Grateful Dead

Red Rocks Amphitheatre - June 14, 1984

Red Rocks Amphitheatre

June 14, 1984

Morrison, CO US

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first "Mr. Fantasy"

Set List:

Iko Iko
It Must Have Been the Roses
New Minglewood Blues
Brown Eyed Women
Jack Straw
Day Job

Shakedown Street
Playin' in the Band
Dear Mr. Fantasy
Playin' in the Band
Black Peter
Throwin' Stones
Not Fade Away

U.S. Blues

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Attendees of this show

dubai-escorts-bunnies, seastones79, Flatbed Floyd, Chuck Gannon, casinodead1, subdog, julex, deharpport, pukegrub, Mountaingirl02, nitecat, Jules N Binokulas, lafingh2o, payingdues, MikeOMikeO, gdmmassage, rymo, GripWeed, hockey_john, kkildea, Quazi, augustwest4, DANNG, quick68, intrepid, Mellowship Slinky, ChinaRider77, WillyB, cryptl1028, grateful hawaiian, mmtapeop, tootsfan, PeggyO65, DavAlan, buckterry, Balloonatic Austinweird, chicosez, Mud, stu magoo, AlaskaDeadHead1, pokologist, earthballeric, folsom9372, learn2turn, misterglen, pat L, whipple, ShivaHo, rjus, st.stephen_colorado, DIreCoyote, BurntDawg, pairdoc, cool colo. rain, LDstevo, CoolColoradoRain, Phaldo, bejosh, refugee3, marc., paulsig, deadinmadtown, xxuncle johnxx, hoffmnj, wharfratdude, skyuka, Curly, dbean, MissReddin, Janeen, ffej55, JAXTRAWICHITA, wsp420, jlg3rd, wiggy, rami, Sleepingdragon777, red feather, kambyman, Jake99, oldsouls, D from KS, kgetta, WaywardBill, gnoodle, pather, uncjhn, tilesteve, StaggerLee32, another jerry, jgminerals, BabylonDon, 143or245, rlkaminsky, osborne fitzgerald mcclintic, padrig, Ungnome, Taco Joe, johnnybgoode, novakm1, Elston64, Chief Book Dog, westking101, wharftrat, 9785, terrapination, Drumhead, Brownie, AndieIsAlthea, Skjellyfetti, dgsegal, dhmikeo, Rum Jungle, drkstar69, Majuroguy, tommygutt, Valerie Stevenson, RP1, BlondeJim, DrBone, dsagem57, netminder12006, Tito714, doc1219, smallwarfrat, slidebrain, jbirdme, Strollin Crow, bilee, direlupus, edgeman, fool, mustawas, Cindyfromdenver, THB, Terry Tolkin, unclebearzo, Bearzchoice, wharfrat8199, kelly Bowie, Strider 88, muab dib, dkstr89, Grr8ful, WHERE DO THEY COME FROM---- WHAT DO THEY MEAN, Doc, slipknot, gratefuldoc, fishman, CR, buscameby, n_zed dead, moforme, suzy creamcheese, deadhd95829, deadheadead, duboman, scamperoni, gruver, Bobby33914, Tony_S, gcs, dazebtween, Chief, Emmett Grogan, alta, relentlesslier, Far-L, Flip, tzuriel, d0ti5, marlo, spam, augustwest, rodger allinson, Sully


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Skjellyfetti's picture
Joined: Jul 25 2007
Brent Joins the band for real

It was surreal to watch as Brent stuck his neck out and dropped Mr Fantasy into the mix. The smile on Jerry's face was huge and Phil just looked like he stepped on the cat. No more side man for Brent. You go boy make it snappy!

Joined: Nov 7 2007
I remember

Brent looked fairly startled when Bobby grabbed the song out from under him, with the na-na-na chorus from Hey Jude...

These guys were outstanding when they were messing with each other.

~I was concealed
Now I am stirring
And I will lay my love around you...~

Joined: Jan 10 2012
Mr. Fantasy

Did anyone see someone passing a note to Jerry toward the end of Playin' in the Band? It was a gold Steal Your Face charm w/a request for Dear Mr. Fantasy...Jerry teared up. I think there was DEA backstage, & shrimp salad sandwiches...ahhh.......

hockey_john's picture
Joined: Aug 25 2012
Long story

This is a long story of what happened on this 3 night run at the rocks and on to the east coast for summer tour.
Just Remembered that we had a BMW 2002 driveaway car from L A to somewhere in Pennsylvania. ( anyone remember how we use to drive cars across country for people back in the day. Accorn car transport company.) The car was to go directly across country yet we made a few stops for the shows. Cal Expo and these 3 shows.
Anyway with the background history part out of the way.
After the shows at the rocks there were 3 of us driving this BMW east to the owner of it. Somewhere along the ride we had run out of weed and we were jonesing for a nice fatty. As we drove we were pulled over outside of Lincoln Nb by the state police and received a ticket for speeding. Having nothing on our person's we were very confident while being questioned on why we were in someone else's BMW driving it east for who? Cop was a pretty cool cop and did not hassle us much at all. After ticket we all got back in the car and drove off wondering why he never searched any of us or the car itself? Maybe we were just to ugly and dirty looking to him.
Now 2 days later we arrive in Penn and start unpacking the trunk, much to our surprise we come across a half pound of "BUD". None of us knew we had it in the trunk because just before we left Colorado 1 of our tour friends asked if we could take his back pack east and meet up in Toronto at the next show. Well in his pack was the "BUD" . We were all very pissed off at this point seeing as how we could of been in a Lincoln Nb jail for weed we didn't know we had. At this point we decided it was our rite to smoke as much as we wanted and man did we ever. Our friend somehow found us upstate New York as I recall asking for his backpack. He opened it and was pissed off at us . well it is his bad not ours. After all we were only doing our duty of caring for his pack.
The driveaway owner never knew a thing and his car was returned in good shape and off on tour we went. One of our 9 lives taken from us on that trip for sure. Sorry for going off with that long story . Amazing how things come back to ya after all the years.


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Red Rocks Amphitheatre - June 14, 1984