Grateful Dead

Robert F. Kennedy Stadium - July 13, 1989

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Robert F. Kennedy Stadium

July 13, 1989

Washington, D.C., DC US

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Bruce Hornsby & The Range opened

Set List:

Hell in a Bucket
Cold Rain and Snow
Little Red Rooster
Tennessee Jed
Stuck Inside of Mobile
To Lay Me Down
Let it Grow

He's Gone
Looks Like Rain
Terrapin Station
I Will Take You Home
The Other One
Wharf Rat
Throwin' Stones
Good Lovin'

U.S. Blues

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Attendees of this show

lockstar, ccklone, motes4289, zoes_ter, hafsdog, pxmose, crazyfingers72, raymond2002, mikekvas, tapertom1272, Campecino, NevilleC, caninemark, ChinaRider, chas44, docjbf, emudd, Markgucciardi, IkoIko95,, jabruzzo3, Lou C, Cinrockhntr, Julie McCoy, LooseBrucie, fcbrew, kking, bfowl420, StrangerInkDesigns, rsbritt, hipster doofus, dedhed1963, hockey_john, Lionsghost, gratefulgregv, Prof, DanSeth, cardinal4, gainzer, stayinalive@portal5, Eastcoast65, cub, mrsmallard, mmcnutt1970, MrJonesN, Phinnegan, TrippyPete, amy_leader, mainerliser, ADRIVER, Stardancer, chuckebbets, omegaman, intrepid, inanothertimes, deepsouthgent, stuart walker, CaverJeff, turtlepace72, radiator9987, Geodye420, 330jeff, ChinaRider77, scrawford, trinaleigh, emmalee02,, blusienna, mickydf250, uphead67, skharvey, jackstraw0223, stevevan33, gbenn52, jpruitt53, CarrionCrow, Jotasulli, Sumrskyjam, scarletmama32, farmer john, Sequitor, Bleaux Leaux, Uncle Arby, Stealyoursurfbordfromunderyourfeet, cosmiccupflaked, kwitt, Delaware Dead, hippierob, kjn70, MOFOJoe, bjgunn, Gr8fulGlenn, atomheart, drc456, charlieatc, jeromethompson, darkstarcrashes, spacewalker, lazy, SugareeWest, tpenn, corrinaandmarin, Westy-Pearl, Cowboy.Burt, rodiebluez1, joebroomhead, Eldehbran, Rolokid, saintstephen19, AlaskaDeadHead1, likedasoup, nocake, sitontoptworld, stlablu1, stroukoa, dpito, TomBanjo1969, thuleok, Superman, Missing Jerry, Morganic, Mr_Chalie, blotterman, mugwa, micah68, Grog, deadratdog, ahpook23, boxofromeos, zebadya, jcjoesammax, cbchess, Rickyspill, kimmerjo, cdog, Marnola, radley17, Malarkey, StBob, haight, sugarmag68, deadinpcbfla., Ceebod, alovours13, wonderbred, delylah24, Spamfork, RaymondMBrown, olin preston grant, picasso_moon420, Disco Stu, SDhead, ellis d, landman53, Blysergic, dport, GTLTBP, stumbleboogie, Rukind52, photoleon, vashgrmag, John Galt, JohnDC, tiffparsons, mtgear, Beamers, hardroxx, lostsalr, jerryme, jrbird419, peaceonearth, happizen, cg2769, salem, kjk611, Martin G. 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Lake's picture
Joined: Jun 7 2007

Bruce sat in on Tennesse Jed and Memphis Blues....always liked that Bruce would show up in D.C. :)

shane420SF's picture
Joined: Jun 13 2007
terrapin rain-

my first show on the field-rained like hell from terrapin on-us blues in the rain w/ my best friend-bought a dry shirt in the lot-still have it

Joined: Jun 22 2007
Bruce and the Range?

I think not!
Bruce sat in with them but I recall it was Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians that opened!!
I remember well that Edie said 'we all looked like a big bowl of jellybeans and she wanted to eat us all' and a bunch of us guys started yelling " eat me first, Edie!!!!!

...clams unleashed!

GADEADHEAD's picture
Joined: Jun 5 2007
dear gullybull,

Edie Brickell opened the next year 7/12/90. If you look at that show's page, there are several comments confirming this. Anyway, she chose to eat Paul Simon and they got married.


Joined: Jun 22 2007
This might have been the

This might have been the show where Phil teased the intro to Dark star at the beginning of the show.

Joined: Jul 22 2007
The mud on the field and US

The mud on the field and US Blues was so Fun!!!!!! I was lovin life that night! Miss you Jerry...

IntoAshes's picture
Joined: Jun 11 2007
Dark Star

This was indeed the show where Phil teased Dark Star. I had figured out, in my infinite nerd-dom, that it was the 5 year anniversary of the last Dark Star (the encore @ the Greek in 84) and convinced my friends to make a sign akin to the "Last SF Dark Star" one at the 78/79 NYE show at Winterland (I had seen a picture of it in Gans' book). It said "Just a Reminder- Last Dark Star 5 Years Ago Today".

I was 17 that summer, and 5 years seemed like 50 to me back then. I never thought I'd hear a Dark Star in my life. It just seemed so unlikely in the days of Touch of Gray and Hell in a Bucket- like ancient history from a golden age long gone. We stood in front of Phil and unfurled our sign when they came out for the first set. Phil was the only one to pay any attention to it, and he sort of slapped his head in mock surprise and said "Five Years! Oh my god!" and then he teased it. You can clearly hear it on the tape over at the archive. For the rest of the show i was CONVINCED they were about to break it out...

Of course that happened three months later at Hampton (still one of the most intense nights of my life), and they played it the next two summers at RFK. I always felt like that was a tip of the hat to my sign and the amazing support they always got in DC/MD/VA. Both of the RFK Dark Stars are on the wonderful View from the Vault 2, and I'm sure one day the Hampton Warlocks shows will surface in some official form. This was the last truly great era of a truly great band, and I feel incredibly lucky to have been there, even if only for this magnificent coda...

cub's picture
Joined: Mar 20 2008
"He's Gone" treat, up on the down-beat

As a taper I definitely remember the 2nd set opener and how much fun it was.
This was a up on the down beat "He's Gone" with a flavor of Ramble-on-Iko thrown in by the drummers and Phil. We all knew what tune it was as I listened to it start-up thru my headphones while sealed in-side another taper's dome-tent. (It was down-pouring of-course) . Brent and Jerry harmonized thru laugh's and smiles at each other. What a treat. Thank you, for another "Real-Good-Time"

Joined: Apr 25 2008
Two lasting memories

Two memories for me: To Lay Me Down (My First) and Take You Home...I remember seeing a picture of Brent's daughter on his keyboard blown up on the big screen. Thinking back I feel bad of her, seeing how he loved her and knowing that wasn't enough to keep him off drugs...hard drugs kill, either quickly (Brent) or over the long run (Jerry). So sad...


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Robert F. Kennedy Stadium - July 13, 1989