Grateful Dead

Tower Theatre - June 23, 1976

Tower Theatre

June 23, 1976

Upper Darby, PA US

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Robert Hunter's 35th birthday

Set List:

Music Never Stopped
Mama Tried
Row Jimmy
Big River
High Time
Looks Like Rain
Brown Eyed Women
Lazy Lightnin'
Friend of the Devil
Promised Land

Samson and Delilah
Might As Well
Let it Grow
Let it Grow
Cosmic Charlie
St. Stephen
Not Fade Away
St. Stephen
Dancin' in the Streets
The Wheel
Johnny B. Goode

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Joined: Jul 3 2007
Incredible 2nd set

The second set, with Let it Grow and St. Stephen coming and going in the medley, was incredible and has always stood out in my memory as being some of the finest moments in my Dead life!

Joined: Jul 26 2007
The Mail Order Ticket Lottery

Remember? The lottery, mail order was how tickets were sold.

My tickets came, and I had seats in row"CCC". I was bummed, I figured we were two alphabet sequences (A-Z) in the way-back section.

A few days before the show I was telling a friend about the lousy seats, and he said that the triple letter rows were in the old orchestra pit, when the Tower had live bands playing for shows. I went nuts, but was still skeptical.

So, fast forward to the show, and giving the usher the tickets. My friend & I were led all the way down to the front into a small sectioned off area not 8 feet from the stage. It was incredible.

Great seats, a great show, it is as fresh as last month. Fun, fun, fun.

Joined: Jun 16 2007
taper tape

I have heard a fair quality tape of the 1st set, the quality goes in and out,but it shines at times,love High time, and looks like Rain
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Joined: Oct 5 2007

my first"road" trip show,, drove down in my friends 72 camaro..what an awsome venue was hot as an oven,, big old fans on the sides.. Kieths piano had the steal your face flag drapped over it.. 1st row.. lodge center.. Bobby opened with that whacky yellow dog story.. a sweet music.. a verrry loong row jimmy( around this time,,dose kicked in, our senses bgan to melt)..a superb lazy> supplication, a rockin promised ends the set.. every one seems dosed at the break lots of balloons, colors, I remeber a real pretty girl that Italked with she said they were going to play notfadeawa y.. , colors.. florescent green.. the band is on during set 2 let it grow stephan>nfa>stephan.. a sweet cosmic charlie.. the wheel.. great memories..still have not found a good sdbd. from this show..this is the one that got me on the bus,,my 3rd show..following roosevelt stadium 74& capitol a week before..

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On Archives

I had a friend of mines son make me a CD of this show from, it really sounds good and I let him do it mp3 style because He only had one disc. Really good quality, love hearing the crowd.

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Happy 35th anniversary!

This was my first show - wow 35 years ago! The show actually started with a pretty long rendering of Bob Weir's nonsensical story of the Little Yellow Dog.


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Tower Theatre - June 23, 1976