Grateful Dead

Alpine Valley Music Theatre - June 22, 1985

Alpine Valley Music Theatre

June 22, 1985

East Troy, WI US

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Set List:

Hell in a Bucket
Walkin' Blues
It's All Over Now
Brown Eyed Women
One More Saturday Night

Keep on Growing
Mississippi Half-Step
Lost Sailor
Saint of Circumstance
Dear Mr. Fantasy
I Need a Miracle
Stella Blue
Throwin' Stones
Not Fade Away

Brokedown Palace

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Attendees of this show

mikel5, dubai-escorts-bunnies, bluecrow, anthony_r, Flatbed Floyd, Amy from New York, msmiranda, casinodead1,, ST-3PO, trukin, jzillmer, LorenSR, mdew77, scarletfire2297, WhoWhatWendy, jayclark, zoyd1962, bevillg, dano009, dagonz59, scoobiedew, ogdenp, blue eyed soul, hupiper, vikered, ascialabba, Frontrow Joe, crunchyfrog, Jules N Binokulas, Petronius Jablonski, normk58, PERL.DiamonDve65, southofi10, Waldo66, zoomguy, BlueGirl62, dhaivyd, davegordon, payingdues, MikeOMikeO, LocoBrian, rymo, Steveinkato, zman1, bluewater, tennessee john, John Kovacs, miltonmutant, hockey_john, cbNEAL, Paul Dirks, Quazi, andychatfield, Perfunct, smwagner21, njlostsailor, hitmeister, 0xDEAD, jamesrbenson, MNGLWD, Phinnegan, dharmabum66, juddh1, rab66, dogwoodgirl, minutemouse, blacksharpie, intrepid, AlpineValley81, fifty lakes, indianabob, rootbeer2000, TennesseeRose, ChinaRider77, scarletdeal, sweetiemama, DvdGlen, Peak0db, WillyB, cryptl1028, nanabool, ellisdee25, ocean, Dpwilljr, grateful hawaiian, jackstrawtom, robbieg, Dolabella, valeriejoy, mmtapeop, nipsyhustle, Iriecycle, StackoLee, goretoast, hippierob, turtlemusicfan, niptotheair, greeksam78, dpw1982, darkstarcrashes, tpenn, Boilerguy56, SidePocket, chicosez, dr zevon, scotts, john_v_peterson, joebroomhead, Mud, GDrew, Terpin61, saintstephen19, Kevmorty, AlaskaDeadHead1, illicoug, texas dead, August_r, Truckee420, jsginbull, Dead Billy, graskaml, Cerberus, dbartolismith, arterps, alovours13, kaminskis comet, gdopus, gdeadicated, eyes-of-the-world, W.A.L.S.T.I.B., DentalHead, janrock, LadySparkle, mercurygd, Stella Bleu, docmark, pat L, lonesomejohnnie, eFreak, jack-straw-SF, AmikkoDelicOne, BornInADesert, nvrsaynvr, flach77, BurntDawg, pairdoc, cool colo. rain, lagnaf, alpine84, acacia, MagicPEZ, LadyoftheIsland, kathyk26, Phaldo, AlpineMike, frankiek, raggedrobin, RTJ, wenbuc, pg60, ladnarc, gravedigger7, jsomoza, jordanj420, smilin.dave, fostever, paulsig, 4 Rivers, deadsince79, dnathans, tomsned66, Clairebear, snobtaper, DoDa Man, wharfratdude, gratefultrip, trippy, Thepman, AlpineMatt, milldew, MissReddin, bobbyb, gdtrfb65, ffej55, sum, wiggy, Wharf Rat 12-28-82, iggy62, Cheesehead-deadhead, jamie60, 66slim, rami, Sleepingdragon777, shoninsf, davidMOT, MadSeason, flipper, aliceDmillionair, MusicClark, D from KS, mountainlynx, castle17, Kraut888, WaywardBill, GRonK, forcestream, kydedhed, Upstate NY, Loisen, asteroid4442, alatcamp, darkstar stu, whitebird, how_many_shows, another jerry, TekeHead, BabylonDon, Bradbury, Meige, AlanSheckter, jharris, Nikolai, PeterB, rlkaminsky, osborne fitzgerald mcclintic, PowderPig, ginsu710, Wandering Soul, uncle lefty,, mp51, Fungi Finder, Elston64, kctomato, non-marital property, Slidiouse, hamal, hehehekramar, bikechef, cristoceles, pearlybakerbest, goldgreek, Drumhead, Deadfitz, dickelliott, Babuyaya, Musky_Ranger, capntrips, toneye, brewster boy, Yippierb, dhmikeo, IrishHubby, chinacatcumberland5, archer, Rum Jungle, MoonshineCito, Jon Weiner Photography, DFBWM, Crazy Fingers, Valerie Stevenson, deadheaddave1982, terrapin85, BlondeJim, jpjp, crazyfingers73, tapertim, JERRYJEFF G., bigdancingbear, jbdrums, mary-sunshine, joelovesthe dead, catchmohl, Saintoc, smokey mountains, griffmad, jackerowe, vanderwoude, Diceking, RowJimeye, firemanmike, bilee, gratefldiver, Uncle-John, timitart, wally1966, drumzspace72, colorado jed, acehigh53, coachdeadhead, CaptainCaveman, shkdnst, OBY-BEN-WAH-KENOBY, scarletfire26, Jeffervonjefferson, Gr8fulDon, SmokeyG, wharfrat8199, chef, UnklRuss, AikoBearzly, tirebiter, dharmagum, texasdragonfly, drkstrcrashes, johnoreno, shugamag, spliff, papajohnny, Emerald4689, thump66, Fillmore Midwest, fishman, Katemae, budculbertson, Finster, KevinGutzmer, goodkarma, jcschaef, Heat, dedhed714, theob, duboman, AJ, Gratefullawyer, Hal R, grplasa, kelster, gremmie1, gr84lgamer, pdb, Bobby33914, MktoSteve, brazilhead, juddcbrown, Lorenr, culliganman007, Raff, Columbia, bkind-fg2all, paisley, deadheadkeith, scarletttouchfire, jimmy mundane, paulb, DocLnghair, 333mike, blackelk, sgolston, Far-L, mflinsch, grateful tar heel, Flip, ronbow, thomprf, Richter, taperchef, triplane23, tse, skioa, thecaptaintrips, Duggles, Teedawg, bradleyg, bear7140, Alpine7784, augustwest, rodger allinson, Half-step, Tom Banjo, Zapman, arrcee, kaiser soda, Sunshine-Daydream, danlevy, tn2nadoes


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Joined: Jul 4 2011

Brent & Jerry were amazingly tight together for this whole gig.
Listen to the tapes!(Disks now)
We had 4th row seats w/ 8 wife went to the bathroom & came back to share that the real party was on the lawn...@ break we headed to the lawn & it was a great choice.
Dear Mr.Fantasy & Stella were smokin!

lisener's picture
Joined: Dec 30 2010
Had to stay...

All 4 of us had a Great time driving there and enjoying all that was around us.

Joined: Oct 15 2014
London to Chicago to Alpine Valley

In the summer of '85 I was working as a plasterer (English style) somewhere in Winnetka and was thrilled to see that the Dead were coming to town. So, having had a break from work back home in the UK, I flew in from London on the 22 June and headed straight to the venue. I'd seen the Dead several times in England but had always wanted to see them in the US. What an amazing evening, loved every moment and cried like a baby when Brokedown Palace came as the encore. We hadn't made a note of where we had parked up and as we were out of our heads we wandered around for an hour or two before we found the car. We never managed to get home to Chicago that night so we slept in our battered Ford Ltd somewhere in Milwaukee. At around 4.00 am we were awoken by the cops and just as I thought we were going to be led off in chains they heard our accents... So what are you guys doing here? When we told them we were on our way home after the Dead gig, and that we'd come from the UK to do so, they just told us to sleep well and they'd make sure we weren't disturbed again. A night never to be forgotten.


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Alpine Valley Music Theatre - June 22, 1985