Grateful Dead

County Fairgrounds - July 18, 1982

County Fairgrounds

July 18, 1982

Ventura, CA US

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Set List:

New Minglewood Blues
Friend of the Devil
Mama Tried
Mexicali Blues
Ramble on Rose
Looks Like Rain

Samson and Delilah
Franklin's Tower
Man Smart/Woman Smarter
Ship of Fools
Crazy Fingers
Not Fade Away
The Other One
Wharf Rat
Sugar Magnolia

Brokedown Palace

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Joined: Jul 4 2007
Yeah, I think it was 1982?

Yeah, I think it was 1982? During the second set, the sun set behind the stage and it was bright and blinding! And the "Dead Silhouettes" played on!

Also, not sure of the year. There was a large banner behind the stage. It was a painting of a soldier carrying a rifle. I couldn't tell if the soldier was from the Vietnam War or the Civil War. Or both.

birdleson's picture
Joined: Jul 24 2007
I wasn't there, but...

I've seen that backdrop. I could be wrong, but I think that was around '87 or '88.

Joined: Nov 30 2007
My First Show

The bus came by and I got on, that's when it all began.

This was my first show, I was 19. I don't remember the banner, but I do remember the fat naked chick up front giving security a panic.

Ahhh....what I would give for a tape. Anyone???

Joined: Jan 5 2009
west la fadeaway

the song came out after this show?

rowjimmirow's picture
Joined: Jan 20 2010
ok hear we go

for you home many shows .. ... ok so this was the first tape i was given and i got some good shrooms and peaked at mexi blues and rember looking at my friend and saying if i ever had a daughter i would name her cassidy rose after hearing the two songs played back to back well never named my daughter cassidy ... but still have the memorys

deadheadned's picture
Joined: Feb 15 2009
30 years ago today!

if i'm counting correctly, which this old brain may not always do ...

dy'all remember the all-night bonfires this first year of the the Boyz visits to the real SoCal? The Point, one of the great surf spots of the world ! and the TRAIN runnning right behind the stage this first weekend. and of course the dusty fairgrounds, leaving plenty of ground in our noses and ears and all ....

and the SHOWS!! Ventura brought some GREAT stuff on every visit, and this show was a perfect intro to their California beach life:

a 1st set closing Truckin', which they don't know WHAT to do with it for a minute!
Crazy Fingers; after 6 years, as beautifully crafted as ever
and a DOUBLE outta-nowhere encore and what an encore!

and these are just a couple of highlights. both shows were fantastic to attend, and nice to walk down the beach in my own town to attend the circus (one year we waved a huge US flag the whole way) and even better to listen to as the years go rolling on.

peace and love and thankfulness to all my dead family out there.

hockey_john's picture
Joined: Aug 25 2012
Crazy Fingers

This show is still one of my all time favorites I attended. Took a Greyhound bus from Boston to L A ' don't think I would do that again " to see these shows. Once there we decided to go on the tour. Not sure what our plan would of been otherwise. We were young and just winging life. Oh boy what a fun summer.
Best Photo of the band that year.

mkav's picture
Joined: Jun 30 2007
what a venue, what a time

I am not even 100% certain this is the Ventura show I saw. it was either this one, or april 82, or Arpil 83 or spring 84. this set list seems right but not sure. anyway...what a setting. it was an afternoon show or at latest early evening...i think it was still light when it ended.

you got the dead; you got the deadheads; you got the beach and you got the Pacific Ocean 200 yards or so away from the stage!!! beautiful ocean breeze, crazy dancin, kind folks and the GD are jammin the soundtrack to this wonderful vignette.

boy, if time travel was possible...this is one show I'd replay.


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County Fairgrounds - July 18, 1982