Grateful Dead

Delta Center - February 20, 1995

Delta Center

February 20, 1995

Salt Lake City, UT US

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Set List:

Greatest Story Every Told
Little Red Rooster*
Ramblin' Rose
El Paso**
Lazy River Road*
* Weir on dobro-thing
** Weir acoustic
Box of Rain
Eyes of the World
Playin' in the Band->
Uncle John's Band->
The Last Time->
Stella Blue
Throwin' Stones->
Not Fade Away
E: Rain

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Joined: Apr 9 2008
My last show.

How could I ever know that that would be the last show I would see. Thanks for the memorys Jerry.

Joined: Apr 14 2008
I knew

When I saw Jerry at this show I knew something was wrong. I said to my buddy at the time that something was wrong with Jerry and that he looked like crap. My buddy laughed at me and shrugged me off. Shortly after that, Garcia was dead. My buddy came up to me and said that " I guess you were right Greg"


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Delta Center - February 20, 1995