Grateful Dead

Knickerbocker Arena - June 21, 1995

Knickerbocker Arena

June 21, 1995

Albany, NY US

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final "Row Jimmy" - "Down In The Boondocks" tuning to open the second set - final "Woman Smarter" - final/last "Supplication Jam": 08-14-91 [286] - final "Morning Dew"

Set List:

Set 1: Hell In A Bucket
Take Me To The River
Row Jimmy
Broken Arrow
Promised Land

Set 2: Scarlet Begonias > Fire On The Mountain
Women Are Smarter
It's All Too Much
Playing In The Band > Drums > Space > Ain't No Easy Answers > Morning Dew

U.S. Blues

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Joined: Jun 4 2007
My last show ....At least it

My last show ....At least it ended with a incredible DEW !!

US Blues

OceanRiverCO's picture
Joined: Jun 5 2007

Set 1: Hell In A Bucket, Loser, Take Me To The River, Row Jimmy, Broken Arrow, Promised Land

Set 2: Scarlet Begonias > Fire On The Mountain, Women Are Smarter, It's All Too Much, Playing In The Band > Drums > Space > Ain't No Easy Answers > Morning Dew, E: U.S. Blues

ggloyd's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
my 21st birthday show...

Got a taper ticket outside the show last minute...couldn't see nothin in that seat, so moved across aisle to left...lit a smoke n got busted for it (black mark on ticket)...moved up ten or so rows...lit a smoke during row jimmy n got busted for it (second black mark means c-ya) dragged to the back of the floor and shoved out the long row of c-ya doors by two guards holding both arms and wound up staring at a dozen cops on horses. Suck. Not the greatest 21st birthday. A friend got busted and spent the night in jail and another acquaintance got REALLY busted and spent two months in jail (was there when Jer passed). As noted by so many: the beginning tastes of a rough tour to come...

"Moloch the incomprehensible prison! Moloch the crossbone soulless jailhouse and Congress of sorrows!" -Howl, Allen Ginsberg

Joined: Jun 14 2007
Not the best night

A lot changed in 2 years.

The Spring '93 shows in Albany were great and the crowd was pretty cool. In '95, the city was overrun by the ticketless hordes who did too much dope, threw garbage everywhere and could barely stand up from too much nitrous. The police were on edge and my friends & I were saddened. And this was before the show.

Inside, Jerry's guitar was barely audible. We had great seats on the side of the stage & he obviously was not well; his appearance was disconcerting.

A bad night inside & outside made for a long, depressing ride home.

My last show.

Joined: Jun 22 2007
I was front and center in

I was front and center in front of Garcia the whole night thanks to mail order tickets from my girlfriend Julie. The band had lots of technical problems and obviously personal issues as well. Jerry played the last ever Row Jimmy "Julie catch a rabbit" which made me and Julie happy. He then preceded to play it for 15 minutes with lots midi flute.. Some pretty hippy chick scamed her way into the front row and the guy next to me let her dance in his space. That was fine but when she tried to scam up to in front of Garcia Julie was having none of it and swung some well placed elbows that would have made Karl Malone envious. Needless to say this was her spot and and it would not be relinquished that easy. During Promised Land I was dancing so hard that my girl friend was behind me holding on to my back and getting tossed back and forth...Julie saw Jerry look down at us and throw his head back doing a double take.
During set break Garcia stayed on stage wearing a sweater and playing his guitar. He had dark glasses on and was wearing those in the ear monitors so he could hear himself. I think he was trying to fix problems with his guitar . I was proud that no one in the front row bothered him during this time. We had this huge security guard leaning on the railing in front of us and we were all smoking ganja right in front of him and he did nothing. We were all carrying on and I think Garcia enjoyed watching us because he kept smiling that little smile of his.
During the second set I made eye contact with Garcia and I swear I got the message from him basically "I'm sorry that I'm decreped and can't play if I wasn't I would rock your world" I thought back to him no problem you should be home with your grandkids and sitting on your front porch playing music and not out here with us idiots" Oh well too bad it couldn't have been that way.

scarletfire65's picture
Joined: Jul 1 2007
Sad Night

It really was All Too Much as the Scarlet>Fire sounded like it was Jerry's first time playing it. The middle verse was flubbed, if sung at all. I really can't remember..

lightningn8's picture
Joined: Jun 13 2007
last show

the technical difficulties wore thin on everyone, but no one more than mr garcia, he was pissed, or so it seemed. as a result the show pretty weak. with the exception of morning dew. all difficulties disappeared for a few precious moments and we were all treated to a beautiful, final rendtion from the boys.

Darlin Girl's picture
Joined: Jul 20 2007
Row Jimmy

Forget any hassles. Every thing was worh it to hear Row Jimmy. This was the most incredible Row Jimmy! I lost consciousness of anything but the song. Once in a while I would momentarily snap out of my trance to go "Wow....they really are still playing this..." The band was into it. I was into it. This tune was the show for me. The music never stops to this day...

Joined: Jul 20 2007
my last show

Roww Jimmy

Hello to all who have shared so far. This was one of a few indoor shows that tour. I've heard they seemed to play better inside, I certainly enjoyed it. At first I was skeptical when they started with Hell in a Bucket and the technical problems. However there were plenty of good things (seemed to be quite afew "water" related songs- guess it had rained alot recently). As with others my personal epiphany was the 20+ min. Row Jimmy. Jerry just kept putting more and more soulful singing and playing each verse. Loser is also a personal favorite, so it was good to hear. The second set was nothing to scoff at, with good song choices (glad someone else caught the "Down in the Boondocks) aand the "Supplication Jam" was totally unexpected and great! "Morning Dew" is...well, Morning dew. Need I say more. And to latter find out it was Jerry's last made it even more poignant and special. Now I look back or listen to shows and realize how self-centered and cynical I could be at times. Everything has taken on a new light now that the fork in the road of this journey has changed. Fare the well-Roww Jimmy

Mr.Skjellyfetti's picture
Joined: Oct 8 2007
My last show

after driving for 20 hrs to begin a late summer tour, I was arrested in the parking lot at 7am for possesing sterilized Hemp seeds. I sat in Jail for 3 days until I had a preliminary hearing and posted bail of $500 (in singles!) I jumped on Phish tour as a protest. Sorry to say, I'm glad that I did not partake in the tour from hell. My memories of the "Boys" will be with me forever.

P.S. It took me 18 Months of severe depression before I could drag my self out of my bus and go see a show (Further). Jerry was gone, but I found the love of my fellow deadheads was there, we carried on for Jer.


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Knickerbocker Arena - June 21, 1995