Grateful Dead

Soldier Field - July 24, 1994

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Soldier Field

July 24, 1994

Chicago, IL US

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Set List:

Mississippi Halfstep
It's All Over Now
El Paso
Loose Lucy
If the Shoe Fits
Easy Answers
Don't Ease Me In
Samson and Delilah
Way to Go Home
Eyes of the World
He's Gone
Days Between
Throwing Stones
Not Fade Away

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deaddavid, scottjindra, djaspen, Drmzspc, jgrandt11, dhead1965, Rev. Outlaw G, PlayinDead, A Flip, PERL.DiamonDve65, Bonzey1171, customhds, WallyBear, pvcnova, bear sweden, skeebe, shinesmom, cooper3737, jeffr-DoseMePlease, estimated-eyes, zman1, CindyCookielady, Jason Wilder, daxpeace, Lorenr, John Kovacs, coreymassa, elisha1976, jerryskid137, Bearbait, cosmicsushi714, rooster120, EFletcher, cbNEAL, Sarah7246, hippiechick308, zonker909, capt_mellow, DeadWoods, mbunn789, StealYourFace420, mjnash666, Andy D in KC, legba23, busyb67, dogwoodgirl, Rottenclam, sailing vessel sunshine daydream, pupababbles, Utmost, Geodye420, Marcos, scarletdeal, slheimerl, emjay360, truckin71, mawacki, BigFlosser, Brendoe88, kwinter67, chicubs53, robbieg, Dolabella, DanBob, GanodermaLucidum, valeriejoy, thetylicki, Dee75, oldtourrat, 3D, tonefreak6, peacefrogs, smarcus, Torey, rct, dredileogirl, jerfest, MFD, jackstraw72, badgerhead98, skbphx, terrapinT, francie413, onthebus91, digiboog, wdokter, Petal,, pman12, kindsmiles, jayandmegrow, ThinkTankTed, agstwst49, debhead830, 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jules's picture
Joined: Jun 3 2007
Hard to believe, but this

Hard to believe, but this was actually my first show (better late than never!) and I went with one of the guys on my brother's hockey team - the Midnight Riders - who consisted mostly of deadheads.

Joined: Jul 20 2007
The building almost got tore down by Samson and Delilah

Pretty Fireworks! We saw the Chicago fireworks for the fourth which seemed impressive, UNTIL we saw the Dead do their fireworks. The Samson and Delilah was the most rocking I ever saw the Dead take on. I seriously thought they were going to tear down Soldier Field.

Joined: Jul 16 2007
My first Show

I fell in love with the music when I was a kid, and when I finally went to a show, I followed the midwest route to other shows, but only did parking lot time. I listened outside walls, and loved and lived and don't regret it.

Joined: May 9 2008
Showers in the parking lot

I thought both shows rocked - though coming from the intimacy of Deer Creek to the hugeness of Soldier Field was a bit off putting. Still, the boys put together two really good nights of spectacular music. Thanks!
I recall being in a section of the lot where we were permitted to sleep. This was a cool experience as I had been to Chicago many times but never did I know there was a camping option for those that parked in one of the adjacent lots. I was strange being in a big city camping scene, having just come from Deer Creek campgrounds (super cool, wooded and beautiful - reminded me to the Quidditch Cup scene in Harry Potter). I have to say, though, it was a genuinely positive experience - the security guards were super mellow - let us do our thing - and get on with it. In the morning, there were showers - SHOWERS - nearby for anyone to use. All of us smelly Deadheads appreciated the convenience :)

Joined: Jun 13 2007

I was starting to geek out during the break and was in the back sitting down. Then all of the sudden, Fireworks! I rushed as fast as i could onto the floor to enjoy the display and rocked out to a great S&D!

Joined: Jan 6 2009
truly amazing show

nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile...

I went to this show after being homeless the night before on the streets in Chicago, ran into my friend in the parking lot, that i was suppose to meet the day before. So wasn't homeless the 2nd night, thank god, and dead magic. This show was completely sick, The 1/2 step was awesome and the all over now is one of my favs, but the loose lucy was a true gift what a great song. Roses quickly became one of my favorites as well, so serene and meaningful after that night sometimes I just long for that song. The closer don't ease me in was awesome for me being a new fan to the scene. When they played thowing stones in the second set i really didn't know the song, but somehow sang every word, there is that dead magic again. The NFA was classic as well. I really enjoyed hearing Jerry crank out that days between too, that to me was a very powerful song. Got to my friends house, and made it home safely the next day. Thanks boys.

Joined: May 1 2010
Do I remember this right...

Haven't listened to this show in a while...but if my memory serves me correct he nailed Days Between-- after a bit of mumbly bumbly at DeerCreek 7/21. Prefer the highly underrated show from the night before- but there still aint' no place I'd (have) rather be(en).

violaceous_petals's picture
Joined: Jul 16 2010

My scribbled notes in my set list journal for the end of the night say...

Liberty>Star-Spangled Banner> FIREWORKS FROM HEAVEN!

Amazing show! We were right down on the floor and I remember the spotlight and cameras kept focusing right in on our little section as we were singing and carrying on like nobody's business. (Especially during the Not Fade Away) The whole place was on fire! So much lovin' energy!

Marcos's picture
Joined: Nov 13 2010
WhaT a memory

This was the third show I ever attended. The parking lot atmosphere was mind blowing. Beautiful weather and people this show solidified my love for the Dead. My buddy ate a bad chicken taco the day before so he spent some time in the porto Jons outside soldier field. Remember it was summer and hot so we felt for him. I wigged a little during El Paso due to inexperience with shrooms, but the great people in the crowned helped me out and next thing I know I'm back shaking my bones. Great memories I have of this whole weekend. I have a four and a six year old boy and my wife and I are ready to get them into the scene. They love the Deads music and I know they will enjoy the community.

Joined: Jan 12 2009
My last show

Loved seeing Traffic open. Had 'obstructed view' tickets that turned out the be right down front - which was great since it was to be my last time seeing my favorite band of all time. Love, love, love.


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Soldier Field - July 24, 1994