Grateful Dead

San Francisco Civic Auditorium - January 28, 1987

San Francisco Civic Auditorium

January 28, 1987

San Francisco, CA US

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only "Get Back" - last "Walking Blues": 07-13-85 [80]

Set List:

Shakedown Street
Get Back
Walkin' Blues
It Must Have Been the Roses
It's All Over Now
Row Jimmy
My Brother Esau
Bird Song
Jack Straw

When Push Comes to Shove
Samson and Delilah
Black Muddy River
He's Gone
Eyes of the World
Black Peter
Around and Around
Sugar Magnolia

U.S. Blues

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Attendees of this show

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smarcus's picture
Joined: May 20 2010
Not a great show...

After the show as Jerry was walking down the stairs of the stage someone yelled out, "Great show Jerry!" To which Jerry yelled back, "It Sucked, man!"

A few minutes later in the band hospitality cubby Jerry apologized the other band members for his playing.

Personally I thought that Jerry and Bobby were having a contest to see who could fuck up a song worse...

Thank you, and Stay In Touch!

uncjhn's picture
Joined: Dec 5 2007
And the band keeps playing on

I was on the road to ventura when at a gas station in half moon bay the word came that the shows were cancelled because Jerry was really sick. It was a mind freak but we all sent out healing thoughts and a few months later the bus resumed. The shows were more about emotion and love than about the performance. I was living in the bay area in 86 so I saw the next bunch of shows as the band got ready to go back out on the road in the spring of 87. It was a time of healing love and familly.

hockey_john's picture
Joined: Aug 25 2012
Maybe why these shows were off. Although I enjoyed them

I think these are the shows right after Bobby's dog Otis passed away. I know in his sisters book about conversations with Jerry in the after life she refers to Otis dieing and the band playing somewhere that bobby couldn't even sing a note. As I recall the word on the scene at these shows were that he had passed on sometime between the new years shows and these 3 here. After listening to these I hear him singing and having gone to all before this and all; after he sang at them all. I do
NOT mean to sound as if I know more only going by what I wrote in my little book of shows I use to keep back then. I would always write the set list and anything I thought that stuck out on any given night.

I though they were ok shows.I fell in the bleachers this night here cracking a rib and spending time with the Haight Ashbury clinic crew until Black muddy river it being knew I wanted to be in the crowd listening more then caring about my own health and well being. That seemed to be a common theme for me till I got sober in fall of 89


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San Francisco Civic Auditorium - January 28, 1987