Grateful Dead

Knickerbocker Arena - June 22, 1995

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Knickerbocker Arena

June 22, 1995

Albany, NY US

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Set List:

Walking Blues
So Many Roads>

Black Peter*>


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Joined: Jun 5 2007
would have been my last show but.. ex-wife and I sold our tickets after seeing the most violence I have ever seen on tour. Usually Albany was one of the most welcoming towns out there. always great vibes and people. not these 2 shows. I saw 3 heads get the shit beat out of them by narcs. huge police presence there and they weren't messing around. I wound up going to saratoga springs and seeing Phish and walked out of that show because of asshole fans dancing on top of me and my ex-wife's blanket. Haven't seen them since. What a shitty weekend of music that was for me. And then it was all over with. RIP Jerry

JunkYardDog's picture
Joined: Nov 4 2007
RIP Ron,Keith,Brent,and Jerry.

Sad to say but like many that posted here it was the end of a long run for me, first being Woodstock, last Albany. The memory of the second set will forever be burned to my brain especially Estimated> Terrapin>Drums>Space.
I will always be a DeadHead

We will Survive, we will get by.


ohioted's picture
Joined: Nov 4 2007
Thought it was good

I did the 2nd set from behind the stage, and I seem to remember it being pretty empty back there. The HSF to open 2nd set seemed really good from my vantage point, but I havent listened to it since so who knows. I seem to remember that Watchtower was good too. As far as the lot scene goes, I wasn't around any of the violence, but I heard about it from other kids runnin around. I ran into a couple kids that got so wasted the night before that they lost their tickets. They found them the next morning, but they were day old tickets at that point. The girl gave me one of the tickets, and I used the "burn test" and blacked out the day and date on the ticket. It took a little begging and pleading but it got me in. Overall a good show I thought.

A Flip's picture
Joined: Feb 10 2014
NOT the end..

Last time seeing Jerry, though. But the road goes on with all the great music the "Other ones" continue to bring years in Cali seeing the Furthur fest,Phil n Phriendz, Other ones,RD,Dead,were great..Up to Furthur fall '13..Of COURSE it's not the same,but we should be glad it's there, I sure am...I'm Grateful the scenes' not dead.


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Knickerbocker Arena - June 22, 1995