Grateful Dead

Franklin County Field - July 13, 1994

Franklin County Field

July 13, 1994

Highgate, VT US

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Youssou N'Dour opened

Set List:

Let The Good Times Roll
Jack Straw
Queen Jane
It's All Over Now
Tennessee Jed
Let It Grow

New Speedway Boogie
Way To Go Home
Uncle John's Band
I Want To Tell You
I Need A Miracle
Standing On The Moon
Sugar Magnolia

Encore: U.S. Blues

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Joined: Nov 30 2010
right there with ya jer!

boy, after a long journey filled with wine from worcester ma the night before and a long day filled with even more of the grape variety....i was not in the greatest shape! went up front thinking they were coming on first, had no water, neither did anyone else, i made my way straight to where all my friends were by the soundboard, (how i found them i'll never know), only to soon be dizzy and ill and i remember from somewhere up front came two advils and before long i was being dragged to med tent. i remember they gave me a bread bag to heave in and it had a hole...yep everything on the grass right next to cot. next thing i remember is being put on a backboard and rushed thru the crowd (and it looked like a parting sea of heads) to the real med tent where they had to i.v. me to rehydrate. i don't remember much of the music, but reading here, they were as bad as i was! in the med tent my bf helped out some youngins one who was on his first trip, and it was NOT a good one, my friend got him thru it. was finally released during standing on the moon and it was the most emotional song i've ever heard jerry do......still get goosebumps thinking about it.
had tickets but had to miss the following year's highgate due to learning to be a wharf rat and missed what would have been my last show in 95 before jerry passed.....i'm grateful i had the experience of this one tho!


hockey_john's picture
Joined: Aug 25 2012
checked back in

I went to this one with a group of tour heads.Man the times had changed. Not for the good either. To many people and music was lame. Glad I was on tour in the very early 80's I consider it to be one of last good era's They lost a step come late 80's
few good shows but to many people follwing them .i liked the 82 83 84 summers. Even 85 even though more people.

A Flip's picture
Joined: Feb 10 2014
Awesome Day

This was a beautiful day that was the embodiment of how I view the Dead's music in my head: sunny,bright and mellow... on tape this show can be tough to listen to, but when we were there it was great...basically this was the image of a dead show I still carry with me all these years later, so heads, don't dump on 94 so much, there's good things to be mined in almost EVERY Dead show,Other ones, Furthur,Phil + co.,Bobby and the Gang, whatever...Let's keep it alive as long as we can, and be thankful that the trip IS a bright light for so many, and the vibe is still alive!

Joined: Mar 8 2015
And He Shook His Bones

It was not yet dusk. We watched him in his white t dancing along with the streaming rows of people. Not quite right...but you never know. "Hey, a ghost" the couple sitting beside us says. Sure enough! Thanks for the witness.


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Franklin County Field - July 13, 1994