Grateful Dead

Grand Prix Racecourse - July 28, 1973

Grand Prix Racecourse

July 28, 1973

Watkins Glen, NY US

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"Summer Jam" - final/last "Mountain Jam": 11-06-70b [223] - billing: GD; Allman Brothers Band; The Band

Set List:

Beat it on Down the Line
Brown Eyed Women
Mexicali Blues
Box of Rain
Here Comes Sunshine
Looks Like Rain
Row Jimmy
Jack Straw
Playing in the Band

Around and Around
Loose Lucy
Big River
He's Gone
Nobody's Jam
El Paso
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Stella Blue
Eyes of the World
Sugar Magnolia

Sing Me Back Home

Not Fade Away
Mountain Jam
Johnny B. Goode

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Attendees of this show

Rob Wright, dubai-escorts-bunnies, onesolid, bobbybee60,, JD54, unsung-hero, newyawka, EA20713, jerryg3675, Charleman,, morloquehamhoquewarloque, Bassbubba, jmiz55, Bozoonabus, Dan from CT, Patrick L, gogoroth, craze, lonesomeagle1, sailingshoes72, Mfg, jrandesi, Seabreezer, geododge, driscoll1313, garylorusso, lfabrizio, davidms, sunsurfer, midd78, Catatonic-Pilgrim, Mud, Pozole, charlesod, bwana dik, Raider_4, Lightnin Will, andychatfield, Genesee Ted, marijuanabob, stooch, astone, ric1957, sugar-y73, FrankMunz, danmarmo, jerrydog69, micshe9, dougdoh2o, magickman03, Spilly72, drmck, chasjr, honestbob, Eyesbeyond, cjelly, ggdead, william conor, lav, drbubby86, lynch, drc456, Jethro_101, RickBradford, CableBill, Greydad1, zigmeisterxiv, chemsoccer, Double-Zero Sol, robnelsong, Leroi, DeadPaulDavis, jrichard, melted 51, Oakdead, zendog1953, ddam, CRAZYOTTO56, Slebodes, Donald Cotchen, bathgate, moondance104, Mister_Charlie, tktkeith, Sir Smile, Harris, jbentzr, OldLaughingLady, bobbyozz, cinamongirl, beano, billawill, emdeadhead, johndnorth, brijid77, jmzangaro, michaelC, Dark1953Star, oxfordcleric, neilwine, LadyoftheIsland, Ridergirl, watkinsglen07281973, maisenberg, Sway714, J Mully, bejosh, Deadathoner, deadheadii, KeithP, virgilosborn, bigdaddymalcolm, 72.Deadhead, taper-dave, FreakDaddy, DedButt, dustybottle, redsox, gratefuljay, iouridr, willydog, Raeb Gnicnad, lamarred664, darkstar56, DeadHeadJay, DeadheadDave8153, Gonzo in TN, Flew With The Dead, Lucky 73, TonsOfSteel, bobalou, Cosmic.Wimpout, doxie, Dead Randy, grciafan, daruka, wackybiker, kwingler, bronx b.d., uncle lefty, KenG, dloehr, riveaux, TomClark, bklynpolar, bjessen, rhbrockner, chipgar, shorelineed, noteman9, Mayor of Bay Terrace, durger, yothedro, UncleBruce1971, windsor, manzanita stark, BeantownWilly, astone516, Deadend Mel, Gr8fulTed, whatthefunk, albie, old but not dead, was i there, mickyfun, deathtakesafiddle, Manhattancenter, mstaggerlee, bigdancingbear, mary-sunshine, MRGREENJEANS, craig maceachern 2 dustyrose, docflywheel, boffo the chimp, reesdeag, Stikbro, WildBill, gregp123, beak, Charles Strang, Terry Tolkin, robsegall1956, rwij, hajibaba222, Eli Polonsky, bearcat81, kenco, deadluddite, gondolinx, Rocka38, wharfgee2, skatemaniac, raven0618, Bookah, gary88keys, gratefulron, phil, filgram, garseeya53, GratefulEd, LazyLightnin, djgold14, stevejna, ProbablyDave, edlewusa, ronzoid, ChakraDocMyles, ItsADryHeat, jgproud, Bob Murphy, bigsky, bkind-fg2all, cryptical1, fredreese, mikegordon, trikrider, gr8fldude, Dan Disinger, htsspaul, dmhdead, stlhog, boats, Morgano, Anttheknee, rieck, robby538, ronbow, sluggobeast, ingie123, Jack O. Hartz, bunnytail0, dabeard1, Chuck, markh, dreamtime, drm, almanac, Sueshi


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Joined: Jun 20 2008
Legendary event

On the streets of NYC in the 70's this show was legendary. Those who had been there spoke of it with reverence as being better than Woodstock for them. They were like, 'yeah, sure, Woodstock, but the show to really be at was Watkins Glen'. And they'd say no more. Apparently there were no words to express this event. You had to be there.

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Joined: Aug 27 2008
This show should be released

This show should be released as a 5 or 6 disc set. The first & second discs are the GD's 7/27/73 soundcheck sets ; the third, fourth & fifth discs are 7/28/73 ate the Dead's set of the actual show. On the sixth disc are the encores with members of the Allman Bros Band & The Band on Not Fade Away, Mountain Jam, & Johnny B. Goode, if legal arrangements could be made. Sing Me Back Home should fit on the fifth disc.
My copy of these shows are a mix of soundboard, FM broadcast, & audience recordings, they are nice and interesting, but nothing sounds all that great. The music shines through the less than stellar tapes that have been traded for years.

Born Cross Eyed in 1956's picture
Joined: Aug 25 2008
This show should be officially released

Nearly 4 years after my other post in 2012, I'll say it again, this show with the soundcheck event should be officially released, if all or most of the audio elements are there. That is, the soundboard recordings of the the Grateful Dead's portion of the 7/27/73 soundcheck and the full Grateful Dead 7/28/73 show, with the end of show jam of Not Fade Away Mountain Jam & Johnny B. Goode.


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Grand Prix Racecourse - July 28, 1973