Grateful Dead

Grand Prix Racecourse - July 28, 1973

Grand Prix Racecourse

July 28, 1973

Watkins Glen, NY US

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"Summer Jam" - final/last "Mountain Jam": 11-06-70b [223] - billing: GD; Allman Brothers Band; The Band

Set List:

Beat it on Down the Line
Brown Eyed Women
Mexicali Blues
Box of Rain
Here Comes Sunshine
Looks Like Rain
Row Jimmy
Jack Straw
Playing in the Band

Around and Around
Loose Lucy
Big River
He's Gone
Nobody's Jam
El Paso
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Stella Blue
Eyes of the World
Sugar Magnolia

Sing Me Back Home

Not Fade Away
Mountain Jam
Johnny B. Goode

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Rob Wright, dubai-escorts-bunnies, onesolid, bobbybee60,, JD54, unsung-hero, newyawka, EA20713, jerryg3675, Charleman,, morloquehamhoquewarloque, Bassbubba, jmiz55, Bozoonabus, Dan from CT, Patrick L, gogoroth, craze, lonesomeagle1, sailingshoes72, Mfg, jrandesi, Seabreezer, geododge, driscoll1313, garylorusso, lfabrizio, davidms, sunsurfer, midd78, Catatonic-Pilgrim, Mud, Pozole, charlesod, bwana dik, Raider_4, Lightnin Will, andychatfield, Genesee Ted, marijuanabob, stooch, astone, ric1957, sugar-y73, FrankMunz, danmarmo, jerrydog69, micshe9, dougdoh2o, magickman03, Spilly72, drmck, chasjr, honestbob, Eyesbeyond, cjelly, ggdead, william conor, lav, drbubby86, lynch, drc456, Jethro_101, RickBradford, CableBill, Greydad1, zigmeisterxiv, chemsoccer, Double-Zero Sol, robnelsong, Leroi, DeadPaulDavis, jrichard, melted 51, Oakdead, zendog1953, ddam, CRAZYOTTO56, Slebodes, Donald Cotchen, bathgate, moondance104, Mister_Charlie, tktkeith, Sir Smile, Harris, jbentzr, OldLaughingLady, bobbyozz, cinamongirl, beano, billawill, emdeadhead, johndnorth, brijid77, jmzangaro, michaelC, Dark1953Star, oxfordcleric, neilwine, LadyoftheIsland, Ridergirl, watkinsglen07281973, maisenberg, Sway714, J Mully, bejosh, Deadathoner, deadheadii, KeithP, virgilosborn, bigdaddymalcolm, 72.Deadhead, taper-dave, FreakDaddy, DedButt, dustybottle, redsox, gratefuljay, iouridr, willydog, Raeb Gnicnad, lamarred664, darkstar56, DeadHeadJay, DeadheadDave8153, Gonzo in TN, Flew With The Dead, Lucky 73, TonsOfSteel, bobalou, Cosmic.Wimpout, doxie, Dead Randy, grciafan, daruka, wackybiker, kwingler, bronx b.d., uncle lefty, KenG, dloehr, riveaux, TomClark, bklynpolar, bjessen, rhbrockner, chipgar, shorelineed, noteman9, Mayor of Bay Terrace, durger, yothedro, UncleBruce1971, windsor, manzanita stark, BeantownWilly, astone516, Deadend Mel, Gr8fulTed, whatthefunk, albie, old but not dead, was i there, mickyfun, deathtakesafiddle, Manhattancenter, mstaggerlee, bigdancingbear, mary-sunshine, MRGREENJEANS, craig maceachern 2 dustyrose, docflywheel, boffo the chimp, reesdeag, Stikbro, WildBill, gregp123, beak, Charles Strang, Terry Tolkin, robsegall1956, rwij, hajibaba222, Eli Polonsky, bearcat81, kenco, deadluddite, gondolinx, Rocka38, wharfgee2, skatemaniac, raven0618, Bookah, gary88keys, gratefulron, phil, filgram, garseeya53, GratefulEd, LazyLightnin, djgold14, stevejna, ProbablyDave, edlewusa, ronzoid, ChakraDocMyles, ItsADryHeat, jgproud, Bob Murphy, bigsky, bkind-fg2all, cryptical1, fredreese, mikegordon, trikrider, gr8fldude, Dan Disinger, dmhdead, stlhog, boats, Morgano, Anttheknee, rieck, robby538, ronbow, sluggobeast, ingie123, Jack O. Hartz, bunnytail0, dabeard1, Chuck, markh, dreamtime, drm, almanac, Sueshi


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Joined: Jun 7 2007
Keep That LoveLight

Keep That LoveLight Shinin'!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Joined: Jun 7 2007
First DEAD Show


Joined: Jun 22 2007
Watkins Glen

We were actually dry throughout the show(s).

Friday afternoon, I talked my way inside the fence with my friend's VW bus. We parked down by the first row of speaker towers (the clinic tents, sheriffs trailer and next row of towers behind us) and the soundboard slightly down towards the stage and to our left).

Dry sleeping bags, food, ice, drinks and a hella good view from the roof. We also ended up being a shelter, resource and recovery stop for many in our area.

Will post more memories as they filter back from the depths.

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Joined: Jun 13 2007
For sale: Mechanic's dream......

Glad to be back on the long road home.

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Joined: Jun 13 2007
For sale: Mechanic's dream......

Glad to be back on the long road home.
1972 Vega wagon and we were off to New York. Bought two tics at a dept. store. ($10.00 each) and headed north.
An unbelievable life altering experience. The wall of sound was swaying.
How does Bob Weir play that guitar with just one arm? Is he a cowboy or rock star?
Just the best thing that has ever "come up on me".
Thank you for a real good time.

Joined: Jun 29 2007
first grateful dead show

peace through music
I was too young to go to woodstock and was pysched to go to Watkins Glen. I went to see the Allman Bros. The New York State thruway was closed with four lanes of cars,we made two extra out of the breakdown lanes. Some guys got on top of their cars and hollered for us to leave our cars there and just walk. So, we did!! I remember walking at dawn and for miles you could just see a sea of people walking, it was sooo beautiful like an exodus. I was back-packing my 2 yr. old son and a volkswagon bus (that you could hear coming for miles) stopped when it got in front of us and asked us if we wanted to hop in, yeah! When we got to the center of Watkins Glen we got out and a local elderly lady said she had some lunch for us and gave us lemonade and fried chicken. I never forgot all the kindness I experienced on that trip, or the huge blisters on my feet! Thank heaven for the cool soothing mud which healed them!
Oh, yeah the music....when we finally got up the mountain you could hear the notes drifting down but there were so many people it wasn't feasible for a young mom and 2 yr. old to get near the stage, but a good time was had by a lot of good people. And the music was magical.

Joined: Jun 6 2007
What a time!

Fresh out of high school w/the parents' Dodge Dart and a carful of other crazed friends. A cararvan of three or four cars from NJ up to a few miles from the Glen -- and then a six-hour traffic jam.

Got there Friday...thought the Dead's soundcheck that night beat their set the next day. The Band ruled on Saturday and the Allman Brothers also tore it up. The campfires dotting the muddy hillside gave it that post-war vibe.

The Dead would really show off their stuff a few days later at Roosevelt Stadium...and we'd be there too....

Joined: Jul 17 2007
Watkins Glen '73

Back in the days of my '65 impala SS. Was only my second or third show, don't really remember, don't have stubs. Missed the soundcheck the night b4, tho' had friends who had gone Wednesday who saw it all.

Not gunna glorify a very apprehensive situation. Way-Way more people than promoters expected, shortage of alot of things. Sludge around port-a-johns was above ankle deep after the thunderstorm.

BIG DIFFERENCE---- It was well into the Freak era that immediately followed the hippies. By this time the media had labled us "freaks of society", we kinda looked upon ourselves as "Volunteers" prolly partial thanks to the Airplane. Thank God it was when it was. Everyone was focused on the party and watching out for their neighbor. Had it been in the times to come, could have easily been "Woodstock 99" b4 it's time.

Had to park somewhere along Seneca Lake and walk clear to the village, thru it, and up the mountain to the raceway.

It took years (alot of them) before we started to admit to other groups of folks we knew that after the Dead played Saturday we bailed out and headed for home. It was simulcast on FM so we didn't really miss much except shoulder to shoulder people. (not even room enuf to lay down) Realize some folks didn't have the same experience. But feel the younger deadheads deserve a glimpse of the other side of the truth about it all.

BUT---I have never regretted going and the show was great!

Joined: Jul 28 2007
Watkins Glen

It was SOOOOOOOO hot and we were three football fields away from the stage, but we could hear. We heard a six hour set by the Dead if memory still serves me at all? Never met up with who planned to, but met up with lots of folks we knew, but did not know were going. It took hours to get home to Poughkeepsie where I then lived with all the cars leaving. However, I still remember being there and after this much time and smoke that is enough.

Joined: Jun 30 2007
My first Grateful Dead show!

OK - full disclosure time. My "My Shows" list includes the "soundcheck" set from the previous night. The truth is that when me & Ricky got the car parked on the night of the 27th, we could faintly hear the Dead playin' from where we were. They were working their way towards Wharf Rat when we opened the car doors, and we followed our ears as best we could, but they we never actually did manage to locate the concert field before they were done. So, I actually heard part of that set, while they were playing it, but I wasn't altogether "there" - does that qualify as "attendance"? I think so.

We could probably, in fact, apply the same arguments regarding whether or not I actually "attended" this show - Ricky and I were VERY tripped out, and during the Dead's sets (the first of the day) , I guess I was just listening on a different frequency band from the one that they were playing on - I wasn't able to identify a single song I heard from the Dead that day, although they were rapidly becoming my favorite band, and I was listening to their albums pretty much CONSTANTLY at that point ( I had yet to discover the taping universe!). I was deeply involved in some sort of paranoid hallucination about how they were going to put up some kind of a structure for the rest of the show, and only let the ticket holders in.

I'd mellowed out some by the time The Band came on, and
I really enjoyed their set. The Allman's first set was SMOKIN' hot, and when Jerry, Bob, Robbie Robertson, & Rick Danko came out for the Not Fade Away > Mountain Jam > Johnny B. Goode, well THAT was just MAGIC!!!

The simple fact that the "new right" has consistently been wrong does not mean that wrong is the new right.


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Grand Prix Racecourse - July 28, 1973