Grateful Dead

Grand Prix Racecourse - July 27, 1973

Grand Prix Racecourse

July 27, 1973

Watkins Glen, NY US

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Set List:

The Promised Land
Mexicali Blues
Bird Song
Big River
Tennessee Jed

Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo
Me And My Uncle
Jam -> Wharf Rat
Around And Around

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durger's picture
Joined: Jul 19 2007
Watkins Glenn Show

It was, & still is the craziest Dead show I was ever at. Back when America was still a FREE Country, anything & everything happened & went, at this show! Had a real high time there, along with a attendence breaking 600,000 plus other people, The Band, & The Allman Brothers Band, all the bands got together & jammed on a song or two. The Dead got into "Space" at the hieghth of the thunder storm that happened, what a trip!

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Joined: Jul 19 2007


Joined: Aug 27 2007
sound check

heard the music from our campsite and came down to check things out. the dead were in full swing. played a 2 1/2 hr. set to delight of me and about 150,000+. Pretty cool.

Joined: Nov 27 2007
summer jam

i lived in groton ny approx 25 miles from watkins glen. 16 years old at the time. had "provisions" and tents for 20 fellow dead heads.4 of us went early to set up camp and never saw another person from our group the entire weekend. girl that drove was "pat wack" and she took a whole hit saturday and deserted me and 2 others with the rented tents. we built a travois and dragged the supplies about 10 miles standing on the bumper of a vw convertable til we could reach someone to pick us up. going so fast the travois was on fire....

Joined: Jun 9 2007
trickrider : second Dead

trickrider : second Dead show for me. It was indeed impressive - esp. that jam at the end with everyone! I still remember walking back thru town and all the residents staring out from their windows and porches and all the garbage we were wading thru. I was unfortunate enough to have purchased a ticket!

Joined: Feb 4 2008
A human pillow for a few freaks

Saw the band in Scranton in 71, this was the next event of The Dead for me. The great think was to see The Band,The Dead and Allmans on the same stage. On Friday night I feel asoleep in my sleeping bag in the middle of the crowd. In the morning woke with a tent pitched across my feet and a couple useing legs as a pillow. They were going at it and that is what how I woke up. I pulled my feet away and the tent collapsed and out cam to naked bodies.They were not stoned and not aware that I was part of thiewr sleeping arrangment.

Rick Schmidlin

had's picture
Joined: Feb 11 2008

Ah! Watkins' Glen, open meadows, free free open space [ sorta like the Oregon Country Fair
in July, still - Ken Kesey's gone, but his 'Energy park' remains, saw Steven Gaskin/Wavy Gravy
last year! hippiehappiness]

Did YOU lose a large soft bag of 'golden herb' at this temporary-city?? My friend 'Horn' handed it to me when I asked for a pillow and it was nice to have it to lying in my sleeping bag,
my tired head upon that bag: sweet dreams continue. . .
Ashes ashes all fall down. . .
Back in Oregon
Had Walmer

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Joined: Jun 13 2007
the best concert I saw in

the best concert I saw in the "big outdoor venues"! 3 of the best bands at the time. Unfotunately I was one of the few that bought a ticket...but @ $ problem.
Woodstock was too messy and not until after i left it did I see the importance it had on our culture...having said that I had the best time watching these 3 GD played great here compared to Woodstock. ( and yes I know all the problems with there sound and electric system).

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Joined: Aug 20 2010
Joined: Aug 18 2012
Watkins Glen

Two friends and I drove there from Long Island. I had an old canvas tent from the 50's that we stayed in. We got there in the afternoon of the first day. We couldn't get close enough to see any details of the band but the music was familiar. Sound was Ok but we were too far away to get quality sound. Seemed like the wind carried it away. When the Dead finished their set we went back to the tent. It of course rained that night and so I stayed in the tent. My friends went back to see the Band and the Allman Bros. They told me about the jam with all 3 bands. That was the first time that I had seen the Dead in concert and didn't know that it always jammed with other bands. I wish I had gotten out to see that. Anyway, I never did see them again until I moved to the San Francisco Area in 77. I did have tickets to see them in Jersey City, NJ in 76, but the City mayor cancelled that show after a man was killed outside the concert the day prior. My Aunt had been a Roller Derby star on the San Francisco Bay Area team in the 60's and then settled there after she suffered a career ending shattered ankle in the early 70's. I did see her skate in Wisconsin in the early 70's and she invited me to California. I finally visited her there in 76 and she suggested I move there. I didn't know anyone there and had a job to go back to in NY. After waiting for a train in minus 5 degrees in a New York winter, I decided I would not do that any longer and moved to the Bay Area the following Summer. I saw my second Dead show in the Fall at Winterland. The sound system was much better than the one at Watkins Glen and I was actually able to see the faces of the band members for the first time. I then went to a show in nearby Stockton. It was a good show, yet it was not the Deads home turf like Winterland was. I then saw the Dead for a second time at Winterland some months later and the band put on a better show than I could have imagined. It even did St. Stephen and Dark Star. However, my ears rang for 3 days afterward. I couldn't afford anymore hearing loss than I had already suffered. So, I never went to Dead concert again.


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Grand Prix Racecourse - July 27, 1973