Grateful Dead

Providence Civic Center - January 18, 1979

Providence Civic Center

January 18, 1979

Providence, RI US

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Set List:

Promised Land
They Love Each Other
Mama Tried
Mexicali Blues
Friend of the Devil
Looks Like Rain
Ramble on Rose
New Minglewood Blues

I Need a Miracle
Good Lovin'
From the Heart of Me
Ship of Fools
He's Gone
The Other One
Wharf Rat
Around and Around

U.S. Blues

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lamagonzo (not verified)
winter dead

There wern't that many winter shows, this was one of 'em with temps below 20F as the show starts. I throw my grandmothers hand-knitted hat in the middle of the "Steal Yer Face" grand piano Keith is playing sometime in the 2nd set and it remains there for the show.
This is a hot show with a lot of energy. As I look through deadbase it is one of the last shows without drumz.
Wish I had the tape.
Wasn't enough into the scene yet to be bummed I missed Dark Star the night before -- remember those days, when nobody could crush your buzz because they were the first days...

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Joined: Jun 19 2008
My First Show.......

.......actually my first show was supposed to be the 11/25/78 New Haven know, the show that was cancelled on stage.
Drove from MA in my friends beat up 1964 Mustang, no heat and leaky vents..........on one of the coldest nights of the year. The Coliseum was warm.......I was pissed that I had to get back in that car before I thawed out.........swore I would never go to another Dead show.......The next day I got over it.

………going to the make up show, same friend, different car…..68 Mustang…….real snowy night…….car dies in Pawtucket, RI……..walking down Route 95 amongst snowbound cars each of us carrying a case of beer…….made it to Providence……not enough cash to get to New Haven………never made the show…….Strike Two!!!!

………while all this was happening we were in the process of trying to score tix for the Providence show……..I’m working in a Liquor store at the time and this frequent customer comes in…..a “Real Dude”……not like today’s dudes where everyone is called dude……..this guy was a “DUDE”!!!!. He comments on my Dead shirt from the cancelled concert…….I tell him my tale of whao. He says “If you need tickets, let me know…..I’m pretty tight with Gerry and he always sends me a ton of tickets before coming to the area”……..I say “Hmmm…..Really……????”. Can you get me 10 for the Providence show????”………he says “No Problem”……….I tell my friends…..they think he’s full of crap, as do I………..a week latter the “DUDE” come into the store with TEN tickets………..I give him $100 bucks!!!!.......$10 bucks a ticket!!!!!!..................Long story, but it was my FIRST Dead Show!!!

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Joined: Jul 6 2008
My First Show -- and hooked for life

For Months and Months I have rejected this Band with their mellow sounds, and their music all sounding exactly the same. You see I was a Metal head. All the people in School were all about this band, and I was sick of it. I hated the culture and the attitudes that went along with this. Narrowmindedness, and being down on popularity was clouding my judegment. Then it happened....One day I heard US Blues....Who is this asked, The Greateful Dead was my answer. This peppy tune was the Dead, I again asked, yes it is was the same reply. How could it be, I thought to myself, I hate these guys and everything they stood for, which was a group of snotty kids from Connecticut.

I went out and bought blues for allah, and I was hooked. Franklin's tower sealed the deal, along with Crazy Fingers. I immediately went out and bought, the Steal your face double album...remember those...and Mars Hotel. US Blues live and studio. I began to play the dead around the clock, and my Metal albums were being pushed further and further into the back of my album collection, making way for the newer purchases...All Dead.

Needless the say, I now HAD to see this band live. But who was I to go with? All of my friends were metal heads, and I could not be seen with these Connecticut impudent geeks. So I did the only thing I could do, I asked a friend of my sisters to join me in my virgin Greatful Dead show, it was hers as well. Even though she liked the band, she never went.

I need not tell anyone how it turned out. Since then right up until that fateful night in August, which is a story for another time, I have seen over 100 shows. Cannot have an exact count, for obvious reasons.

I consider myself a second generation Deadhead. 1960's were first generation. It now looks like there is a fourth generation, following Rat Dog, Mickey, and Phil. I haven't seen Bill K.

Well that is my story, and the rest is Dead history.

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I like this 1st set a lot. Cassidy (the outro!) and Jack-a-Roe are the highlights, but the solos in TLEO, Mexicali, LL Rain and Ramble are all excellent. The second set is solid but doesn't match set 1. VG set 1, Good set 2, 8/10


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Providence Civic Center - January 18, 1979