Grateful Dead

Knickerbocker Arena - June 22, 1995

Knickerbocker Arena

June 22, 1995

Albany, NY US

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Set List:

Walking Blues
So Many Roads>

Black Peter*>


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Joined: Jun 5 2007
would have been my last show but.. ex-wife and I sold our tickets after seeing the most violence I have ever seen on tour. Usually Albany was one of the most welcoming towns out there. always great vibes and people. not these 2 shows. I saw 3 heads get the shit beat out of them by narcs. huge police presence there and they weren't messing around. I wound up going to saratoga springs and seeing Phish and walked out of that show because of asshole fans dancing on top of me and my ex-wife's blanket. Haven't seen them since. What a shitty weekend of music that was for me. And then it was all over with. RIP Jerry

JunkYardDog's picture
Joined: Nov 4 2007
RIP Ron,Keith,Brent,and Jerry.

Sad to say but like many that posted here it was the end of a long run for me, first being Woodstock, last Albany. The memory of the second set will forever be burned to my brain especially Estimated> Terrapin>Drums>Space.
I will always be a DeadHead

We will Survive, we will get by.


ohioted's picture
Joined: Nov 4 2007
Thought it was good

I did the 2nd set from behind the stage, and I seem to remember it being pretty empty back there. The HSF to open 2nd set seemed really good from my vantage point, but I havent listened to it since so who knows. I seem to remember that Watchtower was good too. As far as the lot scene goes, I wasn't around any of the violence, but I heard about it from other kids runnin around. I ran into a couple kids that got so wasted the night before that they lost their tickets. They found them the next morning, but they were day old tickets at that point. The girl gave me one of the tickets, and I used the "burn test" and blacked out the day and date on the ticket. It took a little begging and pleading but it got me in. Overall a good show I thought.

A Flip's picture
Joined: Feb 10 2014
NOT the end..

Last time seeing Jerry, though. But the road goes on with all the great music the "Other ones" continue to bring years in Cali seeing the Furthur fest,Phil n Phriendz, Other ones,RD,Dead,were great..Up to Furthur fall '13..Of COURSE it's not the same,but we should be glad it's there, I sure am...I'm Grateful the scenes' not dead.

Advocate's picture
Joined: Jan 6 2015
Looking for Jay/ Jason - do you know him?

My name is Jay/ Jason from South Carolina /Champaign, Illinois; do you remember me?

Grateful Dead Fan Remains Nameless, 18 Years After Fatal Crash

POSSIBLE LEAD #1: 'Jason' from Champaign, Illinois.
Origin of lead: Contact was made by three males who lived with a 'Jason' who matched the description of GD, after one had seen an Imgur post about The Grateful Doe.

The Facts:

From contact #1: This contact has a strong belief Jason is our GD.


- Was known to the contact in late 1994 to early 1995.
- He was living with the three informants
- He began living with the three informants in fall of 1994
- He was living with them in a house off the campus of the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana
- He was younger than all three of the males living in the house, and was estimated between 17 - 18 years of age.
- He was described as a 'laid back surfer dude' from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
- This is where one of the informants, G, met Jason.
- G and Jason shared one bedroom.
- Jason was NOT a student at UofI
- He was a 'major Dead Head' and would discuss The Grateful Dead frequently with a fellow housemate
- He discussed topics such as Atheism, hallucinogens, and believed he could talk to trees.
- He worked at a McDonalds near the house. It is possible it's address was; 1605 South Neil Street, Champaign, IL 61820.
- Was romantically involved with a 30 - 40 year old female manager at this location
- He 'disappeared' in mid to late winter of February 1995.
- Would frequently call 1900-RUN-DEAD (A line for fans of GD to call and be provided with information about setlists of concerts)
- He had a slight build, hair looked sun-bleached like he had 'spent plenty of time at the beach'. His hair was described to look like 'Kurt Cobain'
- His eyes were always slightly closed, and was possibly 'baked alot', it is possible he also took mushrooms.
- The newer computer image doesn't 'look like Jason, they made him look too conventional/mainstream/awake'
- He talked like a soft-spoken surfer dude, although he could get quite animated.
- There is no recollection of Jason speaking about family
- Jason's friend (contact #2), remembers the shoes identified in the GD's belongings. He states "His feet were a little bigger than mine, he only had a pair of sandals when we came back from SC. He tried to borrow some of my shoes, but most were uncomfortably small on him. I'm a 10 1/2, the info on GD says he was an 11 1/2".

From contact #2:
- The Jason I knew had wavy blond hair, the sketches make it look kind of curly or frizzy
- He was a cheerful guy, and often in a good mood
- Jason lived with contact #2's parents place for a month or two when they came from Myrtle Beach.

What needs to be done with this lead?
- We need follow ups done with areas in South Carolina surrounding, and including, Myrtle Beach. This includes enquiries for high schools, primary schools, colleges, workplaces. This can be done in person, or over the internet through Reddit, Facebook, Imgur and Craiglist.
- We need follow ups done with McDonalds in the Champaign area. This can be done online, or in person. I have had a few seperate people contact me about this. I will be chasing up with them tonight, and update as soon as I know (one via WS, one via Reddit).
- INVOLVING THE MEDIA. How do we go about doing this?

I have been posting these updates on Reddit and Imgur aswell, below are a combined list of suggestions made by users from Reddit, Imgur and WebSleuths. Having a list of them, will make them easier to cross off. If you do any of these suggestions, please mail me so I know to cross them off as done. Huge thank you to EVERYONE who proposed suggestions!

- "If he was a music fan beyond the Grateful Dead, you could try the facebook group called Fans of Mabels. Mabels was a (now closed) music venue in Champaign (and there used to be a McDonalds a few doors down from there-not sure if it's the same one)"

- - "hey hows it going, i might be able to show this picture to some people. but im a little confused about what information your looking for?" COMPLETED: Messaged this user asking for assistance in showing the photo around Charleston. GM.

- "You might want to look into contacting GD radio programs and see if they'll run an announcement or put it on their Facebook pages, America's Most Wanted-style. Looks like there are a couple of shows originating from VA and MD as well."

- "I wonder if it's possible for to get employment records from local McDonalds locations so that you could at least get full names of any Jasons employed in the area at the time. That may be something that only law enforcement officials could do (they might need to be subpoenaed) and it might not be worth their time to do it. But if you could get that info it would really help to narrow things down and give you much more concrete information to work with."

- "It should be possible to come up with records of the business that was there, if you want to put in the research effort. McDonald's stores are often franchises, so there should be a corporate registration with information on who owned/managed the store. The Champaign-Urbana Public Health District is also quite meticulous, and may still have or be able to recover records of that store that could lead to supervisors or other staff there. On your own, voter registration records are public information, including what elections were voted in. So, if GD was over 18 and registered, people named Jason registered in Champaign County with no votes cast after the date of death should be a pretty narrow set. If you can get a little bit of interest from law enforcement personnel who can make official inquiries, that residence and employment lead could be enough to narrow down tax filings and driver's license records to candidate identities - including a lack of subsequent activity in that name following the date of death."

- "Important tip: All of the local McDonald's in C-U with the exception of the one located on Philo Road in Urbana were owned and operated by McDonald's itself (McOpCo) until the late 80s-early 90s, when they were sold to the current franchisee."

- "Some leads that could be followed: News-Gazette missing persons article? High school yearbooks at Champaign Public Library Local police"

- "You can see if the UIUC area has any groups (at bars/clubs) that were into the band back then. I'm sure he would've attended/known people from."



Origin of lead: Contact made on internet forum. This contact also believes that Jay and Jason, may be our GD.


- Contact was first initiated after seeing a photo of the 'Jason' previously discussed.
- Commented stating that they knew the young man in the photos
- The contact referred to this young man as 'Jay'
- The contact noted that they had met 'Jay' on tour in the summer of 1995
- Jay first came into contact with contact and friends in a hotel
- Contact and Jay discussed Kiawah Island, South Carolina. He had family who was from South Carolina area.
- They did not remember him being penniless
- He would interrupt you while speaking
- Jay stayed with them one night, and had no bags
- It's possible that Jay was not into the Dead, rather, touring with them.
- Jay knew about about Kiawah Island and Charleston, South Carolina
- Another friend remembers Jay, confirmed he was called Jay.
- He was on tour, but 'didn't really seem to know what he was doing'
- Contact met and hung with Jay in the shows leading up to RFK, 95
- Best they can remember, it would have been the Albany, New York City show
- Jay had no tickets to any shows
- He asked contact and friends for a ride to Washington D.C
- Jay was at a hotel in Albany for three days before heading to Washington D.C
- It is possible at this time he did have a bag, and a wallet
- Jay did not have a plan from Albany to DC.
- Jay was in Albany, New York for both shows
- This contact left Jay a note when they left him at the hotel
- He had no money and was floor surfing. It is possible the note in his pocket was from a hotel or someone he was staying with.
- This contact also had an expert look at the photo who agreed; It is a solid lead.
- Jay told contact he had crashed with people in Vermont
- Leaving a note was possible in this situation
- No family mentioned, may have been using Dead as a means to escape
- Possibly only high school education
- It is possible he did not want to be at home

What needs to be done about this lead?
- Enquires need to be made in South Carolina, particularly for Charleston, Myrtle Beach and Kiawah Island. This can be done online or in person.
- Enquires need to be made about the Albany, New York shows. I have previously posted in both the Albany and New York subreddits, appealing for people to come forward who had been at this shows - With no luck. We need to explore these leads further. It seems that he was in the habit of following the tours with people and making friends along the way
- We now need to extend our research to Vermont. The Grateful Dead played a show at the Franklin Co. Airport Field, Highgate, VT, on the 15th of June, 1995. This was followed by a concert at the Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ on the 18th and 19th of June, 1995


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Knickerbocker Arena - June 22, 1995