Grateful Dead

Carter-Finley Stadium - July 10, 1990

Carter-Finley Stadium

July 10, 1990

Raleigh, NC US

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Set List:

Jack Straw
We Can Run But We Can't Hide
Me and My Uncle
Big River
Friend of the Devil
Bird Song
Promised Land

Iko Iko
Playin' in the Band
Uncle John's Band
The Other One
Stella Blue
Not Fade Away

Brokedown Palace

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yjohnson2, mikel5, dubai-escorts-bunnies, Brad125, Dswist, crazyfingers88, rockit, preston, lschilbe, imcndbl1971, Swaying Trees, Bill388, Riley111, walkinwill, deadedsc70,, adamz, raymond2002, tapertom1272, scottocs, dead_dawg, IkoIko95, Lou C, Julie McCoy, skydiver44, pager333, theplunketts, 84-95, gerns89, gdharlow, Pard, gainzer, ShawnaLeo, cmd, andychatfield, Dink Harmon, mrsmallard, mmcnutt1970, grawk, DAKOTA4X4, chuckebbets, gunsmok2, puroshaggy, karensz, inanothertimes, deepsouthgent, mvicere, FastFred, radiator9987, Geodye420, scrawford, trinaleigh, caution, Stephen Shepherd, blusienna, adashiko, CarrionCrow, Monkey289, todd9, gsorin,, PrintIsBlood, 3D, yams, Sequitor, Bleaux Leaux, 123IBT, dredileogirl, jilleh, cosmiccupflaked, walkersam, hippierob, Chinacatpeekn43, atomheart, Anna rRxia, vegtabill, coquina, darkstarcrashes, swarat, hallucinatory_hare, Vree7, Challowell, Kblair, Rolokid, saintstephen19, saintofcircus, bobjewellconnecticut, likedasoup, Bogey D, shemp72, NC Head, stroukoa, TomBanjo1969, billnj71, Missing Jerry, Sampson1966, evmocas, Grog, tomsthumb, zebadya, cbchess, TreeTop, ssdd73, Rivermaster, ciejay, radley17, cherylannie, hippintrippy, Grateful Dale, Malarkey, haight, katimaybe, Golden Shellback, btwind13, Ceebod, HlpSlpFrank, Edwizer, Spamfork, olin preston grant, wpc1959, czarboy, landman53, Grateful_HERSH, dport, nothing_comes_for_free, stumbleboogie, dovemab, Boulder Creek Mama, jhop321, skess64, John Galt, musicshots, AndIgoton, Bess, tiffparsons, mtgear, lostsalr, retiredwingnut, VikkiM, salem, jhorne00, halfsteppin, eight99five, janeklightfoot, carolinablue, bgunnell, dvgrant, wharf rat rob, goodlivin, Ruttco, BarryTheSprout, spector322, paul41, thomas1970, paw_dawg, wv_tug, Jakat, havana_59, lookyloo, frizzhead, MikeyDred, ZoneDriven, Deadathoner, dandrscll, UnbrokenShane, gr8fulcraig, encdead, deadinmadtown, ch1narider, MustveBeenTheDoses, queue_cumber, Lostsailor86, glriggi, Rusty88, tenjed8, thehagg01, stimpsonm, aina mama, crazyolben, BarefeetBob, jaykuhles, dugefresh, A. Friend, brookeok,, anrumler, joakes, air_garcia_416, cepx, deadtaper, aliceDmillionair, LittleTerry, mountainlynx, localseed, brown-eyedwoman, Upstate NY, skullfu, phineassj, billydavidprice, edigadee, Mitrananda, drumspace, Hypnocracy, travelinlight, Sleepy Monkey, Doctor J, TomFoolery, shall, Mr.Skjellyfetti, osborne fitzgerald mcclintic, tcc, bgould72, brianmika, the wheel, rangerjoe, teamcram, witchydbear, pooksmasterjam, Meatyard, GreenRipple, darkstarjedi, paldss, Gypsy Cowgirl, dmason, heady lamarr, Pha_Q, kdead, potterfield11, DanielStar, GDfan, Daddy-O, staceyleigh, Grateful Dan, cigrsam, klaussmith, eclipse, Sluys Guys, notbetty, chinacatcumberland5, gatorman1025, tambourine man, Grasshead, celasly, DeadheadDoug, LoneWolf93, ncstagger, notlikeyourmom, Valerie Stevenson, steve_o66, hammertime, BlondeJim, troynpam, crazyfingers73, TEADAWG, mcthwait, chach, Josef, spiritwalker, powdrhnd, mary-sunshine, wills, buz_73, baseball0, slidebrain, fmphil, chunn, dumbek, JBT420247, scaldeddog, gk, deadneck, JackStrawfromOttawa, CmdrDarklighter, jackstraw_35, sleeptom, aquanee, bluelightcheaphotel, 1st show 10-16-89, Roy Roscoe, magpie_gypsybird, AikoBearzly, UndeJohn, last_fair_deal, Findley, dharmagum, jpederzane, OwenRB, stock, IkoIko65, yonderscott, Terrapin_Tommy, tommythrock, john_j, crazycatpeakin, marian, Jackstraw23, 10ECJED, Cosmiccharlie, Univax, jerry-y-u, cosmictattoos, Cookbitch, gleng1, harry_hood, shasty, dedhedpat, lawnboycj, eternityblue, kiote, darrrkstarrr-billy, BarefootButcher, Derek728, walstib3, Spore, DBtv, jillstraw, garystar, wolfpacker, stickyfingers, IntoAshes, eatapeach, bkind-fg2all, punkypug,, blewis2460, Drumpsychosis, PsillyJim, turnphilup, mrdrew, 333mike, Alex_Rio, rainbow-trout, Lake, gratefuljo, vinylanimyl, grateful tar heel, rjtriana, prentsloan, rick e., bigbri67, David L., GADEADHEAD, Duggles, avarose325, tomabanjo, cod, jergirl61, sadai, tec-man, rodger allinson, Bozo Bus, MattBen1, paul, Alsflorida, morst, unkljohn


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morst's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
Crazy-hot day early on, then

Crazy-hot day early on, then it was rainy during the show. The PA system shut off during Promised Land, I asked Dan Healy about it at the following show and he told me that they got a load of bad fuel in the diesel generators. Bruce sat in during 1st and second sets, and it was really cool to hear him jamming with Brent. In the words of my buddy Larry: "You can run from Brent, but you can't hide, cause he will track you down and sing to you!"

". . . Music is the best!" (fz)

MattBen1's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
Hot Hot...temps...PA / down

Hot Hot...temps...PA / down lightening storm...pretty cool scene...

Joined: Jun 7 2007
PA and Lightening

the lightening shut down Promised Land,and they picked up right where they left off when the power came back on. We were laughing and singing, folded up the folding chairs and kept on dancing.

punkypug's picture
Joined: Jun 9 2007
believe it or not... My best show ever!

I still have good memories of this show. Yes, it was hot as hell. Yes, it stormed and the electricity went out for a while. But that was all a part of the adventure.

Jerry played a sweet guitar prelude to one of the songs in the first set - I think it was Friend of the Devil. It was so beautiful, the clouds were cotton candy and the sugar floated through the air. Nothing could have been more perfect.

The guy behind me (Bill from Hickory) danced and danced and danced with me.

We could hear the storm coming, and I swear to God, Mickey was dueling with the thunder. It was mighty and righteous!

As someone mentioned before, the lightening shut down Promised Land. However, once things were a go, the boys picked it up EXACTLY where they left off.

A friend has given me a copy of this show because he knows I loved it so much. I'm afraid to listed to it. If it's not as wonderful as I remember it, I'll screw up some really great memories.


Joined: Jun 10 2007
OMG....the heat! LOL! They

OMG....the heat! LOL! They sent the fire dept. out there with hoses to try to cool everyone down....sent one of my Birks flying down a racing river of water. (thanks for that!)

The bleachers were metal, and every time there was a crack of lightening, my friend and I would just look over at each other with fear in our eyes. Or maybe it was a "you still here?" kinda thing. Heh heh. The guy next to me had alittle too much of something...he slipped from the wet metal bleacher and fell to the ground below, biting his tongue in half in the process. Cue the medical personel and alot of chaos.

As wild and wooly as this show was, I absolutely loved it! I still have the clearest picture in my mind of the hill that sloped down to the stage, and how we descended that slope in the rain when the boys played MASTERPIECE. It was like watching a preacher call for believers, and the believers responding in droves. Definitely a religious experience.

Joined: Jun 13 2007
My 1st SHOW!!!!!

I got my Jerry POPPED! Man it was so cool,rode up from the north Ga. mountains,and found the parking.Got some treats,and went on in the show.Then came the boys out,then came the thunder storm. The boys left the stage after 3 songs,cause the lightening striking in the lot!....Second set Iko~Iko brought out the dancing bears on the screens!!!!Man it was an out of control show! people sliding down the banks in the mud,people running unto the field from the seats being chased!It was wild~one kid clipped a state trooper,sliding down the hill in the mud,he got arrested I guess?It was funny I remember,I dont know...but I'll never forget!!!!!You know OUR love is~NOT~FADE~AWAY

Joined: Jun 13 2007
Storming the Bastille During Masterpiece

Yikes! The show had a floor area (special tickets required) surrounded by a big grassy hill, and then the stadium seats. Lots of deadheads standing all the way in the back, at the top of the hill, staring at the police (staring at them...). Every once in awhile a deadhead would take off -- sprinting down the hill, though the line of police, past a line of shrubs, and on to the floor, where they hoped to get lost in the crowd before the pursuing police could grab them. First one person would try this; then another. Some made it past the police; some didn't. During Masterpiece more and more deadheads tried their luck, dashing down the hill. The audience in the stadium seats is spellbound by this game of cat and mouse; cheering when someone makes it past the police; groaning when they don't. The crowd begins to cheer as the deadheads start to pour in, overwhelming the police. The band can't see what's going on in the back, but they seem to be looking at each other -- the crowd is cheering, we must be playing pretty good! So they dig in and play a little harder, and the crowd cheers as more deadheads make it on to the floor, and the band cranks it up even another notch... Glen

Joined: Jun 7 2007
I bevieve the band cranked

I bevieve the band cranked it up another notch to remind the crowd that they were still playing is more likely. This was one of the resons that the band started to get banned from playing at certain venues. They did not aprove of gate crashers and out of control partiers. Especially when it interfered with the making of music. Which was why we were all their, to listen to the music.

Joined: Jul 12 2007
Glen: That's EXACTLY how I remember it!

Glen, reading your comments above about the folks running down the hill brings back a flood of memories! I was one of the masses cheering and groaning and watching the progression of the heads. That, the amazingly oppressive heat, and the graphics on the video screens are definite memories that stay with me.

Joined: Sep 26 2007
My first show...

What an experience!
It was my first show, in my hometown no less. I was 18, and a whole group of us went very early to experience this "scene" we had heard so much about. It wasn't all fun and games though, as we partook in some of the plentiful "party favors", and one of my good friends got heat stroke while thoroughly dosed (as was I). Some of the "friends" I came with basically wanted to abandon him to fate. I however, did not, and took him to the medical tent, where he made a miraculous recovery... I learned a lot about what a true friend was that blisteringly hot day when I was oh so young...
The show was incredible. I remember the violent storm, and remember thinking that I didn't know where the lightshow and video screens ended and where mother nature started. It seemed logical to me at the time that perhaps the band had "willed" this storm to happen...
My favorite memory of that crazy, magical night was the heads storming down the hill. There was one this one guy who made it past the cops, all the way down to the first few rows where I was. He no sooner had climbed on top of a folding chair and began grooving, when he was full body tackled from behind by a NC state trooper, violently taking out about ten chairs around them. All the while, the girl directly to his left, OBVIOUSLY even more out of her mind than I was on god knows what, continued to stare at her shoes intently, oblivious to the insane display taking place a foot away...
Anyways, I was hooked, and that night was the first of many wonderful memories I have of America's greatest band ever.


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Carter-Finley Stadium - July 10, 1990