Grateful Dead

Red Rocks Amphitheatre - June 14, 1984

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Red Rocks Amphitheatre

June 14, 1984

Morrison, CO US

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first "Mr. Fantasy"

Set List:

Iko Iko
It Must Have Been the Roses
New Minglewood Blues
Brown Eyed Women
Jack Straw
Day Job

Shakedown Street
Playin' in the Band
Dear Mr. Fantasy
Playin' in the Band
Black Peter
Throwin' Stones
Not Fade Away

U.S. Blues

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Attendees of this show

Jules N Binokulas, lafingh2o, payingdues, MikeOMikeO, gdmmassage, rymo, GripWeed, hockey_john, kkildea, Quazi, augustwest4, DANNG, quick68, intrepid, Mellowship Slinky, ChinaRider77, WillyB, cryptl1028, grateful hawaiian, mmtapeop, tootsfan, PeggyO65, DavAlan, buckterry, Balloonatic Austinweird, chicosez, Mud, stu magoo, AlaskaDeadHead1, pokologist, earthballeric, folsom9372, learn2turn, misterglen, pat L, whipple, ShivaHo, rjus, st.stephen_colorado, DIreCoyote, BurntDawg, pairdoc, cool colo. rain, LDstevo, CoolColoradoRain, Phaldo, bejosh, refugee3, marc., paulsig, deadinmadtown, xxuncle johnxx, hoffmnj, wharfratdude, skyuka, Curly, dbean, MissReddin, Janeen, ffej55, JAXTRAWICHITA, wsp420, jlg3rd, wiggy, rami, Sleepingdragon777, red feather, kambyman, Jake99, oldsouls, D from KS, kgetta, WaywardBill, gnoodle, pather, uncjhn, tilesteve, StaggerLee32, another jerry, jgminerals, BabylonDon, 143or245, rlkaminsky, osborne fitzgerald mcclintic, padrig, Ungnome, Taco Joe, johnnybgoode, novakm1, Elston64, Chief Book Dog, westking101, wharftrat, 9785, terrapination, Drumhead, Brownie, AndieIsAlthea, Skjellyfetti, dgsegal, dhmikeo, Rum Jungle, drkstar69, Majuroguy, tommygutt, Valerie Stevenson, RP1, BlondeJim, DrBone, dsagem57, netminder12006, Tito714, doc1219, smallwarfrat, slidebrain, jbirdme, Strollin Crow, bilee, direlupus, edgeman, fool, mustawas, Cindyfromdenver, THB, Terry Tolkin, unclebearzo, Bearzchoice, wharfrat8199, kelly Bowie, Strider 88, muab dib, dkstr89, Grr8ful, WHERE DO THEY COME FROM---- WHAT DO THEY MEAN, Doc, slipknot, gratefuldoc, fishman, CR, buscameby, n_zed dead, moforme, suzy creamcheese, deadhd95829, deadheadead, duboman, scamperoni, gruver, Bobby33914, Tony_S, gcs, dazebtween, Chief, Emmett Grogan, alta, relentlesslier, Far-L, Flip, tzuriel, d0ti5, marlo, spam, augustwest, rodger allinson, Sully


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Skjellyfetti's picture
Joined: Jul 25 2007
Brent Joins the band for real

It was surreal to watch as Brent stuck his neck out and dropped Mr Fantasy into the mix. The smile on Jerry's face was huge and Phil just looked like he stepped on the cat. No more side man for Brent. You go boy make it snappy!

Joined: Nov 7 2007
I remember

Brent looked fairly startled when Bobby grabbed the song out from under him, with the na-na-na chorus from Hey Jude...

These guys were outstanding when they were messing with each other.

~I was concealed
Now I am stirring
And I will lay my love around you...~

Joined: Jan 10 2012
Mr. Fantasy

Did anyone see someone passing a note to Jerry toward the end of Playin' in the Band? It was a gold Steal Your Face charm w/a request for Dear Mr. Fantasy...Jerry teared up. I think there was DEA backstage, & shrimp salad sandwiches...ahhh.......

hockey_john's picture
Joined: Aug 25 2012
buzz around this nite

There was a certain buzz about this night and I do not mean sound or getting high I meant the after show buzz we all get when they broke out a new or old song. The air was intense. That feeling that this is going to be a good summer tour. After all we had scarlet touch at the Hult now fantasy and a nice long tour on its way


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Red Rocks Amphitheatre - June 14, 1984