Grateful Dead

Franklin County Field - June 15, 1995

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Franklin County Field

June 15, 1995

Highgate, VT US

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First "Rollin & Tumblin" - Bob Dylan opened

Set List:

Set 1: Touch of Grey
Wang Dang Doodle
El Paso
Ramble On Rose
Black Throated Wind
Loose Lucy
Promised Land

Set 2: Here Comes Sunshine
Samba In The Rain
Truckin' > Rollin' & Tumblin'* > That Would Be Something > He's Gone
> Drums > Space > Box Of Rain > Standing On the Moon > Sugar Magnolia


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uncjhn's picture
Joined: Dec 5 2007
Last waltz with Jerry

I am a Dead Head."Today I live a wonderful life in part due to the magic encountered some many years ago. The Peace Love Harmony & Symphony that I was witness to still resonates in me........
I am Grateful to have seen as many shows as I have.
Wising everyone Health & Happiness.
The Joyrney goes Further.

Humboldt JennyB's picture
Joined: May 15 2011
from shorline to vermont in

from shorline to vermont in 14 days. Gimme a break guys. Who made that jump? not me thats for sure.

Joined: Nov 3 2011
Despite the gate crashers,

Despite the gate crashers, this was a great show. Dylan opened, then, Mickey and Billy tweaked my mind on drums. A fantastic second set!

Joined: Aug 12 2012
Last one

This was a crazy show - who knew it would be my last

hockey_john's picture
Joined: Aug 25 2012
The end

The very last time i saw Jerry. Was unhappy with the way he looked.Losing him was like losing one of my very best friends. Never got to sit down and talk to him yet,on many occasion in passing. Was right next to him " Dunsmuir House and Gardens, Oakland, CA @ the Stone in San Fran !0 4 86 @ Madison square garden called our hotel room to put us on guest list. I answered phone.......... Jerry asked for Mark to which I replied he is not hear rite now. Jerry saying OK well then give me your last name and will put you all on list under your name. Told him my last name and began to spell it to which Jerry replied fuck it man to long give me someone else in the room with easier last name. My only claim to his fame. Along with 400 or 500 times in his presence on stage. Just like all us on here.
I use to always say the Dead could announce they are playing 3 nights at the town dump. And give it 2 or 3 years in a row somewhere on the east coast and many would call it the best place on earth to see the band.I sure do miss him just like so many others .That said his health has slipped to much for my liking after say 92. My health was getting better and I could finally see threw my rose colored glasses. That is in NO WAY meant to be a dig at Jerry or any other. Long live the SPIRIT and good fortune to all.

A Flip's picture
Joined: Feb 10 2014
Still Grateful...

I'm still Grateful for being able to see the last few years..(93-95), I hear complaints from older heads, and I feel you, but I choose to focus on the 50,000+ beautiful people who were in this crowd, not the 40-50,000 party/gatecrashers. Still a good time...He's gone and D>S were good moments here..not the best but ALWAYS worth it!

hockey_john's picture
Joined: Aug 25 2012
we are

We are not complaining about the change, just sad for the change. Those of us who caught the boys during good ole grateful dead days are what I think most are referring to here. Maybe am wrong but to every generation they had there own good ole days. I feel lucky to call mine the early 80'2 threw 89.

Joined: Sep 2 2012
My only show- stone cold sober.

I remember fondly joining the "We want Phil!" chant. After the chant died, I alone screamed "BOX OF RAIN!" as loud as I could. How awesome a surprise it was when they hit that tune in the 2nd set!

Being 20 yards or so from the stage, I didn't learn of the gate crashers until I read the local newspapers. But this day ranks as the happiest of my life nonetheless, and I am grateful that my sober brain was able to hold onto the memory. I won't get into the grieving process I began to endure 8 weeks later...that'd be a short novel.

On 1/20/13, my wife gave birth to my youngest son, Mason Garcia Raineault. When I help him in the hospital for the first time, I sang Casey Jones and Mason's Children with tears in my eyes. Then that July, I was glad to be able to bring my oldest son, Austin, to see Furthur in Gilford, NH. Sober that day too!

6/15/95 was the day my life became truly complete. Nothing before or after it ranks as fulfilling a destiny like that did.

8/9/95 is a day that, sadly, never really went away for me. I just hope that wherever Jerry is, he knows I thank him sincerely for the happiness he brought me.

Joined: Sep 8 2014
Highgate VT

also my last show, and coincidentally also my first free show, compliments of the gate crashers I guess....

Joined: Oct 9 2014
Seeing the boys in my home state!

This was one of my favorite shows ever! Seeing the Dead in my home state was amazing!


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Franklin County Field - June 15, 1995