Grateful Dead

Pittsburgh Civic Arena - July 2, 1985

Pittsburgh Civic Arena

July 02, 1985

Pittsburgh, PA US

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Set List:

Jack Straw
It Must Have Been the Roses
New Minglewood Blues
Friend of the Devil
Big Railroad Blues
Promised Land

Man Smart/Woman Smarter
Crazy Fingers
Lost Sailor
Saint of Circumstance
Terrapin Station
Wharf Rat
Throwin' Stones
Turn on Your Love Light

Brokedown Palace

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Attendees of this show

dubai-escorts-bunnies, anthony_r, Brad125, Amy from New York, msmiranda, docspine, GeoffHarrison, Archemedes, grantros, Billyho67, DavidCyrus, UncleJoe, pukegrub, ascialabba, crunchyfrog, Stealurface-bertbert, Jules N Binokulas, dewahba, sugaree511, kevinalex01, payingdues, JackStraw19631, rymo, bluewater, mtoti1962, hockey_john, Quazi, hitmeister, Debdeadhead, Phinnegan, LostInAlaska, TrippyPete, chuckebbets, billdmackay, minutemouse, blacksharpie, intrepid, ChinaRider77, jpreece83, Peak0db, cryptl1028, nanabool, ocean, Dpwilljr, grateful hawaiian, jackstrawtom, packymalley, Dolabella, tcmarbles, 123IBT, meepzort, kjmcdonagh, diamond dudeegs, CherylB, greeksam78, dpw1982, brianbr, gpeach, darkstarcrashes, spacewalker, JackStraw_19631, tpenn, fanny83, relnad, rodiebluez1, downtownbear, AlaskaDeadHead1, thatch, texas dead, jsginbull, duppree, Cerberus, deadratdog, jlawless, gnat67, Dan the Dog, cozchaz09, sugarmag68, chefdarkstar, Pedro2009, SDhead, gr8fulal, mercurygd, pat L, lonesomejohnnie,, docjbf, jrbird419, rjus, K1ndZ0n3, BornInADesert, flach77, LuigiDied, MagicPEZ, jsomoza, DireWolfStudios, deadheadfrom76, gr8fulcraig, gratefuljeff, tiedyedhawk, Frenchmb, voodoonola, blueledboy, MissReddin, Birdsong1969NJ, aikox2, wiggy, zig zag man, cosmic_skye, iggy62, 1wharf-rat, Tom Mittemeyer, rami, brookeok, Sleepingdragon777, smilo, air_garcia_416, flipper, gammalyte, aliceDmillionair, jimi864, don of the dead, WaywardBill, Ami, scrltbg, whitebird, Bettylou, gHawk, StaggerLee32, kwoody77, BabylonDon, LUCY1985, Dupreediamond420, DaNell, twilaq1, wheels69, osborne fitzgerald mcclintic, ginsu710, gr8tfulandy, mp51, bigstush, AliceD, Mike Wid, theleven, Slidiouse, birdiewasthere, AoxoA, Babuyaya, SocietysPliers, gratefultm65, Ted S, mrkaos63, Yippierb, GratefulGigi, eclipse, Rum Jungle, Majuroguy, MoonshineCito, Valerie Stevenson, RP1, deadheaddave1982, terrapin85, BlondeJim, jpjp, OSH, Shimanto, Josef, mary-sunshine, catchmohl, smokey mountains, jackerowe, Father Of Stella Rose, Big Boss Man, mustawas, Forever_Deadicated, Dire Wolff, OBY-BEN-WAH-KENOBY, wharfrat8199, chef, dharmagum, johnoreno, shugamag, JOEG, tjwalls8, Emerald4689, Tabie, Finster, kb, ajsedel, bribenk, mapfreak, augwest386, pdb, Bobby33914, jillstraw, TomK, toshchance, jay_harrs, paulb, DocLnghair, Grateful1313, tcerneskie, cumberlandcase, 333mike, sgolston, Far-L, grateful tar heel, dschpan, philfan61, joeybug69, chicago, Duggles, avarose325, tbsjr65, nughuffer, Teedawg, Gravy, augustwest, Tom Banjo, Steve-O, Alsflorida, tn2nadoes


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Joined: Jul 5 2007
Drove from Chicago to

Drove from Chicago to Pittsburg for one show.
"Revolution > Brokedown" encore.
Nothing wrong with that

dharmagum's picture
Joined: Jun 18 2007
brokedown indeed!

...only thing wrong is that brokedown palace was a disaster. the band had to elicit a "do-over". funny. did that whole tour with a head full of gooneys. came out of the civic in the rain that night and still remember that weird feeling at the end of a tour. sort of like wha' happen? or dude, where's my car? or shit! not sure i should have quit my job after all...

Joined: May 9 2009
first show in home town

i was hooked

Joined: Jul 27 2009
my frist show for a long

my frist show for a long time it was a good show nice to feel the vibe again.

Dpwilljr's picture
Joined: Oct 20 2010
End of Tour

Jerry flubbed the opening lyrics to Brokedown and the band actually stopped playing. I recall Jerry stepping up to mic with a smile saying "....hello". I was so emotional due to the tour being over and also overwhelmed by the band's admitted fallibility, I jumped up and down yelling "I love you Jerry!".
I twisted my ankle in the process and by the time I was back in the hotel room, it was the size of a football.

Joined: Feb 28 2013
popped my dead cherry

here.. looking for attending link>.:(

DavidCyrus's picture
Joined: Jun 10 2015
Interpretive Dance

Guy sitting in front of me made his left arm noodle-dance for the entire show.
The whole show.
It was sort of hypnotic.

Joined: Nov 8 2015
My first show (~);}

My first show (~);}


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Pittsburgh Civic Arena - July 2, 1985