Grateful Dead

Alpine Valley Music Theatre - June 21, 1985

Alpine Valley Music Theatre

June 21, 1985

East Troy, WI US

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"Twilight Zone Theme" tuning before "Woman Smarter"

Set List:

Cold Rain and Snow
Down in the Bottom
Ain't Superstitious
Stagger Lee
Mama Tried
Mexicali Blues
Bird Song
Looks Like Rain
Day Job

Man Smart/Woman Smarter
Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad
Estimated Prophet
Eyes of the World
Black Peter
Around and Around
Sugar Magnolia

Baby Blue

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Joined: Jun 14 2007
Great place!

My first time at el-pine. Beautiful visual acoustics as well as aural.

Joined: Oct 7 2008
Got there at half time

got ther at half time dylan playing on sound system

was able to just buy my ticket whenI got there and just wandered up to the pavillion and got about row ten left side

Women are smarter started and ran into an old girlfreind for carbondale it was a magic moment.

Jerry was off the wall on Baby Blue, playing so many notes it was mind blowing.

Always August's picture
Joined: Dec 14 2008
GD Parking Lot

My buddies and I road tripped that summer. We found ourselves in wisconsin on the day of this show.
We were able to get tix...everybody say Yay!!
The parking lot was a golf course and there was a steady rain. That was as entertaining as the show. we hung out in our van with the side door open and recorded (audio) the goings on. Tents blowing around and their people chasing after them "did you see my tent blow by?", people wandering with inverted umbrellas, one head looking for his people ( he had really good orange juice). He had a friend named Bean. Apparently "Bean" got hit on the head with a hockey puck so they call him Bean. He did stop it from going in the goal.
Every so often I'll put in that tape and time travel. What a Blast !!

archer's picture
Joined: Jul 17 2007
Crazy Rain!

I remember this one as being one of the funniest and most fun shows I ever went to. The parking lot was one laugh after another, with most of them coming from these 3 kids next to us who looked like the Hanson Brothers from slap shot. They had trouble with their tent, the grill wouldnt stay lit for their hot dogs, they all left and bought matching tye-dye shirts, it rained and the rain flowed down the hill right into their tent, poor guys, it was a riot for us to watch though. We dosed up about an hour or two before the show so that added fuel to the fire.
The show itself was a continuation with the non-stop rain. We were soaked and mud from head to toe, but we didnt care much. I always liked the rain shows but it really started to pour during of all songs, "Looks Like Rain". I remember the end of that song where Bobby's doing all the "hear comes the rain" stuff, and the thunder got louder and more intense, and the rain just pounding. (I swear those guys could control the weather).
It cleared up a bit for the second set, a good time was had by all as we continued on into the night after the show and finally stripped out of all the wet clothes and crashed. This was my wifes (then girlfriend) first Alpine show. I still have a shirt that says Happy 20th Birthday to the Grateful Dead from this show.
The next morning, the Hanson Brothers (or the 3 stooges as we started calling them) were long gone, my head was punding, water was a hot commodity, the Biffys down about 50 yards were being cleaned and smelled something fierce, so we high-tailed it on out of there for the day and came back later for show 2.

Joined: Nov 1 2010
controlling the weather

that seemed to be everyone's opinion that night. it was definitely highly weird. I remember the rain kept coming and going with the intensity of the music, but it wasn't until the encore finished that the sky just opened up and poured down hard. real real hard.

I didn't pay much attention to where I parked the car, and now it was dark, and raining hard, and i was tripping hard. I walked around for a few hours with my friends trying to find the car. We finally just gave up, sat down and waited for the car to come to us. It did. After some traffic cleared out, I looked around and there was the car not 20 feet away.

Joined: Jul 4 2011
Perfect Weather-

We drove from St.Louis to Chicago.
Watched two days of Cardinal vs.Cubs games in Chicago @ Wrigley...alot of fun.
We stayed @ the Lake Geneva Hilton (where the band stayed)
I bartended @ the hotel bar after the gigs...they only had 1 person behind the bar & after I told him I could help...he invited me back.
All my friends drank for free...& I had alot of Head friends that night!

Joined: Nov 8 2011
Sort of my 1st show

I guess technically this was my 1st show. We drove from Springfield, IL which is about 5 hrs. Got there late and made it in for only the 2nd set pretty sober. Lookin back was pretty amazed at the huge crowd as this being my 1st time around that many deadheads. We had a girl with us who had been to many shows and immediately ditched us to go find her sister in the lot after the shows. We had no idea about the lot scene so after an hour or so we left her never to see her till we got back to town a few days later. We were so naive. We found a hotel in Beloit then got up early the next day and had the time of our lives the next day which I guess is really what I count as my 1st full show and where I really GOT it!

lisener's picture
Joined: Dec 30 2010
Paid the way...

Had the time of my life with family and friends!

Joined: Jun 4 2007
comic relief

Not to mention his post, but if you're looking for additional laughter, click on archer's profile pic. I count at least 3 very funny things about that picture. The t-shirt, the beer with a straw and that's some baaaaaaaaad sunburn! Yikes. Too funny though. :-D

Joined: Jun 15 2007
First show

Drove to Alpine from Glencoe with Ben in his VW bug and we camped there that night in a pup tent. I remember people around us were taking acid. I was 16, so was a bit freaked out. I remember Goin' Down the Road. I think Jerry was wearing a red shirt that night.

Was the first of many excellent shows I would get to see in my lifetime.


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Alpine Valley Music Theatre - June 21, 1985