Grateful Dead

Franklin County Field - July 13, 1994

Franklin County Field

July 13, 1994

Highgate, VT US

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Youssou N'Dour opened

Set List:

Let The Good Times Roll
Jack Straw
Queen Jane
It's All Over Now
Tennessee Jed
Let It Grow

New Speedway Boogie
Way To Go Home
Uncle John's Band
I Want To Tell You
I Need A Miracle
Standing On The Moon
Sugar Magnolia

Encore: U.S. Blues

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Lost2AGirl, scarletbegonias79, dubai-escorts-bunnies, ShredOR, j-smiley, jameson3riversMA, rockit, Jaynov2020, DogStar, Kayak Guy, jnymac12, gardenamesX2, busrider, morloquehamhoquewarloque, myettes, jhpage1, rbleiler94, KittyKat, curieye, pukegrub, John Bonham, kevnshellie, PeaceMaker, seanr46, walkinwill, gypsyrosalee, Dog Star, CTloRIDER, BirdLives12, douger, emoto, TheeAmazingAce333, Nanno-1974, Markgucciardi, A Flip, treegarden, BoxOfRainMan, Seven777, LLRAINinVT, lostsailor365, kayman714, gillian19, Oxford 88, detroitligtn, chaseutley, hockey_john,, kcbetstowin, SicMD, KozmicKev,, syyguy, A DRAGON WITH MATCHES, Rob.Bowkett, hippiechick308, chad.e.buck, OBIEtree, mbunn789, TippyB, seennuff2know, MrJonesN, uKnowBetter, legba23, borncrosseyed22, ibrahima, Rottenclam, eeephour, dancingbear70, pointlessforest, Geodye420, cube1061, jgb75, Peak0db, tomcruz, mogulmike, jpyers, Nikon Harry, Gwell, jimbo021761, Irishmayor, jdrapp,, Dee75, oldtourrat, smarcus, dredileogirl, turtlemusicfan, duggygee, napadeadhead, saigonmarc, DRKSTRSTSTVNTHE11, JohnnySimone, pdave, picc, jussieyes, agstwst49, Rolokid, PHILSTARDRACUT, photogeek423, WharfRat1970, dpito, jordan, phreeang, LostDew, nomoboro, 10SCJED, micah68, jjmack, ciejay, jake_a_roe, barkingcorndog, Schooney, dallman, btwind13, TemporarySaint, HlpSlpFrank, jfilm_03, simplystef, gratefuldavis69, EVINRUDE, sommer breeze, ritekowst, deadheada, ppkgmsy, lostdeadhead, FireWheel, Blysergic, dovemab, Boulder Creek Mama, NotfadeAway71, jeff74, eggman79, Mornduvt, John Galt, fuggles, readr, kcjoneslirr, photomommy, pjfan, mzackim, crazyjenny, retiredwingnut, powderjunky, sunshinedaydream43, beeto07, 1gr8ful1, dirigodeadhead, kenrock, Jerry Mydland, Wardawg, stellabluebird, flach77, Bertha1, NH.FLY, GratefulTwinz, Evolve2Advance, joekyle, weav, dancingbear66, deadheadnick, joni, philomena_rosebud, jaredlang, drummingclown420, VermontDeadhead, wambach0918, foggyo, hummingbird, gr8fulcraig, Chick_Fowler, saratogajude, RosaliesDad, chefdannnyc, amdew122, Reya Sunshine, ls420, hafjell, voodoonola, mikeski, devo1979, fshhead, krzykat, cboogie, grateful111, eurodave, TBK, j.straw, rob west, crazyolben, ericedholm, jaykuhles, Kindykind, skunjelefeti, oscarphree, lt3tretrois, pozz420247, nickelless, ithrash420, jds, stevie, Cosmic wolf, yelram4life, mountainlynx, sunshinedaydream9, Upstate NY, cygnus, Shov39, Greg Zervas, uncjhn, funkygoodpants, wanderer, robbgam, ohioted, Tenner, Bluebird3434, cschimmel, Ma Bell, SquiRL, kbdeadhead, deepnhmud, kfchef, hotshakedown, Gr8fulnNJ, paintedmandolin71, walstib77, pyrorite, suntheoneweed, St.Stephen710, Rowjimmy151, jstange, dedhedesq, vaultmaster, jdarr, cianflone, terrapination, matt howland, shell, gr8fuldrew, knutron, tpiader, krberry, BULLHEADEDDOGS, JINGLE, jiadams76, MaineRich, GDfan, ironwill, kweeks, AnalogKid, tcappellett, UncleBruce1971, UncleDuke77, jjjbaggins, LastFairDeal, andrewtmitchell, tourdog12, logstirl, DFBWM, Grateful Deadsox, Keynugs, Mind Of A Squirrel, joba08, PAPPYPGH, ironsideny, justice, mstaggerlee, Josef, mary-sunshine, snugent682, jabber, adker, wiggumish, luvsupreem, weagles68, jed06, mattyh0420, drbombay, Stephen S Sharkey, watersong, jack-o-roses, D00Dah, jblotter, JackStrawfromOttawa, gooney1956, zimmybox, AnnieRoses, LazyriverRider, aquanee, skully555, moosilauke, slicae611, Tourkidz, tgraham, moff, Oroborous, Charbroiled, Findley, Danced with The Dead in VT, barongsong, Eli Polonsky, BoxomoxoA, disc_diva, ParticoRomulus, chopperbob, somerset wharf rat, kenco, deadluddite, cwhite7951, itsallGD, riggertoo, Jakethedrummer, intrepidsam, rhyspencer, SoPo Jody, kiote, faeriesun, raftgide, spyder9, unkel john, chrish, undie, OXFALLDOWN, lightningn8, cdmallar, Lesh-Is-More, zach, FootBear, Clint, skrletbegonia, Michael Lazzaro, Sunnydrop, vtdeadhead, philfan13, swaveyd, riggamortis, fenario420, jamkoch, dagtastic, youshine, KimmieinMD., colin parsons, mrgriffith, robo2973, WalpoleChinaCat, Kat, trg11167, jeffjg95, mightzwell, shaggy, fatmanjams, Gr8ful Greg, Born Cross Eyed, mike850, DarkMagus, grendel, ratdog58, the wood fam, paolinoj, bagsbill, battman, PHINETUNE, deadhedave, Lucab12, dankbbud, gratefuldad1960, iLLuminatedOne, bstjames, deadheadgarcia, mookiezig, rowjimmy


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Joined: Jun 11 2007
Fun show outdoor show. I

Fun show outdoor show.
I think my ticket said Rye Gate Fairgrounds.
Show seemed scripted though. tight musically, but lacked alot of the emotional punch that I experienced in teh 70's. Maybe that was just the way it was..
Excellent New Speedway (best tune of the night)
Para sailers came down from the sky during sunset.
youssou n'dour was very very good.

Joined: Jun 18 2007
First Show

This was my first show. What I remember was that it was sooooooo hot out with no shade, I ended up in the trunk at times for shade. I also remember all the fun and crazy people I met there. I remember going thru the gates with great anticipation of what I was about to experience, and was not dissapointed. I had a blast and did not want the night to end!!!

Joined: Jun 24 2007
friendly vibes

This show was and will always be a special one.
The opener N'Dour was excellent.
The crowd was completely into it.
Jerry flubbed some words and it wasn't a great show as that goes but the playing was very good and the atmosphere was very laid back friendly. Traffic was terrible getting into there and the next year was no better. Getting out was almost as fun and we just waited it out as it made no sense sitting in a running vehicle for hours. Nothing really stands out as super but the overall experience was one that was rare in the later years and not to mention something not in a middle of a major city.
Anyone remember the huge balloon at the gas station where we got off for the airport that said "welcome deadheads" ? sums it up :)

Joined: Jun 22 2007
This show was a major

This show was a major dissapoinment to me the speaker towers sounded like crap the band played poorly IMO It was nice to see Jerry play I want to tell you. I felt this song may have been a apology of sorts.

Joined: Jun 25 2007
New Speedway Boogie was

New Speedway Boogie was rockin'

PAPPYPGH's picture
Joined: Jul 2 2007

Wow! I can't believe what I'm reading....
Maybe it's because I wasn't ON anything at this show, but I gotta say....this was possibly the worst show of the 33 that I attended. Jerry flubbed more than a few words. He missed notes and lyrics in practically every tune. My guess is that he was having a rough night due to extracirricular activities... but it is not my place to assume that to be true.
I LOVE the Grateful Dead. I'm not a hater...but this show was a dud, IMO.
The tune of the night was "Corrina", in which Phil crushed the intro. The band seemed a bight tighter in the 2nd set, although Jerry seemed to have faded back post particular he completely botched SOTM. He missed almost every lyric and was completely lost on his guitar. THE BEST thing about that was TWO NIGHTS LATER at RFK, when he played the "redemption" version of SOTM. I have little doubt that Jerry knew he was "off" in High Gate and came back with a vengeance at RFK...the SOTM from 2 nights later was STELLAR!!!

~ Pappy

lightningn8's picture
Joined: Jun 13 2007

great setting, poor performance. there was a six year gap between my first show in '88 and this one, i'm glad i kept trying to find the sound

kweeks's picture
Joined: Jul 23 2007
Higate 94

Gotta agree, Pappy - the performance was pretty uninspired.

But I dug the Vermont setting, and the whole thing had a wonderful innocence and energy. Counting the pre and post-show activities, this was one of my favorites. I'll never forget the spinning hippy who slammed into our car at 2 AM (we were sleeping in the lot, couldn't get out). I opened the door and said, "DUDE! ARE YOU OK?" and he looked to the sky and as he spun off, said, "THANK YOU! THANK YOU, GOD!" (-;

"When I had no wings to fly, you flew to me"

Joined: Sep 26 2007

thie was my last show and probably the from vermont...but there just was way too many people and poor connection to the audience i felt...funny thing was for me, SOTM was my favorite despite the problems noted above, perhaps because this song reminds me of my mon, who had just passed away.....

Joined: Nov 14 2007
We missed this one... :( ...

This show wasn't on schedule when it first came out... We did have tickets for the Dead later that summer, they started late due to the soccer that was being played in the US... We went to visit my sister in Burlington, VT... First we were going to camp in Adirondacks and we did see a lot of Dead Heads and thought that was cool... Had a great time spent about three weeks camping and the night before we were going to drive into VT we called my sister and she says, " where are you guys." Why...?... The Dead are playing tonight....WHAT...?... I've been hoping you would call... Well it was late the sun was going down... We went to our camp site by the lake, put on some good ole GD and had are own concert in the mountains of the Adirondacks ... The next day Burlington looked like they got invaded, what a great site to see...


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Franklin County Field - July 13, 1994