Grateful Dead

Buckeye Lake Music Center - July 29, 1994

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Buckeye Lake Music Center

July 29, 1994

Hebron, OH US

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last "Mighty Quinn": 06-11-92 [151] - Traffic opened

Set List:

Wang Dang Doodle
El Paso

Foolish Heart
I Want To Tell You
Looks Like Rain,
Samba In The Rain
Uncle John
Saint of Circumstance

The Mighty Quinn

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hackster's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
howlin' sky

my wife, myself, and about 8 or 10 others happened upon some small pieces of clear plastic when the rain started comin' down. we were on the left side of the soundboard scaffolding (left side- looking toward the stage) and we all held up the plastic above our heads and pieced the seams together enough that we could all, to some extent, stay out of the weather.

the sky was so dark it was scary. the wind and rain were torrential. the peak of the storm hit during one of traffic's jammed out songs... i can't remember which song (anyone?)... but it seemed that traffic was almost taunting the storm...

finally it passed, our plastic held out pretty good... and if i remember correctly, by the time the dead came out the brunt of the storm had passed.

Joined: Jun 11 2007
The never ending story

As we were walking from the parking lot to the little valley, (you didn't camp on that hill back in those days) I could look in front of us, and see nothing but perfect sky... then I turned around to look at freaks walking behind us, I noticed something that I had only seen in a movie. "The Nothing" from the Never Ending Story was rolling across the sky.., Traffic was rocking out, and the storm was moving in... by the time we made it to the actual staging area, traffic had only one or two songs left, and the storm was moving in... The winds picked up, tossing dread locks like windsocks. The first bolt of lightning fired from the sky... The storm was here... Traffic turned it up a few notches and the crowd became insainely energized... by the time they were done the storm had really just begun. Music played in between sets, the crowd was as restless as I had ever witnessed.... A couple of notes pop from the stage and were answered immediately by three powerfull blasts of thunder. The sky had become as black as midnight, the freaks had become crazed, I had become dumbfounded.. the stage lights came on and the first words that washed over the crowd, over the thunder and the lightning, over the pounding of the pouring rain, were.........."ra - ai- ai- ai -ain, I don't mind!" and by god it did rain... It rained so hard that there were small rivers running around hippie's legs, The lightning was so intense that it was creating it's own heat. the thunder competed with the music as song after song, my spirit was lifted out of my body and scattered to the howling wind. This was my first show... and my life has never been the same. God bless the Grateful Dead!

Joined: Jun 16 2007


Joined: Jun 18 2007
Rain, Rain and More Rain

I was so excited. This was to be my first show with my brother and my second show ever...the first just 2 weeks earlier in Vermont. I remember sitting in vehicles, none of us wanting to stand in the rain for Traffic, but did venture out for The Dead. It was raining and we were all huddled under a tarp with the exception of my brother who was dancing in the rain, and The Dead seemed to literally be playing to the Rain. This is truly a night I will never forget.

Joined: Jun 22 2007
Talk about fun & strange

I drove with a buddy from Warm Springs, Virginia for this show. The minute we parked in the lot, a U-Haul truck pulled in right beside us and when they lifted the tailgate it was full of happy gas! We exchanged hello neighbors and he said neighbors get the first balloon on the house after that it was $3 bucks for you and $5 bucks for everyone else. We sat and talked and laughed and had a great afternoon. I swear it felt like 100 degrees in the shade that day. Show time, I had on shorts and a tee and was high as a kite, but we were ready for the boys. That storm was just crazy. The temp must have dropped 20 degrees and I swear I was going to get hypothermia. When the show started I looked to the sky and said Lord, take the cold away and let me enjoy this show because that wind whipping feels like ice cutting me down to the bone. After that I felt so good and it was a great show. Buckeye was a great venue, no matter what the weather conditions.

Joined: Jun 25 2007
Have a Heart

As much as I have enjoyed the Grateful Dead through the years, and sooo many other fine rock-n-roll groups now ensconoced in the history of the genre, this was only my third GD show in twenty years!

I had suffered from open heart surgery in May of this year, and was quite depressed. In late July a very close and good friend, Claudia, surprised me with tickets to this show, and the anticipation and prospect of reliving my errant youth, engaging in some pretty cool (now historic) rock shows brought me back to life!

Such shows included, but were not limited to: Pink Floyd, (Dark Side of the Moon tour,) Wings, Bowie, Arlo Guthrie, Melanie (Sofka), Crosby Stills & Nash, Neil Young, Bette Midler, Maria Muldair, and so many others...

We sat comfortably under a tree near the concession trailers with binoculars, as I was still pretty weak from the surgery, and wanted to take it easy. Patchouli, hamburgers, good herb and other delightful scents filled the air, while I lay my head on Claudias lap, and she stroked my hair. A joint floated by-I partook- I was in heaven!

Then the rain came. I found it hilarious that the Dead chose as their first number, "Rain", and subsequently, "Looks like Rain," and "Samba in the Rain." I think those "Rain" tunes were thought by the gods and goddesses as humans being a bit precocious so boy, did they let us have it! It got worse, and worse. We decided to go back to the car while Mother nature had her tantrum, and Claudia said, "I can't see...which way do we go?"

Wanting to be the hero, I firmly said something like, "Oh, babe, trust me! I can get us out of ANYWHERE" while we circled the entire perimeter of the Buckeye Lake area, lost, directionless, and finally getting to the car an hour later with the show almost over. We were soaked like wet river rats in an old navy blanket I had stolen while in the service years earlier, and with Claudia not so very pleased...And THAT's how I spent my summer vacation!!!!!

FLY-GUY's picture
Joined: Jun 23 2007
The Rain Kept Falling

What a show!!!!!! You have to love and respect how the Dead would capture their fans. To play sooo many songs with the word "RAIN" in the title was just mind-blowing.

Dan Weaver's picture
Joined: Jun 26 2007
Ran into a rainstorm

My second show, I was 16, and actually got my MOM to take me to this show!! She really toughed it out, I have to give her credit... She was pretty freaked out by the crowd, the drug use, and the weather, but she did admit she enjoyed the music! Especially 'El Paso'. It was time to go as the band was deep into space, I guess it was more than she could take. Still, what an awesome thing for a mother to do!!
I love to listen to my audience tape of this show, the bass of the thunder and the crowd reactions are priceless. Great setlist!

jeffy8's picture
Joined: Jun 18 2007


Joined: Jul 22 2007
fond memory of that night

My recollections of shows are never very good, but there was something special about this show.

After spending the day in the lot my buddy and I headed into the show and caught Traffics whole set. We kept taking turns heading up to the beer tent to get the 4 beer maximum. It must have been about 1/2 way through the Deads 1st set it was my buddys turn to make a beer run. He left and never came back.

After the show I headed back to my truck where I figured I would have to probably wait around til morning to hook back up with him. But there he is in the bed of my truck sound asleep (or maybe passed out). Some kind people had appearently saw him and covered him up with their blankets and gave him a pillow.


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Buckeye Lake Music Center - July 29, 1994