Grateful Dead

Alpine Valley Music Theatre - June 26, 1987

Alpine Valley Music Theatre

June 26, 1987

East Troy, WI US

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Set List:

Feel Like a Stranger
Franklin's Tower
Walkin' Blues
Row Jimmy
Tons of Steel
When Push Comes to Shove

China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Estimated Prophet
Eyes of the World
Gimme Some Lovin'
The Wheel
All Along the Watchtower
Black Peter
Around and Around
Sugar Magnolia

Touch of Grey

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Fast Johnny, dubai-escorts-bunnies, bluecrow, Flatbed Floyd, Brad125, Amy from New York, Tommyboy, WhatsbecomeofRosemarysBaby, Luvdacheese, rockit, BlueGirl62, casinodead1, ST-3PO, patita, prudence2001, kevinhardy, trukin, jzillmer, LorenSR, mdew77, scarletfire2297, Rid11, WhoWhatWendy, susan_bigley, jayclark, Totem, zoyd1962, tat2inmd, CampgroundBob, kurt009, dagonz59, m1k3, scoobiedew, janthon,, hupiper, vikered, mvlasich, Frontrow Joe, scottjindra, Deadwood-Jed, dhead1965, crunchyfrog, skbphx, bodegahwy, stillpoint1959, anewbold, Jules N Binokulas, bnewton, mattwise99, Petronius Jablonski, UncleJohn61, jodisalmonson, PERL.DiamonDve65, dhaivyd, bluehun, NevilleC, rymo, hornsby, jeffr-DoseMePlease, Steveinkato, Cbus Scott, cooper3737, bluewater, olddeadhead_NFA, Theeteetop, John Kovacs, miltonmutant, JohnL, bousada, pbyrne, hockey_john, cosmicsushi714, PeteSink, Steve B, cbNEAL, MightandGlory13, Paul Dirks, Perfunct, NJDEAD40, smwagner21, njlostsailor, DAKOTA4X4, 0xDEAD, MNGLWD, MrJonesN, halloweenkid, Phinnegan, dharmabum66, juddh1, rab66, dogwoodgirl, kjhillner, blacksharpie, clutter09, fifty lakes, deepsouthgent, drjimmyc, hippydiver, indianabob, rootbeer2000, Geodye420, ChinaRider77, scarletdeal, sweetiemama, jpreece83, WNCmtnman, skharvey, stevevan33, nanabool, ellisdee25, ocean, Brendoe88, hkdave, gonzo199, robbieg, Dolabella, WalkemJohnny, valeriejoy, tcmarbles, pbyrnestudios, mmtapeop, 123IBT, nipsyhustle, shakes, lotsofgreensmiles, StackoLee, Sela, Driver, jerfest, MAConway, The Wooz, Row Jimmy Tisdall, niptotheair, greeksam78, dpw1982, DavAlan, shannycreek, pman12, jeromethompson, HowlinHippie, picc, tpenn, a_Wolf_in_Paradise, SidePocket, debhead830, chicosez, dr zevon, rodiebluez1, ohiojrrygrl, Mud, GDrew, Terpin61, Boris90, saintstephen19, Kevmorty, illicoug, midiman007, popeyeflyby, skip1122, detroit is dead, Truckee420, jsginbull, AlpineMatrick, Dead Billy, oxfordmsdeadhead, hoops, radio_mogul, LostDew, Cerberus, gonzo4osu, jlawless, zebadya, Robo70, arterps, greg.dowling, tkmathis, chdaws, PghHead, deaddan1969, alovours13, terrapintom, kaminskis comet, deadlyg, gdopus, chefdarkstar, hillndale, a west, eyes-of-the-world, W.A.L.S.T.I.B., MrTat2z, Disco Stu, DentalHead,, ganjagirl, Old School Chuck, photoleon, motoman, vashgrmag, mercurygd, Stella Bleu, TennesseeTed, northshorepc, tcrider, Beamers, kim_iwasko, Mguzziridr, deenaww, eFreak, Patrock, AmikkoDelicOne, michihippie, BornInADesert, nvrsaynvr, TTTurner, BurntDawg, rednfillmore, lemond, PeskeHead, lagnaf, paul41, plogan, MagicPEZ, kathyk26, alpine eyes, AlpineMike, raggedrobin, RTJ, pg60, ladnarc, gravedigger7, jsomoza, DoooDah, BlueSkye, jordanj420, tjazzbo, chloecat, paulsig, Susie Q, deadinmadtown, Max Creek, gratefuljeff, dnathans, Cassidy18, greendad, Clairebear, Frenchmb, Peppermint Patty, snobtaper, DoDa Man, voodoonola, wharfratdude, gratefultrip, NNJDEADHEAD68, mcdougbugs, trippy, hgregs, mps6102, AlpineMatt, pyy, harryz, free idea, BAAB, bobby53, The_Music_Danced_Me, Birdsong1969NJ, fishbach, gdtrfb65, leshphilling, sum, hostage flamingo, PalfHead, cosmic_skye, BigBuffalo, Wharf Rat 12-28-82, jamie60, rami, braindamage, davidMOT, MadSeason, flipper, D from KS, mountainlynx, castle17, Kraut888, mixer, WaywardBill, GRonK, Grateful Jeff, Doseme, Denali, forcestream, Upstate NY, Loisen, scrltbg, scarletfire16, huey, WI Deadhead, hurricanebob, alatcamp, darkstar stu, luv Brent70, another jerry, ticket lee, gusfromcbus, BabylonDon, Bradbury, beckstei, Meige, jharris, rlkaminsky, skinnyfat, mamahippy61, Mr.Skjellyfetti, PowderPig, ginsu710, prariecrow, Wandering Soul, uncle lefty, Duude, Fungi Finder, sportybill, romp711, 1965, kkeyser27, blackclouds, Felix, kctomato, non-marital property, hamal, AoxoA, cristoceles, goldgreek, Deadfitz, GR8FLPT, suite_d, Babuyaya, Musky_Ranger, capntrips, Brownie, Mythical Ethical Icicle Tricycle, brewster boy, tutubeckman, dhmikeo, klaussmith, sleepgeek, Sluys Guys, IrishHubby, lisainpotown, d_dog, 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johnboy, riggamortis, Steph, paisley, gratefuldavehall, scarletttouchfire, thirstyhersh, dennisw, paulb, DocLnghair, seenvic, shack, 333mike, ststephen49, tripperb, blackelk, rainbow-trout, uncle mickey, sgolston, Far-L, mflinsch, bigdavetx, zebweber, ronbow, bodhi, Richter, taperchef, Trueski, IndyDead, triplane23, golfndive, FMLHRN, bbqshoes, Clincher, tse, skioa, steelhead, thecaptaintrips, Zippatron, nbeversluis, Duggles, Ski_Nose, boxorain62, Teedawg, bear7140, Gravy, jergirl61, Alpine7784, SPACEBROTHER, augustwest, REK, Zapman, kaiser soda, other1, Sunshine-Daydream


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gonzo4osu's picture
Joined: Apr 19 2009
6 days after our Wedding

This was our honeymoon! We were in a Camper Van Bethoven with some friends and this may have been the funest time ever in my life. My friend Todd was in a wheelchair after and accident and we had a handi-crapper parking pass. Frisbee became the greatest sport on the planet. We drank mushroom tea.

danielcth (not verified)
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hockey_john's picture
Joined: Aug 25 2012
Listening today 4 10 13

It still blows me away from time to time the things i missed while at a show.This is where the archives come in so handy.Listening to this show this morning and reading what others thought of the show and out of no where the little feeedback jam out of Eyes knocks me back.I did not recall that at all. Considering I think of myself with a good touring memory. Pretty nice. Also what Brent adds to Chinacat with the sax sound effects.

Charbroiled's picture
Joined: Jun 19 2007
Three Squares a Day Weekend

Did the 900 mile drive from LI starting Thursday morning early with my buddy. We only had 2 tickets for Friday night and 1 ticket for Saturday and 1 for Sunday. Arrived late Thursday night and the lot was open drove in parked and set up the tent.

The next morning my friend walked up to the box office and we both had tickets for all three nights. Headed off for Lake Geneva, diner for breakfast and picked up a couple of cases of coldies and some ice. Drove back to Alpine found a good parking spot up front close to the entrance and started setting up camp for the weekend.

The Silver Hearts would blur most of the activity that happened outside of the Venue for me; all I remember is smiling, laughing and everyone having a great time.

The shows this weekend were great; the energy the first night was unbelievable coming from the stage and the music reflected it. Jungle Music Jam going from Eyes into Drums, Brent trying to get the band to do Gloria and Jerry slamming on those breaks and off into the wheel we went. Sugar Touch and we will see you all tomorrow.

Saturday, long first set nicely played but they took a lot of time between songs they had it if I remember correctly I think Friday was 7:30pm - Saturday was 6pm and Sunday was a 3:30pm start times. The second set was one continuous jam always love a good playin' Terrapin.

Sunday - really nice first set with The Althea - Little Red - Birdsong - Jack Straw being the highlight. The second set was nice but never got into the flows the first two nights did, packing the bags and heading North of the border I guess. Jerry did Dew us but that and the 1/2 step were the highlights for me.

Last time I would go to Alpine but had so much fun there in 86/87 with some of my best friends. The place had a great vibe and you felt safe there camping with 20,000 other people out of their heads and searching for that sound.


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Alpine Valley Music Theatre - June 26, 1987