Grateful Dead

City Island - June 22, 1983

City Island

June 22, 1983

Harrisburg, PA US

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Set List:

Feel Like a Stranger
Friend of the Devil
C.C. Rider
Ramble on Rose
My Brother Esau

Hell in a Bucket
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Playin' in the Band
Spanish Jam
I Need a Miracle
Stella Blue
Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad
Not Fade Away

Brokedown Palace

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Duggles's picture
Joined: Jun 5 2007
I remember the long bridge.

Another great show and I got to go with my friend Bill H. from Wilmington. I always enjoyed going to shows with him which was not enough.


Mike Edwards's picture
Joined: Jun 17 2007
The Bridge

This was an interesting venue. City Island is located in the middle of the Susquehanna River about 15 miles upstream of Three Mile Island. Access to the island was by way of a footbridge that was like a long, caged tunnel made of chain link fence, which wasn't so bad on the way to the show, but the trip back across the river after the show was quite a bit longer and stranger. The show was good solid fun. Not top ten material, but a good sunny day spent dancing in the dirt.

Joined: Oct 6 2008
home sweet home

This was show,only 35 miles from home,watching the sea of tyedye flow down the streets was just so cool.I do remeber some asshole setting off half sticks of dynomite,the sea of dancing deadheads and the cloud of dust.The bridge is only half there,an ice jam took the west side down,I seen every show on city island.sad now it's a baseball stadium.

Joined: Dec 24 2008
first show

Iwas never the same person after this show, put away a long history of fighting for no good reason thanks for showing me the kindness nothin left to do but smile smile smile!

Joined: Jan 31 2009
Island in a stream

I remember going off in to the woods and sitting on a log for much of this show. It was a crushing day. Security took interest in the contents of my pockets and relieved me of valuables I had on loan from a friend. I could say nothing lest arouse the suspicions of the cop nearby. I just assimilated into the throng before the guard could figure out what he had taken from me.

Dpwilljr's picture
Joined: Oct 20 2010
Last show of early summer

I remember the look on Weir's face when he came onstage and saw a forest of microphones from tapers.
I think this show was one of the reasons they designated a taper's section shortly thereafter.
It was a beautiful summer day in PA and a good show but no where near the intensity of two nights previous.
I was driving back to Florida after this show. A few months later I would pack all of my belongings into my Jeep and head up north, with a slight deviation to Texas to catch the last show of the west coast summer run.

Joined: Feb 8 2011
Jerry smiled at me

I once had to fill out an application for a vendor on the Furthur Festival (circa 1998) - one question was to list the show(s) where Jerry smiled directly at you. Well, this was mine. I remember walking up towards the stage - sunshine daydream nice day - and having a clear path right to the stage. Walking up, they were playing Ramble on Rose. As I got close to the stage, smiling, I looked up and there he was - the smiling Budda - looking over the top of his glasses right at me. I smiled back at him, kept on dancin', and really felt it was right in stride. Couple dudes having fun. Boy do I miss that.

Joined: Jan 3 2011
short set

I remeber this show as because to me it was the begining of the end. The show was maybe the shortest I've seen Lacked energy

cub's picture
Joined: Mar 20 2008
What is the Significance of the tie-dye?

This was the question asked by a civilian lady riding down the elevator with our crew at the Holiday Inn in Harrisburg. Tully replied "Well some of us just think the shirts look neat". Plain and simple truth.

Also at this show I danced near the head that would make an oil painting inside the show while the band was on stage. I also saw him at some indoor shows too. (Philly Civic Center '84). Wow ,what an inspiration he had to work with.

The dusty-dirt cloud rose from the ground as The Deal cranked up and splinters of sunlight streaked out from the setting sun behind the stage.

City Island had no seating except for the bleachers off to the right of stage. This is where I relaxed during the Spanish Jam and when Miracle cranked, the dust cloud rose again.


Joined: Sep 25 2012
My first show here at City Island, Harrisburg, PA

I had begged and pleaded with my parents to allow me to go to this show with my best friend, her mom and mom's best friend (our "chaperones") My parents finally gave in and let me go. My friend's mom figured since we were fifteen, we could have that leash let out.
Had a blast dancing, hanging out with our friends--both Jerry and Bobby looked right at me cos I could get right up in front of the stage to watch them play. What a thrill! Especially since Bobby and I share our birthday. Never got that close again at any concert.
Before the end of the show, I got separated from my friend, but we met back up at her mom's friend's place, a few blocks away from the Island. I ended up getting home late, my parents were furious that my friend's mom let us wander around by ourselves, and I got grounded.
But that was the beginning of my love for the Dead, Deadheads and some amazing music!


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City Island - June 22, 1983