. Deadheads at a crossing near Denny's caused a car to screech and dump a load of timber, but the friendly Deadheads had it all back up on the roofracks in minutes.
Jane Fonda's contribution to the benefit was to screen her latest "Fun With Dick And Jane". As much of the crowd was coming on mightily, many prayed that the film of corporate greed, double-crossing, and backstabbing was just a gag or trailer, but it was soon obvious that we were getting very tweaked by 90 minutes of the nasty vibes. Fortunately, most of the audience lived.
The band came on (with lights on) and they seemed quite tweaked also, presumably on blow and blotter. I had seen the sublime and beautiful 12/30/78 UCLA show just 6 week earlier, but this was a completely different animal; much more akin to some of those frantic/caustic shows with the Brent band years later. You can really hear it on Jerry's guitar GSET and that unsynched opening on FOTD. The whole place was FRYING and Jerry was singing through clenched teeth (earning him the nickname in my mind that evening of Colonel Skillet). Didn't know at the time, but K & D's last hurrah was more poignant when the band or Donna (latter, I believe) missed a cue in Heart Of Me and she actually cried. One unlikely highlight was perhaps the shortest but most beautiful Wheel ever played (it's a cliche, but true in this case). Some folks have bagged this show, but it's a real corker.
After the show I managed to find the kind stranger that had kept my backpack for safekeeping. I moseyed to the Dennys where a whole counter of Heads were having vicious staredown's with their fried eggs. A guy with a maxi-taxi van offered rides to town so I joined a group, only for us to get T-boned by a car on the way and we all tripped off into the night. I spent the rest of the night at the GreyHound terminal with my backback tied to my leg lest it escape, then off in the morning to Eureka and the serenity of the redwoods.

Joined: Jun 5 2007
Fare Thee Well, Keith and Donna Jean

Like other folks, I had no idea that this was Keith and Donna's last hurrah. I was just pumped to have a show to see a few weeks after the Closing of Winterland.

2/17/79 was all I could ask for in a show. Great playing and unusual song selection, with several breakouts: Greatest, Don't Ease, Big Railroad Blues, High Time, Might as Well - a post-Drums Shakedown - nice phat pre-drums helping of tunes: Might As Well, I Need a Miracle>Bertha>Good Lovin',
From the Heart of Me, and Big Railroad Blues - all before the meat of the second set - a HUGE Terrapin > Playin'. This show will always be in my top 5 or 6 shows I attended between 1977 and 1995.

I still miss the K&D Dead.

threesaints2003's picture
Joined: Jun 23 2007
Killer Line-up....

such as this one was rarely ever seen(8 song lead in to Drums/Space 2nd set), but I too, like so many others, can say this show would have played better if Brent had already been on board....

Never had gotten off listening to Keith.... and Donna was just so-so, nothing too special.....they had their place, another wonderful piece of the band's history. Just one DH's opinion.

Yet, what a lovely gift, Brent was, to us, the Band, and to our future GD life together. He couldn't have come at a better time, left us far too soon !!


"one way or another"-New Speedway Boogie.... and "you need to be kissed often, and by a man who knows how"- Rhett to Scarlet - Gone with the Wind

The Big Dog Dad - Schultzie

Joined: May 29 2008
We arrived in Oakland way

We arrived in Oakland way too early and spent way too much time in the empty parking lot waiting. Then the movie and Tom & Jane were a real buzzkiller. Now almost 30 years later I recall that the atmosphere seemed very tense, I blamed it on Tom & Jane.

As always though you can on the show to get better and better and better the furthur it goes, and it did. Like everyone else I had no idea until I read it here thet It was K & D's last show, and in the end a great one for me.

Joined: Oct 14 2008


Joined: Oct 14 2008
HIGH TIME-yes and no

art this was like my 5th show,and the first for my new girlfriend (and,later my wife).The vibes seemed really wierd to me before the show.The high doses we took only intensified it.Being a relative newcomer,I was a little unsure of myself and the strange feelings I was having.Still,I enjoyed the first set,especially the "High Time".During halftime we sat on the floor staring at each other-speechless.The weirdness intensified during a break that seemed as though it would never end.The second set started with "might As Well",which seemed like some sort of invitation.I looked at my girl,and she had the most terrified look I have ever seen on a human face.All of a sudden she bolted through the crowd,knocking people over as she went.I followed,appologizing to the victims of our sudden flight.We ended up in the lobby,where she approached three Oakland Coliseum security guards (not BGP guys).They seemed to be about 300Lbs.each,and wearing green police-like uniforms.She told them that I was the devil.They looked at me inquisitively,so I assured them that I was not,in fact,the devil,and that she was experiencing a bad trip,of sorts.THey told me that she was my problem,and went back to the conversation they were having before they were so rudely interrupted.I was ,in fact, deeply concerned for her,and felt responsible for the whole thing.We walked around the parking lot for hours as I tried to help talk her down.I ran into a friend out there sitting in his car,and when I told him what happened,he smiled ,shook his head and said,"I know just how she feels man,I had to get out of there too,it was WAY to intense".I took her home to her parents at about 4:00 am.Luckilly they were asleep.I called her the next day ,and she thanked me for a wonderful evening, and asked when we could see the Dead again!This exprience went a long way to help me understand the power of L.S.D.,the Grateful Deads music,and 15000 deadheads all in one place.Not to be taken so lightly.I had more respect for
the powers at hand when the time is right.(or wrong,as in this case.)I took great care after this to be the most positive ,loving,and caring person I could be ,in times like this.My girlfriend and I got married in 1980 and had two sons.We enjoyed many wonderful Dead concerts together until we split in 1988.Now my two boys, men now,will join me at the shoreline on 5-15-09 and the wheel keeps turnin'.


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Oakland Coliseum Arena - February 17, 1979